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Design Portfolio for Luke Pirie

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Luke Pirie Portfolio 2013

  1. 1. Luke Pirie Communication Designer BA University of Otago Design Studies University of Otago Designer of the Year 2008 C.D.C Arts Society Scholarship Employment History 2010 - 2013 Flagmakers 2009 - 2011 Squarei Design 2008 - 2009 Otago University Tutor 2008 - 2009 Otago Surveying Company 2002 - 2010 Fonterra Co-operative Skills Adobe Creative Suite CS3 - CS6.0 Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash and Dreamweaver. Html and CSS including Silverstipe Final Cut - Video Editing Vectorworks - 3D Modelling Microsoft Office and more branding . illustration. multimedia . print . pre-press . web content . SEM & Analyitics.
  2. 2. Print PaknSaveGoooNZCampaign Venue Dressing Overview The Petone PAKn’SAVE owner, Leo O’Sullivan, wanted to get behind the All Blacks in 2011 by dressing up his store. In no way did he expect to gain any financial rewards from this, and in fact, he believed he wouldn’t make a cent from the project. Unfortunately businesses that were not sponsors were generally not allowed to do something of this magnitude. Brief Create a store-front “building wrap” that would get everybody behind the All Blacks in 2011. The design will need to comply with the legal requirements outlined by lawyers, the NZRU, RWC and the Wellington City Council. The design must also fit as closely as possible within the PAK’nSAVE brand guidelines.
  3. 3. Printcontd. I was asked to create a poster campaign for the event including a teaser campaign of posters that created intrigue. This was followed a week later by a series of single posters, A6 flyers and emails to inform those interested in the details of the event. View all posters at:http://lukepirie.wordpress. com/2011/01/29/dmvfh-poster-series/ D×M×V×F+H Poster Campaign As soon as I began at Flagmakers I started to re-design their 16 page A5 catalogue. The catalogue was mailed out to 50,000 existing and prospective customers. This required: • following existing style ‘guides’ • typographic choices and layout • liasing with printer and sales staff • superimposing images. Flagmakers2011Catalogue Brochure Design
  4. 4. Goal - Improve the user interface to increase click through rates on Flagmakers most popular products. Constraints - Budget /Time – allocated 5 hours over a 2 week period. Stakeholder Interview - I discussed the requirements of this project with the Business Owner and the sales team to find what they wanted to achieve. I found that they wanted to make it easier for customers to navigate to the more popular products that they offer. These included national flags (especially the NZ flag) and the portable display options that Flagmakers are less known for. Guerilla Usability Testing In order to achieve some form of user testing I used the Flagmakers staff relatives and friends to navigate through and evaluate their experiences.This gave me valuable insight into the way they scanned the page and chose where to click. Analytics I added the Google Analytics tracking code to the site 2 weeks before starting my analysis. I then made my changes to the home page and was able to evaluate the results based on the sites before & after performance. Validation All users who gave feedback agreed that this was both better for navigation and more believable. The number of page views that the site received after the changes showed a significant improvement in navigation. FlagmakersHomePage Front End Web Design Web STOCK FLAGS NATIONAL FLAGS CUSTOM DISPLAYS Flags for Retail Flags of NZ Flags and Banners Interior Displays Flexipole Range Euro Range Other Portable Flagpoles TraditionalFlags Dragonfly Vega Traditional Curved Soveriegn NZNationalFlags TraditionalFlags TraditionalFlags TraditionalFlags VerticalBanner TraditionalRange ClassicRange Flexipole/Flexilite Splash Nexus Streetflags XPX Regent OtherNZFlags Flexipole/Flexilite Splash Flexilite IceSatin FabricBanners Prestige Australia Xtendapole/Max90 EuroXPX UnitedKingdom MaxPavement Max USA OtherNationsXtendapoleXP1 Flags for Automotive Christmas Flags General Interest Flags International Flags“Traditional Poles”
  5. 5. The current system of displaying notices has a number of flaws and limitations which we hope our system will rectify. The proposal outlines the current scenario and discusses the scope of the proposed service. It will document the research and consider the content, design and implementation of the system. It will also include a projected timeline for the project. View the entire project at: final-proposal/ Web-site Research Summary By looking at other web-sites we discovered a number of things to both avoid and adopt. We deliberately viewed web-sites that either had a similar target to ours or offered a similar service. We also looked at other web-sites as examples of interaction design which informed our research in different ways. Implementation Web-site The UniPost web-site would be used for the posting and viewing of notices. All notices added would be stored in a database. Old notices could be automatically removed after 30 days. The web-site is discussed in more detail further on in this proposal. Web-site Interface The centerpiece of UniPost will be a web-site were users can both post and view notices. The web-site also removes inequality and provides every user, no matter how good at design or how wealthy, an equal opportunity to have their message seen. Project Timeline This overview of the next few months will aid us in identifying the tasks required to complete our goals. Each of the five team members will work together on these tasks to complete these goals. Blue bars indicate project hand-ins. Unipost-OnlineNoticeboard Interaction Design Project Interface
  6. 6. Along with some of my colleagues at Squarei Design Ltd, I entered a logo competition for Hams Direct Ltd. We developed three logos, both graphic and font based, winning the rights to develop their brand identity. Squarei worked on developing three options. My design was chosen as the final logo for their business. This involved using Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. We also created a range of documentation including an A3 Christmas poster. HamsDirectLtd Branding Andrew Bradstock contacted Squarei and asked us to design him a logo for the new Centre for Theology and Public Issues he was creating. We gave Andrew three different logo designs based on his breif. Out of the three options supplied he chose my design (bottom of the image to the right). OtagoCentreforTheologyand PublicIssues
  7. 7. I was contacted by Stuart Barson, the business development manager for Ngarua Technologies Ltd, and asked to produce a range of promotional material for them. I developed a range of promotional material for them including Powerpoint and keynote presentations, letterheads, footers and logo design/guidelines. NgaruaTechnologies “Itwassimple:Lukegaveuswhatweneeded anddiditwell.Wewillworkwithhimagain.” Stuart Barson Business Development Manager BreadandDuck Meg Barron contacted me to create a logo for their newly established gluten-free baking business. After a few concepts I was able to develop some simple and easy to follow brand guidelines for this small business. I developed a range of promotional material for them including a logo, brand guidelines and a basic website. Brandingcontd.
  8. 8. This project allowed me to pursue one of my passions... film. I learnt a lot about time management and the value of communication with participants and fellow crew members. We worked fantastically as a team and had a very willing cast who made our film something I could be proud of. The film recieved the highest grade in The Truelies Festival which was held in Dunedin. We were also very appreciative to our cast and sent them tickets to the event along with their own copies of the film on DVD. RemovingRichardson Short film This job was done for a friend. An exchange of music for video. I love Oli Cameron’s music and I really wanted to develop my animating skills, so I chose to animate a song in time for his EP release for ‘Capturing the Uncatchable’. I learnt a lot about time management in this job. With 1 week remaining I realised I would not be able to complete the hand rendering style I had planned. I solved this problem by using Final Cut Express to apply filters to footage and add the colour and movement I needed. Oli Cameron 0273938101 TheFire Music Video To play simply click on the link above. For the full making of see: video/ Video
  9. 9. By using education as a tool to help people aged 18 - 25 examine and understand conflicts we hope to give individuals a better chance of taking on these complex issues themselves. By shedding light on the effects of choices that individuals make to resolve conflicts; we hope to give a greater understanding of three things. How people personally solve disputes, how this may be interpreted by others and the importance of collaboration when trying to solve a conflict. Our teaching tool allows the user to play through a conflict without any real life consequences. Watching the reaction and movement of a conflict, playing on both sides of right and wrong. However the game does not preach to the player, it cleverly hides a layer of subversive education within the complex style of a fun 1st person puzzle solving adventure game. MadFlatter Flash Game Design To play the game download the link below: Note you must unzip the folder onto a mac: 1 Shedding Light Not Heat MadFlatter Blueprint Design Issues 2008 IdeasThat Matter Charles Sheppa Luke Pirie Rob Cape Austin St : Mount Victoria, Wellington 6011 : +64 212649299 Otago Uni Designer of the Year 2008. CDC Art Scholarship. Luke Pirie Game Design