How Marketing Can Transform Business


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Presented by Krishnan Chatterjee - VP & Head Strategic Marketing, HCL at Paul Writer's Great Indian Marketing Summit - IT Edition, 1 Feb, 2013, Bangalore
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How Marketing Can Transform Business

  1. 1. Krishnan Chatterjee
  2. 2. Principles of Branding Context Identity Positioning Proposition Content / Creative - Campaign 2
  3. 3. HCL Technologies – An Introduction 5
  4. 4. IdentityHCL Technologies – Our Identity
  5. 5. HCL Technologies – Our identity PICTURE OF SENDER • Passionate • Contemporary • Colorful • Pride in endeavor • Boutique Physique Personality • Modern and Global Indian The Essence EXTERNALIZATION INTERNALISATION Relationship Culture Win-win Risk taking partnership The Extraordinary Individual Reflection Self Image Firms that use IT for competitive advantage Leaders in their chosen market PICTURE OF RECIPIENT 7
  6. 6. Employees First, Customers Second – A 5 year journey Manifestations Tools Artifacts 8
  7. 7. PositioningTarget audience
  8. 8. Doesn’t get more targeted than this 11
  9. 9. Target Market – The Gen 2 Outsourcer
  10. 10. PositioningFrame of Reference
  11. 11. Frame of Reference : Global MNC’s HCL Competition in Deals 2006-11 Deals Signings by IT Services Majors Deals signed by HCL over the last 2 years Indian Vendors 35% Global MNCs 65% MNC Top-3 includes IBM, Accenture and HP Indian Top-3 includes TCS, Infosys and WiproSource: TPI 14 Indian Vendors Global MNCs
  12. 12. PositioningPoint of Difference
  13. 13. Gartner Dataquest Publication Date: 19 January 2011 ID Number: G022099906 HCL Positions It self as ‘CIO’s Best Friend’ at Its 2010 North American and European Analyst Events Arup Roy. Alllo Young, Sugan Tan, Bryan Britz, Cathy Tombohm, Jason Harrls While reaffirming its” employee first” commitment, HCL „s future strategic directions will emphasize “value centricity in this its approach to client relationships builts on “ trust through transparency. Key Findings• While most Indian providers are trying to emphasize their business focus, HCL will continue its strong commitment to technology expertise as an enabler of business change and to be the technology partner to the COI‟s office, Including a technology-led approach to business process outsourcing (BPO).• Three strategic corporate principles will guide and underpin this technology ostentation technology- led BPO to support the CIO: value centricity, trust through transparency, and employee first.• The customer sessions highlighted various engagement models that HCL is using with its customers, including Global SAP implementation on a business benefits model, partnership with an emphasis on joint market creation and domain-led transformation of product distribution channel.Recommendations• HCL clients should explore the implications of HCL”s CIO-focused engagement model and ensure they understand the existing and future desired HCL touch points into their organization.• Prospective clients of HCL should examine proof points of HCL‟s much-discussed “employee first/customer second ” principle and whether it has brought a healthy account relationship with Its customers.• Look beyond HCL‟s subtle, but effective, underdog branding, infectious entrepreneurial style, and personable leadership team by placing the same degree of expectations on HCL as you do with experienced and scaled service providers you are evaluating. 16
  14. 14. Propositions
  15. 15. The Reincarnate CIO Proposition UNDERSTANDING THE REINCARNATE CIO • Who is a ‘Reincarnate’ CIO? • Setting the Reincarnate CIO aspiration • The Reincarnate CIO roadmap 18
  16. 16. Campaign
  17. 17. 20
  18. 18. 21