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Live Tweeting Tips For Dummies With Examples


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I was helping one of my friends with how to use twitter and how to live tweet. Made this for him and thought should share with others.

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Live Tweeting Tips For Dummies With Examples

  1. 1. Learn Live Tweeting with examples!
  2. 2. 1. Always use the event hashtag in tweets Social Media Marketing World Summit, hashtag used - #SMMW14
  3. 3. 2. Start following the speakers and say Hi!!
  4. 4. Live Tweet Mention the speaker and use hashtags. You can also tag the company twitter accounts for random tweets(probably relevant tweets).
  5. 5. An example Let’s say, he said 86% of companies are using social media apps for scheduling tweets. Your tweet:
  6. 6. Upload photos and Tweet Tweets with images will get more interactions.
  7. 7. Hootsuite • You can use Hootsuite to monitor everything – including mentions, replies, favourites, retweets of your tweets. • Monitor the event hashtag and retweet/reply to others tweets.
  8. 8. List out the Hashtags #socialmedia #marketing #seo #contentmarketing #inboundmarketing #entrepreneur #startup #emailmarketing #growthhacking #podcast
  9. 9. What Company and Employees can do on Twitter • Hey, our own [name of attendee] is attending #smmw14 • Retweet [attendee] tweets • Reply back to [attendee] • Blog about the event!
  10. 10. Thanks! Nikhil.