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Basic Machinima Making, Part 3


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Builds on the basics we have been exploring by working on more advanced editing, including work flow ideas, techniques for repairing gaps, improving FPS, automatic captioning, scrolling credits, films within a film, and having one person use multiple avatars while filming.

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Basic Machinima Making, Part 3

  1. 1. Week 4 Advanced Filming and Editing Moderators: Checklist of What to Bring: • Barbara Novelli • Raw footage of groups machinima • Jens Nerido • Machinima made from still photos
  2. 2. This week we will build on the basicswe have been exploring by working onmore advanced editing, including lipsyncing narration if necessary, cuttingor lengthening clips, and any otherissues that may have come up for you.
  3. 3. Let’s start with a review ofsome of what we went overlast week. Can you identifythe tip we gave and how toachieve it for each pictureshown here?
  4. 4. Let’s also review by looking atsome of the machinimas wemade to help people practicetheir skills at their own paceon this platform. Video 1: o4 Video 2: Y
  5. 5. VIDEO REVIEW !Again, can you identify thetip and how to achieve itfor each picture shownhere?
  6. 6. EXTRA BELLS AND WHISTLES: IncreasingFPSWear low prim and lowscript items.
  7. 7. EXTRA BELLS AND WHISTLES: Increasing FPSCtr+Shift+1 = Shows current FPSFull screen, long drawrange, and high quality graphics= low FPS (18). Minimized screen, short draw range, and lower quality graphics = high FPS (55).
  8. 8. EXTRA BELLS AND WHISTLES: Addingcaptions
  9. 9. EXTRA BELLS AND WHISTLES: ScrollingCredits
  10. 10. EXTRA BELLS AND WHISTLES: Films withinfilms
  11. 11. EXTRA BELLS AND WHISTLES: One personoperating multiple avatars at one time
  14. 14. NEXT STOP: Adobe Connect to work on problemswith shared screens. TO COMPLETE BY NEXT WEEK: Rough editing of all your footage
  15. 15. SHORTCUTS LIST• Alt+Shift+H = Hides HUD• Ctr+Alt+F1 = Hides all SL menus, name tags, etc.• Shift+Ctr+Alt + click on an avatar = Camera follows that person• Ctr+Shift+1 = Shows current frame rate• Alt+arrows = Zooms in out and left and right• Ctr+Alt+ arrows = Pans up and down• Advanced Tab - Show Debug Settings - RenderVolumeLODFactor - 4.000 = Rezzes all objects at a high level for optimal video capture• Me - Preferences - Graphic - Quality and Speed - High = Enables objects in the distance to be seen well• Me - Preferences - Graphic - Quality and Speed - Low = Reduces memory needed for processing when you dont need to see objects in the distance well• Me - Preferences - General - Name Tags - Off = Hides avatar name tags without hiding menus
  16. 16. USEFUL LINKS• Instruction Video for Exercise 1:• Sample Exercise 1 Video:• Text of Exercise 1 Instructions• Instruction Video for Exercise 2:• Sample Exercise 2 Machinima:• Text of Exercise 2 Instructions• Extra Tips and Bells and Whistles• Table of All Resources