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Noisy food


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Noisy food

  1. 1. Contemporary Literature Year Four Anthology of Poems Suggested Activities and Worksheets By: Asmah Hanim Che Ani SISC+ Perlis Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Perlis.
  2. 2. Anthology of Poems Year Four No. Poems title Duration 1. At the Playground 2 weeks 2. Clap Your Hands 2 weeks 3. Woodpecker 2 weeks 4. Holiday Memories 3 weeks 5. Sand Castle 2 weeks 6. Grandma’s House 2 weeks 7. Noisy Food 2 weeks 8. Sounds Like Magic 2 weeks Total weeks 17 weeks
  3. 3. Noisy Food Suggested Activities Week 1  About the poem.  What is onomatopoeia? Pupil brainstorms the sound they hear every day. Teacher can provide categories or a scope to ease discussion.  Week 2  About the poem.  Based on the poem, pupil creates a comic strip using onomatopoeia as the dialogue. This activity can be done in a group of 6 with each member contributing one strip. The pieces can be put together later as a scrap book or on a manila. 
  4. 4. Day: ____________ Date: _____________ Noisy Food
  5. 5. Day: ____________ Date: _____________ Noisy Food Onomatopoeia Comic Strip Based on the poem, create a comic strip using the sounds as the dialogue s s s s s