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CCCOER open education week reception at Innovations 2012


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slides for Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources presentation at the Open Education Week reception with Cathy Casserly.

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CCCOER open education week reception at Innovations 2012

  1. 1. Celebrate Open Education Week March 5-10 Una Daly, Open Courseware ConsortiumJames Glapa-Grossklag, College of the Canyons
  2. 2. March 5-10 Webinars• Accessibility• Bridge to Success• Kaleidoscope• Open Course Library• OpenStaxCollege• Open University• UNESCO ….
  3. 3. What’s OER?• Openly licensed educational content, commonly referred to as open educational resources• US Dept. of Ed. definition – Teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use or repurposing by others. cc-by donkyhotey/flickrCreative Commons CC-BY license, Dr. Judy Baker 3
  4. 4. What are Open Educational Resources?• Freely available from the internet, anytime, anywhere• Shared, usable and re-usable• An openly-licensed learning materials offered online by its author(s)• Allows users to read online, download, or print content at no cost• Licensed in a way that grants a baseline set of rights to users that are less restrictive than standard copyright 4 Creative Commons CC-BY license, Dr. Judy Baker
  5. 5. ExamplesIncludes – • Course materials • Modules or lessons • Open CourseWare (OCW) • Open textbooks • Videos • Images • Tests • Software • Any other tools, materials, or techniques used to support ready access to knowledge Creative Commons CC-BY license, Dr. Judy Baker
  6. 6. An open textbook is… • Modifiable by the instructor – Digital, Modular – Creative Commons • Low cost to the students – Free online – Printable for free or low cost paper bound copies ($10-$60)Labeled for reuse by MrKCoolsPhotostream
  7. 7. Who is engaged in OER?P2PU
  8. 8. Why Practice Openness?Institutional Mission“The mission of MIT is to advance knowledgeand …. The Institute is committed togenerating, disseminating, and preservingknowledge ….”
  9. 9. Who is funding OER?
  10. 10. A Voice for Community Colleges• Dr. Martha Kanter, founder – Foothill-De Anza College District, 2007• Open Courseware merger 2011 Funded by William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
  11. 11. CCCOER Mission• Empower Faculty to – Find – Select – Adopt – ShareHigh quality, accessible OERs Funded by William & Flora Hewlett Foundation 11
  12. 12. The Community College Mission
  13. 13. Why Practice Openness?• Reduce student costs• Collaborate across disciplines• Improve learning• Leverage taxpayer investments in education• Scale education
  14. 14. CCCOER Priorities 2012• Grow the Community• Educational Outreach• Online Resources for Faculty –• Conferences & Meet-ups• Research & Grant Opportunities• Partnerships for Sustainability
  15. 15. Help Us Grow CCCOER-OCW
  16. 16. Monthly Education WebinarsMonth TopicJanuary 31 Open Math Home Assessment SystemsFebruary 28 Writing Commons: Open Textbook CommunityMarch Fostering OER-friendly policies at your collegeApril Finding and Selecting high-quality OERMay Open Course Library : Public SpeakingJune Peer and Accessibility Reviews of OER
  17. 17. Why Join the CCCOER-OCW?• Information: Stay in the loop on issues in open education.• Collaboration: Participate in community, attend webinars, join the advisory board.• Collective Visibility: Gain global exposure through OCWC’s website and shared media exposure.• Direction: Provide direct input to OCWC’s focus on community colleges.
  18. 18. Adopter Communities: Sustainability• Increase Adoptions• Encourage Reuse – Ancillaries• Collaboration – Faculty and students• Collect Best Practices & Replicate
  19. 19. Open Policy: Sustainability• Education is about sharing – Maximize our investments• Sharing provides benefits back – New partners – Translations – Enhancements From Creative Commons Store Cable Green, Creative Commons Director
  20. 20. Contact informationUna DalyCommunity College Outreach ManagerOpenCourseWare Consortiumunatdaly@ocwconsortium.orgJames Glapa-Grossklag, DeanEducational Technology, Learning Resources, & Distance LearningCollege of the