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What You Need to Know About PMOs, 26 September 2017

Presentation given by Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton on 26 September 2017 in Aberdeen.

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What You Need to Know About PMOs, 26 September 2017

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  3. 3. A brand new APM guide is now available to pre-order, Governance of Co-Owned Projects, the successor to the highly-regarded Co- Directing Change publication. What's inside? You will find principles for the governance of co-owned projects, together with checklists and key questions for co-owners to ask. These cover a range of governance topics including:  alignment of objectives to leadership;  sponsorship roles and responsibilities. This is the perfect guide for those who influence corporate governance in organisations. Find out more at
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  5. 5. Everything you ever wanted to know about PMO Aberdeen Branch & PMO SIG Your speaker: Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton
  6. 6.  Meet the Presenter  APM PMO SIG  What PMO’s do for you?  PMO Development  Types of PMO  Building a PMO  PMO People  Tips for PMO  Q & A This session…
  7. 7.  Independent Consultant working closely with Wellingtone Project Management  Chair of the APM PMO Specific Interest Group in the UK (  Judge of the APM Awards  Member of APM Membership panel  PMO Manager for Project Managers Without Borders (  Passionate speaker of all things PMO  Writer of all things PMO:  Axelos Portfolio, Programme, and Project Offices  Real Project Management by Peter Taylor  Raconteur Project Management Special, June 2017 About the presenter
  8. 8.  To facilitate collaborative learning that fully engages the membership and helps them grow their PMO skills and competences  To reach out to other disciplines (audit, finance, procurement, quality) that collaborate routinely with PMOs to create value  To provide an open source of unbiased advice and guidance to those who can benefit from putting PMO practices to work  To have a bias towards action, understanding the latest thinking and quickly digest it into ways that can be shared as digestible knowledge with those we seek to About our Mission
  9. 9.  Competence Framework Inclusion  Registered Project Professional Revised  PMO of the Year Award  Corporate Engagement  Ethical International PMO Standards  PMO Qualification  PMO Apprenticeships About our Goals
  10. 10. Did you know?
  11. 11. You tell us: what does your PMO do for you? Own the methodology Nerve centre for communication Provide common language They support benefits delivery Enable maturity & capability Assure project delivery With thanks to PMO SIG members
  12. 12. Source: Journal of project management, APM 2014 1970’s Defence & Government Specific Technical focus 1980-90’s Project Support Office Internal stakeholders Iron triangles 1990-00’s Programme Office Specific Internal & external stakeholders Critical success factors 21st Century Portfolio, Benefits & Strategy Owner & sponsors Organisational Context A brief history of PMO
  13. 13. Supportive (centre of excellence) Is all about.. Capability Guidelines Community Operational (reporting & visibility) Is all about.. Oversight Administration Project Specific Directive (strategic) Is all about.. Resource Demand Portfolio Build Benefits Realisation Controlling (methods & standards) Is all about.. Discipline Best Practice Compliance Roles of a PMO
  14. 14. Supportive Directive Operational Controlling Supportive Directive Operational Controlling Your PMO profile
  15. 15. Blended PMO achieves optimal effectiveness Police Unit comes with engagement challenges Training Unit brings credibility challenges Administration & Reporting Function lacks visibility Perception of PMOs
  16. 16. There is no one size fits all! PMO lesson #1
  17. 17. Specialist Function Value Added Growth Tactical Business Support Strategic Alignment Supportive Directive Operational Controlling Typically the more mature the PMO, the more balanced it is across the four key functions. Deciding on your PMO
  18. 18. Optimal Diminishing Return Quick Improvement Key considerations: • Understand the business value • Review the business needs • Align to the PMO service catalogue • Keep the journey in mind • The law of diminishing returns – how much PMO is enough? How much PMO is enough?
  19. 19. Classifies and stores documents Implements filing systems Issue and problem tracking Change control Librarian Handyman Police Doctor Nurse Assists in a crisis Undertakes quick repairs Highlights underlying problemsEnsures compliance Offers advice and guidelines on procedures Reports deviations from plans Deters potential offenders Diagnoses Prescribes remedial action Monitors effects of remedial action Offers prognosis Attends to day-to-day needs Provides encouragement Provides a sounding board PMO people
  20. 20. Starting from scratch considerations
  21. 21. ERAP Consulting Ltd ¦ 22 Step 2: where are you today? Step 3: where do you want to be? Step 4: how will you get there? Step 5: how well did you do? Data driven informed by Best Practice Alignment between Method & Practice Strengths & Opportunities Baseline & Roadmap A case for change Strategy Define Maturity
  22. 22. ERAP Consulting Ltd ¦23 Capability Maturity Training Coaching Method Documents Governance Two- way Support Process An eco-system with opportunity for all and an understanding that Project Management in the organisation isn’t an exclusive club What makes a method?
  23. 23. Bolt-ons Approach People • Discipline • Up-skill • Stepped • Realistic • Training • How To… CommunicationsCommunications Adoption & Change
  24. 24. Adapt & Sell! Engage with The Why Know your Path Take Pain Away Define who you are Build a community Consistently Show Value Take aways…
  25. 25. So what?
  26. 26. interest-group or @pmosiguk APM PMOSIG group #getinvolved
  27. 27. Follow APM online LinkedIn The Association for Project Management (Official group) Facebook Association for Project Management Twitter @APMProjectMgmt @APMEvents #APMWessex Slideshare Google+ Association for Project Management YouTube