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MGT 220 - Analysis of Management Topic


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MGT 220 - Analysis of Management Topic

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MGT 220 - Analysis of Management Topic

  1. 1. Library Help for your Assignment Prof. D. Reonieri August 3rd , 2011 Presented by Maria Deptula
  2. 2. Library Liaison  I provide Library Research assistance for Students taking BUS, MGT and IBS classes Information Science Professional  Library Science /MA/MLIS – Yes we actually go to school to become professional librarian! How to contact me: I am the Paramus Campus Library Director You are welcome to: Walk in.  e-mail me: Or call me: #201-967-9667 ext. 1764
  3. 3.  To provide research guidanceresearch guidance for your term paper.  Pay attention  Take notes  Ask questions  Quick quiz at the end of this presentation ! There is a lot toThere is a lot to cover !cover !
  4. 4. From Your Syllabus Final Paper– 25 % OF YOUR GRADE  The paper is to focus on one aspect of Management (refer to your text for possible topics). The analysis should consider the one aspect and how it practically applied in two or three actual companies.  **However, companies found in cases in the book are not valid topic/company combinations for this paper.
  5. 5.  You must use the Berkeley College Library databases to find at least five (5) relevant articles from business periodicals and academic journals that focus on the topic and give information on how that management topic is actually being applied in companies.
  6. 6. Topics to Cover from Textbook  Framework of Business (entrepreneurial spirit, strategic alliances, the changing workforce)  Business Ethics/Social Responsibility  Economics  Compensation  Business Organization (i.e. franchising, women-owned/small- owned, mergers/acquisitions)  Entrepreneurships  Management (strategic planning, leadership styles, organization structures)  Human Resources (employee motivation, labor relations)  Marketing  Accounting/Finance  Financial Management
  7. 7. Choose Your Topic /think of keywords you’ll need to search your topic. Research your topic using the library databases:
  8. 8. Google is great!  Is quick, easy to use, gives you loads of results and familiar BUT  Scholarly and academic information is more difficult to sift through to find.  Not reliable, not academic.
  10. 10.  An online database is a proprietary collection of records or data stored on a computer that can be accessed/searched by users via the Internet.  The information in these databases can be original content or it can come from sources such as newspapers, magazines, academic journals, encyclopedias, reference books, etc.  Information in databases goes through an editorial process that information found on the Internet does not.
  11. 11. Recent News - Articles Company data Literary criticism Business / Industry /Financial Data Annual Reports Full text encyclopedias MUCH MORE
  12. 12. WE WILL COVER TODAY: Business Source Premier ABI Inform (from Proquest) Lexis-Nexis Academic What?
  14. 14. Before you commit to a topic, perform a quick search in at least one of the databases to make sure you can find useful material.
  15. 15.  What words should you use?  Employee motivation ▪ Workplace or job motivation ▪ Worker or job satisfaction ▪ Employee retention or employee morale ▪ Employee engagement  Remember use textbook or encyclopedia for assistance!
  16. 16. If you are overwhelmed with the number of hits you can narrow your search to: Title Subject Date of publication If you don’t have enough articles – use different search terms (synonyms)
  17. 17. Open by “clicking "on hyperlinked title
  18. 18. Read the abstract
  19. 19.  Browse Publications  Search for company/recent news
  20. 20. Special tip! i.e. Business Week
  21. 21. Each database contains different data. It is recommended to check more than one database so you don’t miss out on any useful material.
  22. 22. Check these extra terms
  23. 23.  Login to Blackboard  Select the library tab  Under electronic resources select databases A-Z or by subject  To find articles search: Business Source Premier or ABI Inform Global,  In the Advanced Search type your topic and check the “full text results” box   View the results / revise /limit your search (by title, subject, date)  Open the document by “clicking” on its title  Read the abstract first  Open full text articles in pdf or HTML format  Print/E-mail/Cite in MLA format.
  24. 24. No way to limit search No citation help
  25. 25. Plagiarism is the practice of claiming or implying original authorship of (or incorporating material from) someone else's written or creative work, in whole or in part, into one's own without adequate acknowledgement. CITE YOUR SOURCES !!!
  26. 26.  MLA style or format is a set of editorial instructions (rules) on how to prepare a manuscript that contains a research paper, an article or a book.  Quotations:  Must be accurate  Must reproduce the original exactly  If you change a quotation make the alteration clear to the reader  The OWL at Purdue  Library web site How do I? Cite MLA format
  27. 27. For more help, you can also check out our MANAGEMENT RESEARCH here OR Contact us via Life Chat
  28. 28. Any questions?
  29. 29. QUIZ
  30. 30. What the name of the library resource that enables you to find full text articles A. Ebrary B. Library catalog C. Database D. All the above
  31. 31. Which database will help you find articles/reports about your cases? A. ABI Inform Global B.Business Source Premier C.Lexis-Nexis Academic D. All the above
  32. 32. When you have too many articles on your topic how can you narrow your search ? A. By title B. By subject C. By date of publication D. All the above
  33. 33. How many articles you must find for your paper? A. At least 5 B. 2 or 3 C. As many as necessary D. Don’t know
  34. 34. Maria Deptula Business Liaison: 201-967-9667 ext. 1764