Being great in ogx


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This is example of the VP who works in OGX: impact that we're doing by sending people to AIESEC internship.

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Being great in ogx

  1. 1. I’m a man who was born in Mainland of China. One year ago, I was just a common student in campus… Eating, sleeping, loving and studying…everyday…
  2. 2. But now I’m proud to be the Best Exchanger of AIESEC Mainland of China!
  3. 3. They asked me, hey guy, what did you do? I made 31 matches by my self in one term. I provide EP Service to more than 60 EPs. I recruited more than 40 EPs .
  4. 4. And then They asked me, How can you do this? Oh, to me, that’s a long story…
  5. 5. Sleepless, I worked in front of the computer till very late everyday, to send hundreds of mails and search the exchange market. Sometimes, I just fell asleep bending over the keyboard… Since I joined AIESEC, I found it’s critical to work hard to understand this exchange system.
  6. 6. Sometime when I went to bed, the sun is just rising. Because I must wait communicating with some CEE or Latin @ers, where there’s 8 or 10 hours’ time difference with Beijing…
  7. 7. One day, I found a more efficient way to more exchange performance. LC–LC partnership Set up content communication with foreign LCs, establish partnership based on exchange cooperation both in incoming and outgoing side step by step.
  8. 8. Nis Slovenia Saint Petersburg Chandigarh Chennai Bangalore Bursa That winter, I established relationship between these LCs and this, actually, became substantial base of my success. Adana
  9. 9. This May, I decided to take CEEDership to India, to explore this market by myself. During this CEEDership, my job is raising TNs there with local @ers for my EPs, and make full preparation for incoming EPs.
  10. 10. Those days in Chandigarh were unforgettable… By working with dear ICXers there, we made 19 matches in one week. But it was busy in that week. No chance to Taj mahal. Just saw a guideboard noting India Gate. And even no time for shopping. But I want to say, there’s no regret…
  11. 11. But there’re always obstacles in our way This summer, due to India visa problem, nearly 25 EPs can’t realized
  12. 12. This time, communication with EPs is critical to solving this crisis. Keeping in touch, talking deeply with special EPs, try to be a real friend with EPs, be honest to EPs and more importantly, stand on their angle of views and be responsible to their future!
  13. 13. After this visa crisis, all more than 40 EPs became best friends in my life , although some haven’t met with me till now. Always, I thought about the vision and value of our exchange program. Every time, when I lose direction in my works, I recall myself that, We are not only exchange people, but initiate a international platform which responsible to all exchange participants.
  14. 14. Since this one whole year, I met so many difficulties in my AIESEC way. And constantly I asked myself why I did these crazy things. Actually, the answer is complex…and too long to speak out…
  15. 15. Today we observe here, sitting in a warm and shining hall , wearing charming and fashionable suits , feeling proud to be a future leader . But just at this moment, there are thousands of people standing in a dirty and crowded room , having no stitch to their backs , and worrying about how to live on more days.
  16. 16. Che said, we humans are conquered by the pain in this most irrational era. But we can save the world , just by sending excellent students where the people need them.
  17. 17. Sending one exchange participant to an NGO, you are not only simply create one exchange performance, you are providing hope to people there. And I want to say, There’s indeed some people around the world waiting for our help!
  18. 18. Also I believe that we are that ones pursuing peace. By exchanging people, we create more international friendship. And I’m convinced that friendship is the first step to stop war.
  19. 19. So, please don’t say, hey, it’s impossible to make 30 matches, it’s crazy! You, and me, are both the ones who save the world .
  20. 20. For a better World So let’s fight together