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Amsterdam Sharing City - Pieter Bas van de Glind


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Pieter Bas van de Glind
Share NL

Creative Commons Global Summit 2015, Seoul, Korea

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Amsterdam Sharing City - Pieter Bas van de Glind

  1. 1. ------ ----AMSTERDAM SHARING CITY @P_vd_Glind @share_NL
  2. 2. ------ ----PEERBY
  3. 3. ------ ----SHARE NL The Dutch knowledge- and network platform for the collaborative economy.
  4. 4. ------ ----SHARE NL | DEFINITIONS COLLABORATIVE LAB collaborative economy An economic system of decentralized networks and marketplaces that unlock the value of underused assets by matching needs and haves, in ways that bypass traditional institutional middlemen.
  5. 5. ------ ----SHARE NL Vision We believe in a world where everyone has access to all products, services and knowledge, necessary for a prosperous, connected, sustainable and happy life.
  6. 6. ------ ----SHARE NL Mission To develop the collaborative economy.
  7. 7. ------ ----SHARE NL | NETWORK corporations media