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Presentazione IBM Mobile Fisrt Solution all'evento SOIEL di Roma 2 luglio 2013

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. IBM MobileFirst Multichannel customer experience management Soiel Mobile Business Experience
  2. 2. Market evidence: multichannel customer journey (vs. Company organization - CIO&CMO working together) SMS Magazine / Cat Magazine Web -site shop Promoter store Posta ordinaria e-Mail / Newsletter Contact centre No branded viral web -site Mobile access web -site Web -site blog / forum Web -site contents Incontro amica Digital media nello store Store Store layout Mobile - SMS Magazine / Cat Magazine Mobile - Web - site shop Promoter store Posta ordinaria e-Mail / Newsletter Contact centre No branded viral web -site Mobile access web -site Web -site blog / forum Web -site contents Incontro amica Digital media nello store Store Store layout Vede la vetrofania Accede al sito e sceglie la lingua inglese Cerca nel forum Richiede l ’invio della newsletter e del volantino Utilizza shop locator e guarda le ricette Si confronta con una promoter sulle offerte BIO Accede alle ricette BIO salvate Acquista dei prodotti BIO e ne ordina altri Viene avvisata via SMS ed email del tracking della spesa Legge feedback prodotti Raggiunge l ’area dei prodotti BIO del punto vendita Compara prodotti Crea lista per la prossima ricetta BIO ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Si iscrive al gruppo “BIO cucina Milano ” ! ! Channel / Mode
  3. 3. Market evidence: companies start building the second wave of multichannel strategies From “buy an IOS app, buy a site” To “deliver integrated and sustainable experience”
  4. 4. Market evidence: hybrid / native…
  5. 5. Market evidence: hybrid & native right performance
  6. 6. Solution: IBM Mobile First
  7. 7. Platform - IBM Customer Experience Suite - IBM Worklight for Mobile Development - IBM Rational Test Workbench Strategy and Design Services Development and Integration Services - IBM Mobile Maturity Model - IBM interactive - IBM Mobile Strategy Accelerator - IBM Mobile Infrastructure Strategy & Planning - IBM Network Infrastructure Services for Mobile - IBM Mobile Application Development Services* - IBM Application Innovation Services SecurityManagement Analytics - IBM TeaLeaf CX Mobile - IBM Coremetrics Mobile - IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices - IBM Mobile Enterprise Services - IBM AppScan - IBM Security Access Manager for Cloud and Mobile IBM Mobile First: End to End Solution Portfolio
  8. 8. Provide a consistent integrated web exp. across multiple channels (desktop browser, smartphones, tablets, etc..) Why? Needed Capabilities Examples Provide an experience that takes full advantage of the device and its ecosystem Leverage security and governance Aggregate multiple applications Content management Personalized for roles Role based access Dedicated, task focussed app Integrates with device capabilities (e.g. camera) App store presence B2E B2B B2C C2C IBM Mobile First: converged on customer experience Mobile ApplicationsMultichannel Web Sites
  9. 9. Providing a seamless, fully integrated, in-context experience – combining rich media, social, and web content – for consumers, partners and employees using desktop browsers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Hot Topics: Social Internet, Intranet, Extranets Hybrid web applications, portlets, widgets Develop once, deploy everywhere Seamless experience in every touchpoint Rule/Role based Responsive Design, Device Detection, Selective CSS Streamline operations/costs IBM Mobile First Platform - Customer Experience Suite
  10. 10. From the complexity of many… To the simplicity of one Windows Phone AndroidApple Blackberry Goes beyond mobile app UI creation to deliver mobile optimized, standards-based, middleware and tools for enterprise-grade mobile applications, stores and services creation IBM Mobile First Platform - Worklight Windows Phone AndroidApple Blackberry
  11. 11. Hot Topics: BYOD Multiple personas Policy discrepancy Detection and remediation Massive scalability Reporting in near real-time Security certifications Embedded cloud service Multiplatform Multi-tenancy Allows organizations to manage phones and tablets, BYOD or Corporate owned, leveraging the same infrastructure for desktops, laptops, and servers with specifics of unified user compliance, enterprise app store, self-service portal, container integration, app white/black listing. IBM Mobile First Management – Endpoint Manager
  12. 12. Extends user access protection to mobile and cloud environments. It offers user authentication, federated single sign-on (SSO) and risk scoring to help detect and prevent security breaches and web fraud, plus context-based access management for mobile endpoints so that users don't inadvertently expose sensitive IT assets in an insecure environment. IBM Mobile First Security – Access manager Cloud & Mobile
  13. 13. Helps customers apply Individual lifetime analytics (qualitative, quantitative, real time) to their mobile websites, native applications, and hybrid applications, including support for HTML5. IBM Mobile First Analytics – TeaLeaf Hot Topics: A real time view/film about UX Discover “why” mobile customers succeed or fail Automatically detect customer struggles, obstacles or issues Drill down into actual user behavior, complete with gestures Translate customer feedback into actionable improvements Correlate customer behavior with network and application data
  14. 14. Scan equipment at client sites Access administrative and technical information Find and fix location discrepancies … (logged at B, actually located at A) Call time-and-location aware support numbers, open support tickets, view SLA Ecommerce integration: View related products and special offers – place orders from smartphone View contract terms, technical and configuration details Transform processes for customer interaction - equipment lease management IBM Mobile First - Reference
  15. 15. Challenges TBC Corporation wanted to ensure that its customers had a consistent experience whether they visited the company’s websites from a PC or a mobile device. Solution TBC implemented IBM® Worklight software, which helps enable the company to write a single instance of code that it can deploy on multiple mobile device platforms, such as Android and Mac iOS. Benefits Significantly shortens the time to market for mobile applications Supports a consistent user experience across channels and platforms Reduces the time and resources required for mobile application development “Our mobile application portfolio requires complete flexibility of the UI so we can address customer needs in our user experience with total control. The IBM Worklight platform allows us to manage that through standard web development technologies.” — John Anthony Capriotti, vice president for e-commerce and web, TBC Corporation TBC Corporation creates a consistent mobile user experience IBM Mobile First software reduces time to market for mobile applications IBM Mobile First - Reference
  16. 16. Perfecting the art of self-service. How self-service helped an airline transform their brand IBM Mobile First - Reference “With our multi-channel platform, we have reduced our check-in cost by 80%. What used to take us six to eight weeks to push a new release, now we are able to do in 72 hours. Everything that has to do with development in testing, we at least saved 50% of the time.” — Patrice Ouellette, Director of Customer Solutions and Innovations, Air Canada Challenges Air Canada put itself in the shoes of its customers and asked, “Why are we doing this? Why is that process like this? Why is it taking so long?” in order to determine what it could do to innovate and make it simpler for them. Solution Multi-channel Mobile customer experience leveraging iPhone, Blackberry and Mobile Web interfaces that use a common back- end services layer built on SOA principles Mobile Applications supporting 3 LOBs: Air Canada, Air Canada Cargo, and Air Canada Vacations Benefits Approximate 80% reduction in per-check-in cost compared to traditional counter check-in Greater than 50% reduction in time required to launch new services or channels through the reuse of existing service assets Increased customer loyalty by virtue of more compelling and “stickier” self-service options like real-time notification
  17. 17. Capital One has shipped industry-leading mobile capabilities and has many more on the way IBM Mobile First - Reference Challenges Company estimated that up to 40 percent of its future business would come from providing mobile accessibility to its products and services. They sought a solution that would provide the scalability needed to support high volumes of data, significant numbers of users and a sizable development team. Solution Implemented IBM Worklight software to support its mobile- application-development project. The Worklight software provides the scalability the client needs to address the predicted increase in data and user volumes anticipated once the project is completed. Benefits Able to develop mobile apps quickly and efficiently, supporting future business growth at a lower cost than its previous provider could offer. Gained scalability to support higher data and user volumes once the mobile apps were deployed. “We utilize a hybrid/HTML5 approach to achieve our goals with Worklight using web technologies (HTML, Java Scripting, CSS) everywhere we can, and native code where we need to.”
  18. 18. Vi aspettiamo allo stand IBM: Il team a vostra disposizione per contatti, Q&A: Antonella Adamo / Marco Mazza / Max Ardigo’ / IBM Mobile First – People