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How to set up a value adding PMO


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Presentation by Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton to YNL branch on 3 October 2017

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How to set up a value adding PMO

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  5. 5. Setting up a PMO Considerations & Best Practice YNL Branch & PMO SIG Your speaker: Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton
  6. 6.  Meet the Presenter  APM PMO SIG  Considerations for PMO setup  First three steps  Q & A This session…
  7. 7.  To facilitate collaborative learning that fully engages the membership and helps them grow their PMO skills and competences  To reach out to other disciplines (audit, finance, procurement, quality) that collaborate routinely with PMOs to create value  To provide an open source of unbiased advice and guidance to those who can benefit from putting PMO practices to work  To have a bias towards action, understanding the latest thinking and quickly digest it into ways that can be shared as digestible knowledge with those we seek to About our Mission
  8. 8.  Competence Framework Inclusion  Registered Project Professional Revised  PMO of the Year Award  Corporate Engagement  Ethical International PMO Standards  PMO Qualification  PMO Apprenticeships About our Goals
  9. 9.  Wellingtone’s Director of Consulting Services  Chair of the APM PMO Specific Interest Group in the UK (  Judge of the APM Awards  PMO Manager for Project Managers Without Borders (  Mentor for Project Managers Against Poverty (  Speaker, writer, enthusiast of all things PMO  Co-authored guidance such as:  Axelos Portfolio, Programme, and Project Offices  Real Project Management by Peter Taylor About Me
  10. 10. PMO SIG run the only UK focused PPM and PMO research? Some of our findings:  There isn’t one answer when setting up any kind of PMO  Only 16% of PMOs facilitate Benefits Realisation  Almost 71% of organisations have a PMO, but only 48% have a defined strategy  Only 26% of PMOs are seen as strategic value-adding business partner Did You Know?
  11. 11. Consider: One size does not fit all Did you know?  The‘P’in PMO continues to elude us  52% of PMOs don’t have a strategy Steward & Gatekeeper Adaptable Single source of truth In reallife… YourPPM DNA is a bit: Focused on Governance Focused on Strategy Focused on Support Focused onTactics
  12. 12. Consider: Start With Why Did you know?  Facts told as part of a story are 20 times more likely to be absorbed Building the right solution Transparent in the journey Human speaking In reallife… As a Line Manager I want to see what changewill happenthat will affect mypeople Sothat Ican bettersupportindividualsthroughchangingthe waythey work
  13. 13. Consider: Value is Perception Did you know?  What does value mean?  40 people = 30 types of ‘value’ Tailor to your value thread Language of the Business Living the values In reallife… As a FoodManufacturer ValueMeansTraceability Becausequalityis keytoourCustomer
  14. 14. Consider: You are a Salesperson Did you know?  If you don’t sell well, your Customer goes elsewhere Sexy output created and distributed Behaviours displayed Relationship Building In reallife… PMOs fail because… ‘Ididn’t getthe supportI needed’= Customerneedsnot identified ‘Idon’tknow what the PMO do’= NoService Catalogue ‘Lack of direction’= Not seen asa trueBusiness partner ‘It couldn’tbe embedded’=The journeywas flawed
  15. 15. Consider: Metrics Matter Did you know?  54% of organisations don’t track PMO Value  Most organisations want you to Prove it Re-frame the conversation Align to your DNA & Value thread Don’t be afraid In real life… Real data can be turnedinto INFORMATION Aggregationof enablingmeasures helps Make it visual
  16. 16. Consider: Differentiation Did you know?  Publishing a Service Catalogue will help people understand what you DON’T do Service Provider ‘Free’ Resources Customer Relationships In real life… Your PPM DNA will help you identify your Services Portfolio Function : Deliveringthe right thing DeliveryFunction: Delivering the right way Centerof Excellence Function : Deliveringthe skills
  17. 17. 3 key steps To a successful definition, design, and delivery of a PMO
  18. 18. In real life… Understandyour Strategy Where are you today? Where do you want to be tomorrow? How will you get there? How will you prove it? Did you know? • There are psychological benefitsto writing things down… It boosts memory You will learn more Helps you think bigger More focus Step 1: Get Focused on the Now and Then
  19. 19. An eco-system with opportunity for all and an understanding that Project Management in the organisation isn’t an exclusive club Step 2: Methods & Eco Systems Capability Maturity Training Coaching Method Documen ts Governan ce Two- way Support Process
  20. 20. Bolt-ons Approach People • Disciplined • Up-skilling • Stepped • Realistic • Training • How To… Step 3: Adoption & Change Did you know? • A recent search for books on the topic of managingchange turned up over 6,000titles – each with its own perspective(s)
  21. 21. So what?  All PMOs go through the same journey, but a different flavour  Learn from others experiences for the best chance of PMO success  Take a few minutes now to think about or discuss what kind of  value is important to your organisation?
  22. 22. interest-group or @pmosiguk APM PMOSIG group #getinvolved
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