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Marketing Your VO Business #WoVoChat 4-22-15


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The biggest challenge for many in voiceover is not the work behind the mic, but the process of marketing your talents to prospective clients. Voiceover professionals and savvy marketers, Christie Bowen and Amy Farris join this #WoVoChat to provide marketing insight and tips for your voiceover career.

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Marketing Your VO Business #WoVoChat 4-22-15

  1. 1. Marketing Your VO Business Twitter Chat Wednesday, April 22, 2015 12pmPT/2pmCT/3pmET #WoVoChat @WorldVoicesOrg
  2. 2. #WoVoChat Featuring Christi Bowen & Amy Farris
  3. 3. #WoVoChat Q1: Define Marketing. What exactly is it? #WoVoChat
  4. 4. A1: Marketing is the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings (more)... #WoVoChat @CourVo A1: …that have value for customers, clients and partners, and society at large (American Marketing Association). #WoVoChat @CourVo A1: It’s what you should be doing when you’re not actively voicing projects…and even THAT is a form of marketing. #WoVoChat @CourVo #WoVoChat A1: Marketing has many dimensions…none of them all that unique to voice acting, but unique to you, your brand, your target audience. #WoVoChat @CourVo
  5. 5. A1: Everything you do, outside of voicing, should be marketing. Take advantage of every instance you can. #WoVoChat @JohnnyG53 A1: Getting the word out about the value you provide. #WoVoChat @vallencourt A1: Marketing should be done when you aren’t voicing projects and auditioning. #WoVoChat @_camillehunter #WoVoChat
  6. 6. #WoVoChat Q2: What are some effective methods of marketing for voice actors? #WoVoChat
  7. 7. A2: Do a great job for your current clients and sk for referrals! Word of mouth is very powerful. #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy A2: Great demos that showcase your strengths. The proof is in the pudding and demos are one of your most powerful tools. #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy A2: Cold outreach to producers/agencies who specialize in the type of VO you do (more)…#WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy #WoVoChat A2: …be sure to ask questions. How can you help them? What do they need from a talent to produce great explainers/e-Learning/etc...? #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy
  8. 8. A2: I plan to do some public service and political work to build my portfolio. #WoVoChat @RAStine A2: The definition of “great voice” is a relative thing. There could be an opportunity for nearly any voice. #WoVoChat @ChristiBowenVO A2: Staying in touch with clients you’ve worked for in the past. #WoVoChat @vallencourt #WoVoChat A2: Supporting events related to the type of #VO you want to do, like participating in a video game developer’s community day. #WoVoChat @bradvenable
  9. 9. #WoVoChat Q3: How much time should I be spending on marketing vs. all the other hats I have to wear as a voice actor? #WoVoChat
  10. 10. A3: After auditioning and recording it should be top priority 50-75% of your time. #WoVoChat @ChristieBowenVO A3: Researching clients, composing written content (emails/newsletters) are part of marketing. #WoVoChat @ChristiBowenVO A3: Marketing must be done daily. Set aside at least an hour a day for marketing. #WoVoChat @ChristieBowenVO #WoVoChat A3: Keeping profiles and your website up to date are also part of marketing. #WoVoChat @ChristieBowenVO
  11. 11. A3: 80/20 Rule applies. #WoVoChat @talentedvoice A3: And always remember to research technical tools and shortcuts for marketing so that you’re working smarter, not harder. #WoVoChat @bradvenable A3: Stay connected with your peers via meetings/mixers and build relationships. Your peers can often refer you as well! #WoVoChat @TyraKennedy1 #WoVoChat A3: Marketing = constant: connecting/networking on social media, emails, etc… can be done all the time! #WoVoChat @mattfogs
  12. 12. #WoVoChat Q4: How can I find content producers to whom I can market my voiceover services? #WoVoChat
  13. 13. A4: Search Google for production houses in your hometown. Arrange a meeting to see the studio/discuss their current projects. #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy A4: Focus on strengths. If you are an eLearning narrator, search for instructional designers/mobile learning etc...(more) #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy A4: Focus on activities you have knowledge in/passion for. Into skiing? Contact ski gear and clothing manufacturers or resorts. #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy #WoVoChat A4: What did you do prior to voice acting? Contact companies in that industry to voice commercials/podcasts/explainers…(more) #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy
  14. 14. A4: ...your insight and inside info about the industry will go a long way to delivering an authentic performance. #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy A4: Participate in these discussions and network with your fellow talents. To a degree, we are each other’s greatest resource. #WoVoChat @mattfogs A4: My local public library has a feature called “BizConnect”. I searched video production and got 8000+ leads. #WoVoChat @Joes_SpeakEasy #WoVoChat A4: Local audio productions houses, smaller ad agencies, radio stations, new businesses wanting to promote. Call & talk! #WoVoChat @JKRobbinsVO
  15. 15. #WoVoChat Q5: How can you avoid “spammy” marketing?#WoVoChat
  16. 16. A5: Avoid sending “me” focused emails all the time. Offer value to clients. Make their lives easy. #WoVoChat @ChristieBowenVO A5: Provide real and useful content in your newsletter/blogs. Seems less like marketing & more like relationship building. #WoVoChat @ChristiBowenVO A5: Do your research and use the person’s name in your communication; no mass email campaigns. #WoVoChat @ChristieBowenVO #WoVoChat A5: Connect on a personal level when possible first then reach out with your services. #WoVoChat @ChristieBowenVO
  17. 17. A5: Use a post planner and strategically plan your posts in advance. #WoVoChat @_camillehunter A5: Think about the approaches that you consider spam and avoid those. Reach out to current clients and ask for their input. #WoVoChat @bradvenable A5: Ask your followers, fans, connections how you can help them. Don’t just push out promotional content. #WoVoChat @pamelamuldoon #WoVoChat A5: I avoid mass e-mailer programs. Do some research on your prospect and create a genuine/personalized message for them. #WoVoChat @mattfogs
  18. 18. #WoVoChat Q6: Where should social media fit into your marketing plan? #WoVoChat
  19. 19. A6: It should have a place. It’s free (for the most part), trending and effective for lots of reasons. #WoVoChat @CourVo A6: But it’s often hard to quantify with metrics that prove direct connection between posts and jobs. #WoVoChat @CourVo A6: If you have to choose – Facebook is the 800lb gorilla of the social media world. But many other platforms work too. #WoVoChat @CourVo #WoVoChat A6: Let’s plan a future Tweet Chat on just this topic, OK? One more thing: Take advantage of online GROUPS. #WoVoChat @CourVo
  20. 20. A6: Social Media is so helpful w/building & maintaining relationships with prospective & existing clients. Say hi, reach out! #WoVoChat @mattfogs A6: When ya want to reach out to the world, use social media. When you want to reach out to clients, a 1-2-1 approach is the way. #WoVoChat @JKRobbinsVO A6: Consider the social media tendencies of the type of people you’re marketing to. The person on LI isn’t the one on Snapchat. #WoVoChat @bradvenable #WoVoChat A6: At a base level, connect w/your clients on Twitter/FB/LinkedIn once you work with them. Keep lines of communication open! #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy
  21. 21. #WoVoChat Q7: What do you think is a good frequency of contact when marketing by type? #WoVoChat
  22. 22. A7: Email/postcards: potential clients – every three months. #WoVoChat @ChristieBowenVO A7: Emails to actual clients – 1 to 2 months to keep top of mind. #WoVoChat @ChristiBowenVO A7: For a blog or newsletter: monthly to bi-monthly w/useful content. #WoVoChat @ChristieBowenVO #WoVoChat A7: For social media: post or share relevant content often, direct contact monthly. #WoVoChat @ChristieBowenVO
  23. 23. A7: Varies by type. Social Media: when an appropriate opportunity comes up – FB comment, LI congrats on a work anniversary, RT a shared project. #WoVoChat @mattfogs A7: Once you’ve worked with a client, a friendly email every 2-3 months. A marketing postcard could be an even better reminder! #WoVoChat @JKRobbinsVO A7: Most e-postal programs use a 3-4 week cycle. #WoVoChat @dabvoiceovergal #WoVoChat A7: I think once a month is a good frequency for email updates. Ideally, you should update other platforms(Twitter, FB) daily. #WoVoChat @_camillehunter
  24. 24. #WoVoChat Q8: What are some ways to tap the power of LinkedIn? #WoVoChat
  25. 25. A8: Enjoy a company/agency’s work? Look for specific people at that organization to connect with (more)…#WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy A8: …look for titles like Producer, Creative Director, Content Specialist or advertising/marketing specific titles. #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy A8: Connect directly, then send a brief letter of introduction, again focusing on what their needs are and how you can help. #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy #WoVoChat A8: Make sure your profile is filled out, your latest demos are showcased at the top & use keywords of industries you work in. #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy
  26. 26. A8: USE IT! I think of all the social platforms LI is the easiest to forget about. Make sure your profile is up to date! #WoVoChat @mattfogs A8: Remember LinkedIn exists. I’m actually answering this to remind myself. Thanks, I’ll be here all night! #WoVoChat @JKRobbinsVO A8: I use the reminder feature to reach out to prospective and current clients. #WoVoChat @talentedvoice #WoVoChat A8: Remember the professional groups. Book author groups to connect directly to potential audiobook clients. #WoVoChat @bradvenable
  27. 27. #WoVoChat Q9: What do you consider marketing no-nos? #WoVoChat
  28. 28. A9: Over posting on social media – swamping potential clients with too much. #WoVoChat @ChristieBowenVO A9: Shameless bragging…it turns off clients and co- workers (potential referrals). #WoVoChat @ChristiBowenVO A9: Making all communication about you and not how you can help clients. #WoVoChat @ChristieBowenVO #WoVoChat A9: Not building a relationship with clients and always asking for work and not providing value. #WoVoChat @ChristieBowenVO
  29. 29. A9: Putting down your competitors – it undercuts the value you provide. #WoVoChat @vallencourt A9: Constant emails or messages about “me me me” drive me CRAZY! #WoVoChat @MoeRockVP A9: Using the word “I” too many times in communications with clients. I tend to use “We” to break it up or flip it to THEM. #WoVoChat @JohnnyG53 #WoVoChat A9: Sending the same information too many times/too frequently. #WoVoChat @RAStine
  30. 30. #WoVoChat Q10: What are some good tips for a pitch letter? #WoVoChat
  31. 31. A10: PERSONALIZE: Address to a specific person, reference their recent work, tie it back to the type of VO you do. #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy A10: BE BRIEF: 1-2 sentence intro, a few bullet points on your services & recent projects, wrap up with contact info AND (more)…#WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy A10: …make it actionable. Ask a question about their casting procedure or set up a time to chat further on the phone or Skype. #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy #WoVoChat A10: Provide links to your demos, DON’T attach them unless you want to end up in their spam folder. #WoVoChat @VoiceofAmy
  32. 32. A10: Refer specifically to a project they are currently working on and how you can help. #WoVoChat @RAStine A10: Make sure you begin by making it all about them and their company. #WoVoChat @dabvoiceovergal A10: Focus attention on finding problems and offering SOLUTIONS. Must be PERSONALIZED. BREVITY. #WoVoChat @JohnnyG53 #WoVoChat A10: Research client. Personalize message. Be clear and concise (respect their time). #WoVoChat @mattfogs
  33. 33. #WoVoChat Join Us for the next #WoVoChat on Wednesday, May 6th 12pmPT/2pmCT/3pmET! Topic: Using Social Media To Market Your VO Business
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