8 tips for navigating through stylesight


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8 tips for navigating through stylesight

  1. 1. 8 tips onNavigating theStylesightdatabase.Tips provided by Bonnie,Bernadette, Katie, and MariaTips compiled by Amanda
  2. 2. Where did these tips come from? These tips were provided after viewing a webinar that Stylesight provided. Amanda asked these librarians to provide some helpful tips for librarians to learn more about Stylesight in order to better assist our students.
  3. 3. Bernadettes Tips1. Using My Workspace - Create and share your own folder! Students can create a personal folder to save images and reports to that can be printed, emailed or downloaded..  To create a fold folder simply click on the "MY Workspace" option next to the search bar.  On the left hand side select the add folder icon.  Name the folder with student last name, semester and quarter  Student can now add images or reports to this folder by clicking “+” sign and selecting their folder from the drop down box
  4. 4. Students can download, print and/or email their folder toshare work for group projects or to get a Professors approvalor opinion from the My Workspace Page
  5. 5. Bernadettes Tips2. Searching For Trend Information? There are 3 trendreports under the Trend Watch Homepage to choosefrom depending on the patron need  Search For Trend Information? There are 3 trend reports under the Trend Watch Homepage to choose from depending on the patron need  TrendLink – Best resource for finding information on a specific trend in all areas ie. Womens wear, men’s wear, accessories, etc… “a hub for current and evolving trends that share a common denominator. A single click gives you instant access to an overarching trend and how it manifests in different markets and product categories”  Trend Tracker – Best page to locate historical information on a trend . “Analysis of big themes currently driving fashion, tracing them from their inception to their current expression and beyond”.  TrendAlert – Best place to find out what’s trending now - “Short, informative reports on whats hot now, whether in fashion, beauty, interiors or attitudes.”
  6. 6. Katies Tips3. How to browse Stylesight by images You can browse Stylesight by images (view and analyze yourself)… …or Forecast and Analysis reports (trends or clothing types are grouped together and analyzed by editors)
  7. 7. Katies Tips4. Best way to Browse Image Library In the Image Library, it’s best to browse a category… Then refine your search by choosing a market, season, city, designer, keywords, etc.
  8. 8. Katies Tips 5. Best way to search image library and other options You can search the complete Image Library, all Reports, or specificsections, but the database is really meant for browsing.
  9. 9. Marias Tips6. These are the types of material you can find through the image library: Showrooms, Trades and exhibits, Vintage, Runway etc. And within those categories, there are subcategories: for instance within runaway one can search by designer, season, market, city etc.
  10. 10. Bonnies Tips 7. Stylesight is primary used for images. Thecontent is not very text heavy and is primarily used for image and design searching. While searching for basic terms (swimwear, stockings, etc.) does work; knowing where to go to browse content will likely produce better results than searching.
  11. 11. Bonnies Tips8. If you missed the training, there are also great tutorials you can take by going to the Client Support tab