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Tale Of The Harrowing Perch


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Tale Of The Harrowing Perch

  1. 1. Tale Of The Harrowing Perch By: Nora “The Empress” Tarr
  2. 2. What you are about to hear is a true story Location is set in Dallas, Texas – Summertime – My first travelling training session I spent a week’s pay on my new blue suit, – matching pumps, and a great hairdo. My nickname is “Empress” – let all of this information, set the tone for what follows. Presentation By Empress Tarr
  3. 3. Upon Arrival At The Facility Always check your equipment:  Visual Aids – Projector - Screen  Table  Water  Writing Implements  Adjust Podium (if needed)  Amplification (microphone, speakers, etc.)
  4. 4. General Preparation Tips  Arrive early;  Assess your room and stage;  Assure comfort in temperature and lighting;  Arrange your presentation materials;  Welcome your audience!
  5. 5. Tips For a Great Presentation  Always put your audience at ease;  Be confident and be comfortable;  Exude energy, and controlled enthusiasm;  Know your material as well as your audience. Well…so far so good …
  6. 6. The Perch • The Perch is a type of pose. • It is often-used by skilled presenters. • It works well, when used properly, putting your audience at ease. • Makes them feel like you are just settling in to chat with them, one-on-one… • Instead of standing stiffly at a podium… • Or formally lecturing from the stage.
  7. 7. The Perch “Technique” The goal is to appear as if you are lightly seated on the corner of a sturdy… (emphasis on sturdy) table.
  8. 8. The Perch “Technique” 1. Maintain eye contact with your audience… 2. Carefully position one hip on the corner of the table – “perch” yourself on the corner of the table; 3. Lean slightly forward towards your audience, crossing one leg over the other; 4. Maintain excellent posture; 5. Smile warmly and continue speaking. You have successfully executed “the Perch”!
  9. 9. Well,that is what should have happened… Instead… Even my new blue suit, (though I am thankful it was a pant suit) – with my matching pumps, and what was a great hairdo could not save me…. – My handouts were jettisoned over my head… – My butt unflatteringly hit the floor… – My glass of water was somehow in my hair… – I now had a birds-eye view of my audience’s knees. my table was one of those lightweight, folding tables
  10. 10. 1) Simply put – a woman partially seated on the corner of a light-weight folding table, causes a perfectly scientific, logically, explainable event. 2) The “Perch” fails, leading instead to an undesired – though obvious transition to the “Seesaw”. 3) This ultimately leads to an almost certain, embarrassing, and deeply significant damage to one’s self esteem – at least on a temporary basis. Conclusion
  11. 11. Presentation By Empress Tarr
  12. 12. Tale Of The Harrowing Perch The End! By: Nora “The Empress” Tarr