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#AtomicChat Open Mic: Favorite Tools These Days


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Monday's #AtomicChat spontaneously turned into an open mic night. We decided share favorite tools of the trade. Featuring comments from @VincentOrleck, @wakefly, @australiawow, @iSocialFanz, @irahaberman, @a_robinson, ‏@DomGarrett, @IvaIgnjatovic, @akathmadevi, @MattGPalumbo, @chrismikulin, @oddsauce and @sanahomsi.

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#AtomicChat Open Mic: Favorite Tools These Days

  1. 1. #ATOMICCHAT February 16, 2015 Open Mic: Favorite tools these days @Atomic_reach Hosted By: Vincent Orleck @VincentOrleck Tools currently: • @Atomic_Reach • @commun_it • Excited abt @nuvi • @buffer Wakefly @wakefly A combo of @SproutSocial and @trello. What powerful tools! You’ll have to try @Trello for yourself...too innovative to explain #AtomicChat We forgot to mention @canva! Anyone can learn from the designs and it empowers everyone to improve #socialmediamarketing #AtomicChat Vincent Orleck @VincentOrleck Of course @canva and @WordSwagApp are givens for me when it comes to tools #AtomicChat Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz favorite tools would be @buffer + @Pocket + @Flipboard & @BuzzSumo #atomicchat For engaging I couldn’t survive without @TweetDeck supported by @hootsuite for strategic listening. #atomicchat akathma devi @akathmadevi @DomGarrett But for me as an audience I feel shifting the screens to be part of both is little overwhelming. #atomicchat Dom Garrett @DomGarrett @Atomic_Reach Here is a good one. What does everyone thing of the chat/HOA combo? What do you like/dislike about it? #atomicchat Andrea Robinson @a_robinson @irahaberman @MeetEdgar a social app like buffer & hoot but takes into account past content...can analyze repurpose content #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman Oooh I forgot @duetdisplay. Can’t live without it now. #atomicchat AustraliaWOW! @australiawow try Google Live Events, @IvaIgnjatovic - Use WireCast with another operator doing the wizardy “stuff”. AMAZING experience! #atomicchat Matthew Palumbo, MBA @MattGPalumbo Per @Atomic_Reach: Q. for the crowd: what’s..biggest blogging challenge these days? #AtomicChat -remembering diff btwn clever & effective. Racquel N @oddsauce Pop-ups! And ads, particularly on mobile. “@Atomic_Reach: Q for all: What drives you crazy when reading online? #AtomicChat” Chris Mikulin @chrismikulin @Atomic_Reach outreach, plus finding time to write and not having to stay up until 3am. #Atomicchat sana homsi salhab @sanahomsi What really bother me if I am reading online are the ads #atomicchat Wakefly @wakefly Greatest blogging challenge @MattGPalumbo: Predicting and anticipating audience needs and creating work that speaks to those #AtomicChat Wakefly @wakefly Pet peeve: Work that directly copies another piece of content. Seen on many blogs that include a “h/t” at bottom #AtomicChat AustraliaWOW! @australiawow New tip: SocialBro to find filtered followers of your competitor -> export to custom Tw list -> run Tw Lead Gen card. >400%ROI #atomicchat AustraliaWOW! @australiawow Use with Mac “Camtwist”, @DomGarrett @RebeccaPalmer - live chroma keying during your HoA - tweets show behind you, for example #atomicchat Iva Ignjatovic @IvaIgnjatovic Not a big fan of chat/HOA combo. I like to focus and be present, usually I can’t commit to both w equal attention #atomicchat EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST/8pm CST/6pm pst #ATOMICCHAT 684 1.1M 4.4MTweets REach Chat stats provided by FREE trial code for our community: 30daygo IMPRESSIONS #AtomicChat Numbers Question for the crowd: what’s your biggest blogging challenge these days?