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5 ish Ways to Create Content That Connects


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*Here is the deck Ira Haberman presented at InboundCon 2014.*

Content marketing has proven to be more than a buzzword. It’s an essential part of your overall marketing strategy and if it’s done right, can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Learn how to craft content to have the maximum impact on your audience. Creating powerful content is only the first step. You’ll also learn the key elements of en effective content marketing experience that allows you to generate leads and drive business growth.

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5 ish Ways to Create Content That Connects

  1. 1. If Content is King, Audience is Queen …and we know who runs the house!
  2. 2. Be Authentic
  3. 3. Today’s A-Ha! Moment
  4. 4. These are not your fishies…