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Social media for the job seeker adrienne corn 2011ss2


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This is a presentation for job seekers on how to effectively use social media for their job search

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Social media for the job seeker adrienne corn 2011ss2

  1. 1. What is it? Why does it matter? How can you work it? By Adrienne Corn Founder of Ventus, a Career Development, Education & Research Company& Faculty at the Social Media Academy
  2. 2. About the Presenter: Adrienne Corn Adrienne founded VENTUS, a career development, education and research company that provides career pathing for individuals, career education for organizations and research in these areas for the industry at large ( Adrienne is completing a research Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in leadership and organizational behavior. Adrienne is also an instructor/founding faculty member at the Social Media Academy ( where she lectures on the intersection between social media/web 2.0 Follow Me! and Human Resources/Human Talent. Twitter: adriennecorn XeeSm: Ventus VENTUS is a career development, education and research company that works with both individuals on career pathing processes and with companies seeking career education for use in outplacement services and organizational fit/human dynamics. VENTUS conducts research in the areas of career development and human talent, making this information available to clients and to the public in the form of white papers and research reports. Research on social media & HR: Follow Us! Executive Summary (free download): Twitter: ventuscareers Full Report: Adrienne Corn 2
  3. 3. How to use social media effectively in your job search
  4. 4. Let’s Do the Numbers: 1.5 million college graduates this year Job growth rate is at a six year low: 1.3% An average: 3.3 job seekers per job 45% of HR do background checks using social networks** Survey of >4000 HR professionals by Career Builder, 2009 Adrienne Corn 4
  5. 5. Let’s Do the Numbers*: 72% plan to spend more time recruiting via social media this year 50% expect to spend less time on job boards The Most Popular sites:  LinkedIn (used by 95% of those who responded)  Facebook (59%)  Twitter (42%)  Other (13%)  MySpace (11%)* Survey of >440 HR professions by Adrienne Corn 5
  6. 6. Let’s Do the Numbers*: 66% have successfully hired a candidate through an online social network Only 24% of candidates disclose social networking presence What does this mean for you? In this tight employment economy, there is an opportunity for you to stand out as a candidate of choice…using SOCIAL MEDIA ARE YOU WORKING THE OPPORTUNITY?* Survey of >440 HR professions by Adrienne Corn 6
  7. 7.  Amount of information on jobs is plentiful… and taking it all in can be like trying to drink from a fire hydrant… If you are only searching for info/opportunities, you are MISSING THE POINT of Social Media for Job Seeking:  Search for PEOPLE, not just INFO!  Conversations (unlike information overload) rarely cause analysis paralysis Adrienne Corn 7
  8. 8.  65% of all searches 14 billion total searches in June 2009 Google accounted for 9.1 billion searches Adrienne Corn 8
  9. 9. LinkedIn Twitter Xeesm Blog Social Web PublicationsFacebook Adrienne Corn 9
  10. 10. CHALLENGE OPPORTUNITYThe candidate pool is Brand yourself.overcrowded. Differentiate yourself.There are limited job Do not job hunt, peopleopportunities and many openjobs are not being posted. hunt. BE TARGETED!Referrals are being placed in the Build and leveragefew opportunities that arise. relationships! …You canCorn this ALL within Social Media!! Adrienne do 10
  11. 11. Write a simple paragraph describing your qualities and career highlights
  12. 12.  It’s your elevator pitch  First the paragraph, then distill it down to 3-4 words  Your Social Media brand  Meaningful and memorable Corporate Examples: FedEx: “Peace of mind” Nike: “Authentic Athletic Performance” Mary Kay “Enriching women’s lives”Adrienne Corn 13
  13. 13. What’s happens on the web STAYS on the web! Be aware of the information you put out there about you KEEP YOUR BRAND VALUE HIGH!  Information about drinking and drug use  Inappropriate Info/negative comments about past employers  Provocative or inappropriate photographs  Discriminatory remarks about race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.  Unprofessional screen names Functional Use of Social Media (see blog post)  Personal v Professional v Both Adrienne Corn 14
  14. 14. How many of these tools do you know about?How many do you ACTIVELY use? For your job search?If it is ONE or Less, there is much OPPORTUNITY in your future! Adrienne Corn 15
  15. 15.  Play with the tools first! Be sure to check out Learning Center for LinkedIn, and Facebook About page Google “twitter primer” or “twitter help”Once you know what sites you are interested in: See what others are doing on those sites Get lost! (the best way to find your way is to lose it first – so click around the site, go where you’re interest leads you.) Adrienne Corn 16
  16. 16. • Make sure your profiles are CONSISTENT – Same Photo • Friendly/Social • Professional but Personal – Same BIO • Same general information • Your “brand” statement/elevator pitch – COMPLETE • Always complete your profile on these networks – you will appear more frequently in searches. – ONE STOP SHOP Profile Tool • • Put all your social profiles in one place! Adrienne Corn 17
  17. 17. What sites are they on?What conversations are they having?
  18. 18.  Know the Top 5-10 Employers on your Wish List Do a Search for Key Employees or Groups to follow in your Networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter First, Listen to the Conversation! Then, participate in the conversation Adrienne Corn 19
  19. 19.  Check out groups in various applications and see what they are doing Learn by emulating  What /How are others contributing? Participate in the networks and communities that you have chosen! Adrienne Corn 20
  20. 20. • Put yourself in the employer’s shoes, what’s their brand and how can you demonstrate “you get it” – Be where they are! (i.e. in linkedin groups, website, blog and twitter conversations)• You do not have to participate in every network out there – choose the networks that make the most sense for YOU.• Be a content producer and a content consumer• Be creative but stay professional! Adrienne Corn 21
  21. 21. “The more you put yourself out there, the better chance you have of finding ‘the one’.” - Mom Adrienne Corn 22
  22. 22. If you want someone to get the message, Put the message where the someone will see it! If you want your job search to be effective,You need to be where the companies you want to work for are: and that is smack dab in the social media space. Adrienne Corn 23
  23. 23.  Summary – who are you, what you do. Elevator pitch, optimize for keywords Education – use for connections Interests – maybe too personal for business use – you decide Security settings – decide how open and visible you want to be Add apps for credibility – depth Adrienne Corn 24
  24. 24.  Upload from Outlook, ACT, GMail, AOL etc. and invite all Search your connection’s connections Let LinkedIn suggest connections Search for your old contacts, school mates, work-mates Peruse members of relevant groups Quality and relevance trumps quantity Adrienne Corn 25
  25. 25.  Homepage-use it Profile – importance, add apps, build in keywords Company pages – profile and search Build and maintain a meaningful network Join Groups Ask/answer questions Adrienne Corn 26
  26. 26.  Pronounced “See Sum” Social address book that enables its users to house all contacts and contact information in one place— with one link! Put all of your social media links into Xeesm: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook , Slideshare, etc. Put all of your “regular” contact info into Xeesm: phone, physical contact address, email, etc. Adrienne Corn 27
  27. 27.  Yes! Add a consistent, professional photo Add a consistent, professional bio Fill in all of your contact and social address info (see previous slide) THEN: Add your xeesm address to your email signature Add xeesm to your twitter bio Add your xeesm to your business cards and paper resume Add your Xeesm address to anything and put it anywhere you want people to look for you and find you! It’s ONE ADDRESS! No more 10 lines of text in your signature! Adrienne Corn 28
  28. 28.  Social Network and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates (tweets). Updates are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them. Tweets- 140 character messages Fasted growing, hottest social network Fully searchable (use hashtags #), free and easy to set up and use Adrienne Corn 29
  29. 29.  An information tool – Provide information to others A conversational tool – respond to other peoples tweets, engage in dialogue Twitter allows people to stay connected in real-time Great way to communicate and network with new and old contacts You choose the message – not the recipient Adrienne Corn 30
  30. 30. ..Tweet It!Describe yourself in 140 characters or less.Describe your ideal job in 140 characters or less.Do a hashtag search on #twitterjobs and #jobs. Adrienne Corn 31
  31. 31.  Put your job pitch in your Twitter bio (160 chars-yep, 20 more characters than a tweet to describe YOU!) Use a professional picture Tweet about your job search Include a link to your resume or your profile Follow people in your desired industry  BUILD A FUNCTIONAL JOB FOCUSED COMMUNITY  Engage with those people for job possibilities and networking – GAIN VISIBILITY Establish yourself as an expert by the content you tweet and retweet (RT) Learn to use short URL’s to tweet online content Adrienne Corn 32
  32. 32.  Site for sharing presentations Allows people to follow you, subscribe to your presentations Privacy settings allow you to determine who you want to see your presentations Advantage: A single place to house your expertise. Adrienne Corn 33
  33. 33.  Put your job pitch into a well crafted powerpoint presentation (single font, consistent look, clean and professional looking) Make your resume into a presentation about YOU and YOUR SKILLS Be sure to include professional, friendly photos and pictures Be sure to include links to work you’ve done, websites of companies you’ve worked for. Include a link to your profile Create an account on slideshare and upload your resume/presentation about YOU. Tweet that link. Add the slideshare link to your linkedin profile Add the slideshare link to your xeesm profile Be sure to add this link to your business card and your paper resume Update your presentation regularly! Adrienne Corn 34
  34. 34. 1) Be consistent with your bio and your photo 2) Be yourself, but 3) Be professional about what you disclose to those you want to hire you 4) Be available: Create links among sites so potential employers can find you easily 5) Be ready – your profile can open doors, but you have to be prepared to walk through them and deliver!Adrienne Corn 35
  35. 35. 1) Approach people politely 2) Add value to the conversation 3) Proactive involvement 4) Stick to your interests 5) Establish trust & confidence before you start selling youAdrienne Corn 36
  36. 36. In these economic times, it is those who move the fastest who will succeed. Social media allows you to be fastBy the time a position becomes available to the public, you may be too late Fast Fact: 80% of job openings aren’t even made public!!It is important to have connections and relationships built ahead of time Start your social media DIFFERENTIATION strategy TODAY Adrienne Corn 37
  37. 37.  Mashable - Delicious - Google – Facebook - LinkedIn - Twitter - SlideShare - Visual CV- Xeesm – Adrienne Corn 38