My aiesec story


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My aiesec story

  1. 1. All of us have a story..
  2. 2. I am an AIESECer & this is my story. Quite an ordinary one....
  3. 3. 30.3.2008
  4. 4. 23:00, 30.03.2008 I am sitting in the office & printing handouts for a national conference. I am annoyed and tired but it needs to be done....
  5. 5. 14:00, 10.4.2008 I have missed another family reunion, because I really need to get this partnership for my country so that I can pay the salaries of my MC members this year. Maybe I’ll try to see my family another day. I really miss them very much....
  6. 6. Why AIESEC? What for? What drives me? Why now?
  7. 7. 22:00, 15.5.2008 I am back home, exhausted. My friends and family do not understand what I am doing…
  8. 8. I feel lonely…
  9. 9. Why AIESEC? What for? What drives me? Why now?
  10. 10. 5:30, 21.5.2008 My alarm clock is ringing. I need to go to the airport to pick-up my new MC member from Nigeria. I hope that I will be there on time ...
  11. 11. 10:00, 21.5.2008 The plane is late by 8 hours. I can’t wait anymore. I need to go back to my office. I am on the bus and thinking...
  12. 12. Why am I doing all of this?
  13. 13. Unfortunately I don't have time to think about it. In 2 hours, I need to submit 2 reports to my LCPs, reply 89 emails, work with my VPER on the proposal for the government for a grant we are applying for and prepare for the meeting with my BoA tomorrow. I need to make sure everything is ready. My team is depending on me.
  14. 14. Hold on…
  15. 15. Who is going to pick-up my Kazeem from the airport?
  16. 16. Why AIESEC? What for? What drives me? Why now?
  17. 17. 3 years later
  18. 18. It is a sunny Sunday 25.9.2011
  19. 19. I have just finished my internship & have been recognized as an AIESEC alumni.
  20. 20. I’m in the mountains. This is where I always come to take a breath of fresh air and more importantly, relax.
  21. 21. Where is my water bottle? I can’t find it… it must be deeper inside my backpack… Hold on… What’s that?
  22. 22. Wow, it’s familiar… … I haven’t seen that picture for a long time… ... I looked much younger back then… Love. Motivation. Direction… …It’s the picture of my MC team …that was…what? 3 years ago…
  23. 23. With this living memory in my hands, with the sun shining high above in the sky…
  24. 24. I am reflecting on my AIESEC journey...
  25. 25. are flying through my Feelings Mind Though ts Heart
  26. 26. I am realizing that I have friends all over the world…
  27. 27. I am realizing I have met diverse faces in diverse places.
  28. 28. … this is called being a “Global Citizen”.
  29. 29. I am happy to say that I have more and more friends who are sharing common values as myself...
  30. 30. I am realizing that I have practical experience in leading teams, speaking in public and driving results… I have run an organization! I have several career opportunities. The only confusion now is to choose one of them...
  31. 31. I can communicate fluently in three languages. I am recognized as a young role-model in various areas...
  32. 32. I have had an experience of a lifetime. This experience has helped me through my university and work.
  33. 33. And most importantly...
  34. 34. …I keep growing ever since I started my AIESEC journey...
  35. 35. I discovered my talents...
  36. 36. I discovered what I want to achieve...
  37. 37. I strongly believe I will achieve what I want.
  38. 38. and make an impact.
  39. 39. Like a soft wind, a smile slowly grew on my face…
  40. 40. I am remembering the joy I have had...
  41. 41. ...the parties I have been in...
  42. 42. ...the friendships I have made...
  43. 43. ...the deep and inspiring conversations I have had...
  44. 44. The “hello’s” and “see you’s” I have said…
  45. 45. …and the tears I have shed.
  46. 46. Of course there have been challenging moments. I remember days when I was totally exhausted, staying long at the office, eating curry samosas with my team because we couldn’t afford anything else, missing my family & friends, but...
  47. 47. ...but who cares?
  48. 48. Life is good.
  49. 49. And this is only one story out of many-many AIESECers in the world
  50. 50. This is my story, one out of more than 850 thousand proud AIESEC alumni.
  51. 51. Will you someday share your story like this?
  52. 52. What do you want to be remembered for?
  53. 53. What difference will you make to your people, your LC or your yourself?
  54. 54. This is your time to shape your life and write your story.
  55. 55. What will be your AIESEC story?
  56. 56. Stories of Glories