MGT 220 - Research Assistance


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MGT 220 - Research Assistance

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MGT 220 - Research Assistance

  1. 1. Research assistance: MGT 220 Help with Assignment
  2. 2. Contact Information  Paul Galfano – I’m with the NYC campus Library
  3. 3. Topic – online database & research  Discussion of two databases for the MGT 220 class  MGT 220 Libguide (all in one access point to online resources)  Tips for doing research  A Survey Monkey 4 question survey that I ask you to complete at end of the week on discussion board (you can use this powerpoint)
  4. 4. Our Learning Outcome  Students will use appropriate controlled vocabulary to navigate subject/discipline-specific databases, identify gaps in information gathered, and employ alternative search tools—including bibliographies and citations to find additional materials
  5. 5. Using Controlled Vocabulary – Subject terms  Keyword searching is a very general way of searching (i.e., a simple Google search). You get a result if the word/phrase you are searching is in the text of the article vs.  Using Controlled Vocabulary or “subject” terms - - are descriptive of the content/theme of the article.  Use with the databases - - you get much more targeted results.
  6. 6. ALSO: Bibliography & Citation  Viewing citations and reading bibliographies is a great way to further your research on a specific topic  By examining where an author has gathered his information from you can flesh out some of the specifics within a given article  Scholarly articles will have cited sources and list a bibliography
  7. 7. Subject Specific Databases  Berkeley subscribes to over 60 databases. Some are general and cover many disciplines while others are specific (many are devoted to business topics)  Berkeley’s business-related databases include  ABI/INFORM Complete (Proquest)  Business Source Premier
  8. 8. Use Blackboard to access our library website.
  9. 9. The ‘Find’ button provides a menu of options to choose, including the online databases.
  10. 10. Selection of Databases
  11. 11. ABI/INFORM Complete (get articles)
  12. 12. Basic keyword search As an example let’s look for research material about leadership qualities as they relate to business management
  13. 13. Too many results ? A lot of ful-text articles that mention leadership” are listed here. Takes an effort to sift through, but they are there on the database.
  14. 14. Add another term - reduces the number
  15. 15. Or choose an Advanced Search
  16. 16. Search “Leadership” as a Subject Use ‘leadership in the first search box. Change the field codes to ‘subject’ Heading.
  17. 17. Add “management” as second subject
  18. 18. More targeted results
  19. 19. Other subject terms Click ‘Subject’ - breaks the article results by the different subjects covered in each.
  20. 20. Ideas for future searches Example – There are 3,461 articles on ‘Management styles’ – better than going through a million.
  21. 21. Limit search to scholarly journals
  22. 22. Select one of the scholarly articles
  23. 23. Bibliography found at end of article
  24. 24. Scholarly articles? Where and why  These come from academic journals, which are peer reviewed by scholars and professionals in particular fields.  Harvard Business Review is an prominent example - - ABI/Inform provides full-text access for your research assignments.  Many of the articles contained in journals have extensive bibliographies and/or citations. Important for further research in specific areas.
  25. 25. Business Source Premier
  26. 26. For Company Research
  27. 27. McDonald’ s
  28. 28. Table of contents/links allows you to jump to any section of the company report. Bear in mind you’ll want to compare with the profile within the Business Insights database for greater context. You can strengthen your paper with this approach.
  29. 29. Use the ‘Help’ button and choos Course Libguides - - access the Management Libguide for acces to online resources in one place
  30. 30. Explore each of these on your own, but for now we’ll use the management Libguide. Note that there are still other libguides to explore that will Be helpful – there’s libguides in the ‘Business Administration’ And ‘International Business’ at left in the ‘Browse By Subject’ box
  31. 31. Note: each tab at top leads various resources that will be helpful for your online research. ‘Find Articles’ leads to online databases useful for research on management (see next slide).
  32. 32. These databases are all useful to find articles for the class
  33. 33. Great information on writing and citing!