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EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST/8pm CST/6pm pst
January 19, 2015
How to maintain
A resourc...
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#AtomicChat How to Maintain A Resourceful Blog


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On Mondays #AtomicChat we connected with @DJThistle to get his thoughts on maintaining a resourceful blogs.
Featuring contributing by @wakefly, @AdamDince, @JustinSimonson, @IvaIgnjatovic, @MichaelMooneyy, @CarlosGil83, @Susanmvh, @joegullo and @BrandIdeas.

Published in: Marketing
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#AtomicChat How to Maintain A Resourceful Blog

  1. 1. EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST/8pm CST/6pm pst #ATOMICCHAT #ATOMICCHAT January 19, 2015 How to maintain A resourceful blog Why develop a resource centre for your site? What are the benefits of having a resource centre/ blog? How much work goes into a resource center/ blog? How do you know if your resource centre/ blog is successful? What features are good to add to a resource centre/ blog? @djthistle@Atomic_reach special guest:Hosted By: Wakefly @wakefly Resource centers provide shareable content that can act as link bait, generate leads, and establish an overall brand #AtomicChat DJ Thistle @DJThistle Benefits to Us: We’re able to more easily track what content our readers want from us. #AtomicChat Iva Ignjatovic @IvaIgnjatovic Having content center is basically great way to unify content strategy and enable users to use it as one-stop center. #AtomicChat Carlos Gil @CarlosGil83 Running a blog is work, nothing comes easy. Between writing, promoting, sharing, maintaining it can be a full-time job #AtomicChat DJ Thistle @DJThistle Generating traffic, leads, and revenue. It’s important to know what metrics are important to you to determine success. #AtomicChat Justin Simonson @JustinSimonson Relevant categories are essential! Make it as easy as possible for your audience to find what they want. #AtomicChat Adam Dince @AdamDince If it’s solid content, your Site can earn some serious traffic and conversion from Google. Search traffic converts #AtomicChat DJ Thistle @DJThistle Don’t start a blog and think you’re going to be rich in 6 months or even a year. If you really want to blog you need a plan. #AtomicChat Carlos Gil @CarlosGil83 You will know, seriously people will tell you unsolicited what they think. If you hear crickets you need to hustle harder #AtomicChat Susan Harrison @Susanmvh Sometimes it’s not that the content isn’t good, it’s that you haven’t targeted your audience. #scattered #AtomicChat Joe Gullo @joegullo Interactive content, photo galleries, video center, rel content for your audience. #atomicchat Timm McVaigh @BrandIdeas Comments are a nice compliment to acknowledging readership- an encouraging word goes a long way- in both directions #atomicchat Justin Simonson @JustinSimonson A resource center with solid content is an ideal place to differentiate yourself from competitors. #AtomicChat Michael Mooney @MichaelMooneyy Every good product solves a problem.Your prospects are looking for answers. Blogs/resources allow you to craft the convo. #AtomicChat Wakefly @wakefly From our experience, it takes some serious time and effort to produce quality content, but it has huge benefits! #atomicchat 527 340.4k 4.3MTweets REach Chat stats provided by FREE trial code for our community: 30daygo IMPRESSIONS #AtomicChat Numbers