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VWBPE 2013 The Vowels of Machinima Production


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Tips on how to effectively make machinimas with your students using a vowels mnemonic device

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VWBPE 2013 The Vowels of Machinima Production

  1. 1. EXCLUSIVE SHOWING: THE VOWELS OF MACHINIMA PRODUCTION - - Vowels as a mnemonic way to help you remember an effective machinimatic work flow.
  3. 3. O AI O AI E U
  4. 4. MACHINIMA STEPS O Organize AI Add Interest O Organize AI Add Interest E Edit, Edit, Edit U Use
  5. 5. O Organize 4 corners activity Team choices/assignments
  6. 6. Who? Where? Why?
  7. 7. FIRST LANGUAGES Chinese German English Spanish Others to the rug in the center of the stage.
  8. 8. PRIOR SECOND LIFE EXPERIENCE First time here Here 2 – 5 years Here < 1 year Here 1- 2 years Others to the rug in the center of the stage.
  9. 9. PRIOR TEACHING EXPERIENCE None 5-10 years 1 year or less 1-5 years Others to the rug in the center of the stage.
  10. 10. PRIOR MACHINIMA EXPERIENCE None 6 -10 machinimas 1 machinima 2 - 5 machinimas Others to the rug in the center of the stage.
  11. 11. TIME ZONES SLT or North American Asian South American European or African Others to the rug in the center of the stage.
  12. 12. Now answer who would be good for you to work with on a machinima project? In other words, who did you just end up next to at least two or three times?
  13. 13. AI Add Interest Homework assignment: view example machinimas and rate them.
  14. 14. • The Numbakulla Island Mystery • The Untimely Death of Peter Profit • A Formerly Cool Kid • Introduction to the First Conditional • If I Could Fly
  15. 15. Anatomy Class: The Body Snatcher
  16. 16. The Payback Sofia’s Gaze Pandemic Seek Wisdom Running with Scissors Colors
  17. 17. GIVE IT A TRY!
  18. 18. O Organize Assign tasks Outline Script Storyboard Set/location Props
  20. 20. • Filming and editing become much easier since less takes and cuts are needed. • Finding an appropriate set/sim, costumes, and props is easier. SCRIPTWRITING BENEFITS
  21. 21. Step 1: Prewriting—Brainstorming your goal and how to achieve that goal. SCRIPTWRITING STEPS
  22. 22. * Illustrate: A grammar point—past tense, conditionals . . . A language function—expressing anger, ordering from a menu . . . Vocabulary terms—body parts, idioms, . . . * Tell a story. * Introduce a venue you would like us to go to. EXAMPLE GOALS
  23. 23. Step 2: Creating an outline—the major actions that need to be covered in the different scenes of the script.
  24. 24. Step 3: Pitch—especially useful for your students to do since it requires them to present their ideas to the class and get valuable feedback.
  25. 25. Step 4: The script—the setting and dialog for your scenes. INTERIOR/EXTERIOR -- LOCATION -- TIME OF DAY Description of where characters are and what they are doing IDENTIFY SPEAKER Speaker’s lines OTHER FILM-MAKING NOTES
  26. 26. INT. – BEDROOM – AFTERNOON Jenner leans on the wall next to the bed. James is in bed; his mother stands over him. She smiles a slight smile. MOTHER Doctor Jenner, could you please come here for a moment. DISSOLVE TO JAMES’ FACE. JENNER (V.O.) Just a second. FADE OUT.
  27. 27. 1 page of script = 1 minute of screen time
  28. 28. Step 5: The storyboard—simple drawings that illustrate camera angles and essential costumes and props.
  29. 29. Storyboarding Examples Use a simple form.
  30. 30. Draw right on your script.
  31. 31. Use comic software, like Comic Life, to make your storyboard.
  32. 32. If you absolutely don’t want to draw, at least use a detailed Excel sheet.
  33. 33. USEFUL SCRIPTWRITING TOOLS Roleplay Scenarios
  34. 34. Story Dice Opening Lines
  35. 35. Good News Character Setting Time Prop Problem Surprise Animal Plot Creation Game
  36. 36. Example Character Cards
  37. 37. Example Problem Cards
  38. 38. Screenwriting Software • • RESOURCES ON SCREENWRITING
  39. 39. =share&list=PLna7STDz_DyLBdlzcNWhChpCBZ5QVSG6u AFI Screenwriting YouTube Channel
  40. 40. 1. Is it necessary to get permission to film? 2. Is the sim voice-enabled? 3. Are there useful or annoying background sounds? 4. Are there avatars on the sim that might be useful as extras or problematic? 5. Is it possible to shoot several different types of scenes on the same sim? SITE SELECTION CRITERIA
  41. 41. • A holodeck stores scenes and lets you load them from a menu whenever you want. • Scenes can include any prim object, including furniture, pose balls, and particle generators. SITE OPTIONS Holodecks
  42. 42. Easy to alter or build from scratch Simple Cube Sets
  43. 43. Interiors Machinima Open Studio Project (MOSP)
  44. 44. Exteriors
  45. 45. AI Add Interest Plot tips Filming tips
  46. 46. BASIC PLOTS
  47. 47. And from the master of suspense . . .
  48. 48. FILMING TIPS Using Your Camera Controls
  49. 49. Getting Rid of the Typing Animation
  50. 50. Getting Rid of Name Tags
  51. 51. Hiding Other Unwanted Items From Your Screen
  52. 52. Or . . .
  53. 53. Altering Your Debug Settings 1. Click on “Show Debug Settings” in your Advanced menu tab. 2. If you don’t have and Advanced menu tab, click Ctrl + Alt + D to bring it up. 3. Type “rendervolumeLODfactor” in the search bar. 4. Increase its value to 4.000. 5. Close the debug window by clicking on the X.
  54. 54. Altering the Time of Day
  55. 55. Smoothly Walking or Teleporting
  56. 56. Getting Your Camera to Automatically Follow an Avatar Click Shift + Ctrl + Alt and then click on an avatar
  57. 57. Increasing FPS Wear low prim and low script items.
  58. 58. Ctr+Shift+1 = Shows current FPS Also, increase your FPS by: • Decreasing your draw range • Lowering your graphics quality options • Minimizing screens
  59. 59. One Person Operating Multiple Avatars At One Time
  60. 60. 54 3 2 1 2 1 FILMING STEPS 1. Set up 2. Record 3. Pause 4. Set up 5. Resume . . . 6. Save and edit
  61. 61. FILMING RESOURCES All you really need to know is . . .
  62. 62. TYPES OF SHOTS
  63. 63. RULE OF THIRDS
  64. 64. COLLABORATIVE TOOLS Google Docs .html?usp=ad_search&gclid=CL_r2e GAv7gCFcKz3godCQkAgw Free shareable office tools that multiple people can work on at one time Skype Free voice and screen sharing. You can share your screen with one person for free, however, for group screen sharing, you’ll need Skype Premium. Google Hangout re/hangouts/ Free voice and screen sharing (up to10 people can be in the hangout at one time, but the live, viewing audience can be much larger) Adope Connect products/adobeconnect.html?show EduReq=no Voice and screen-sharing. Try for free for 30 days with up to 25 attendees. Then, if you like it, it's $12.50/mo. for educators. Twiddla Free, shareable whiteboard Titanpad Free, shareable whiteboard Scribblar Free, shareable whiteboard
  65. 65. E Edit, Edit, Edit What to buy What to do
  66. 66. FILMING SOFTWARE/TOOLS Movie Maker n-ca/windows-live/movie- maker#t1=overview Free Fraps Great, screen-capture tool (Free trial limited to 30-second recordings or $37.00) Camtasia Studio Great all-in-one, screen-capture and editing tool (30-day free trial or $220.00 Educator's price) Audacity ownload/windows Free recording and editing tool for audio files Space Navigator oducts/spacenavigator.html Hand-held controller for smoother panning and zooming/$99.00
  67. 67. SKILLS TO MASTER INSIDE EDITING PROGRAMS 1. Importing media 2. Building tracks 3. Altering the size and focus 4. Adding motion to stills a. Zooming and panning b. Rotating stills 5. Adding transitions 6. Adding narration 7. Adding a title and credits 8. Adding music
  70. 70. Adding Captions
  71. 71. Adding Scrolling Credits
  72. 72. Adding Films within Films
  73. 73. U Use In classes Our ideas Participant ideas
  74. 74. STUDENT TASKS • Following and giving instructions • Asking for and giving help • Researching background information • Problem solving • Arguing for ideas • Collaborating • Illustrating grammar issues, vocabulary and idioms, and language functions • Story telling
  76. 76. YOUR IDEAS?
  77. 77. LINKS WITH MORE LINKS Top 27 Free Tools 08/the-top-27-free-tools-to-collaborate.html Free & Simple Tools to Create Video 06/8-free-and-simple-tools-to-create- video.html 5 Great, Free Screen-Capture Tools 05/five-great-free-screen-capture-tools.html Some of the Best Free Screencasting Tools 12/list-of-some-of-best-free- screencasting.html Jen's Machinima Resources for Educators for-educators?page=2