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Universal Search- Yammer Webinar


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Published in: Technology
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Universal Search- Yammer Webinar

  1. 1. Introducing Universal Search
  2. 2. Speakers Adrian Clarke An Le Drew Dillon Development Manager VP of Business Product Manager Development#yamsearch
  3. 3. Table of Contents› Overview of Yammer› Overview of Universal Search » Background » The Big Picture› Getting Started » Partner Applications » Integration Points » Additional Benefits› SAP Integration Live Demo› Q&A#yamsearch
  4. 4. Yammer: The Enterprise Social Network#yamsearch
  5. 5. Yammer Brings It All Together People Conversations Content Business Data Mobile A private, secure network that connects the whole company.#yamsearch
  6. 6. Built to Connect Everyone in the Workplace HR IT Marketing Senior Director R&D Partners EMEA Sales CEO Rep CIO Sales NA Sales Customers Rep#yamsearch
  7. 7. An Overview of Universal Search#yamsearch
  8. 8. The Problem› The overwhelming number of business systems in use at your company make it difficult to find the information you need to get work done.CMS SFA 1 SFA 2 HR ERP CSS Other#yamsearch
  9. 9. Yammer Takes A New Look at Your SystemsClassic understanding ofyour systemsHow Yammer understandsyour systemsA world of apps and peopleengaging with things in theseapps.#yamsearch
  10. 10. The Solution› Universal Search Powered by Open Graph#yamsearch
  11. 11. Yammer Adds a Social Layer to Your Systems› Integrate in minutes to seconds.CMS SFA 1 SFA 2 HR ERP CSS Other#yamsearch
  12. 12. Getting Data into Yammer is Simple› Your web apps translate data and interactions into a common language: USER ACTION OBJECT upload file› This extremely simple structure hides near incredible depth: ACTION OBJECT create / update / delete / like / follow project / file / folder / message / person salesforce :: convert sap::opportunity box::upload expensify::receipt spigit::vote kindling::idea#yamsearch
  13. 13. Your Data Remains Secure› The security of your data is our top priority. To protect your privacy, Yammer adheres to permissions and access rights set by your apps.#yamsearch
  14. 14. The Power of the Platform Open Graph Connect#yamsearch
  15. 15. Getting Started#yamsearch
  16. 16. Step 1: Integrate Your Apps HR ERP CMS CRM IT Helpdesk Project Management Ideation / Gamification Other Visit for install instructions#yamsearch
  17. 17. Step 2: Discover Activity From Your Apps In Ticker› The actions you take inside integrated apps are surfaced in Yammer’s Activity Stream Ticker.#yamsearch
  18. 18. Step 3: Find Objects From Your Apps in Search› The content associated with your activity stories instantly appears in Universal Search results.#yamsearch
  19. 19. Integrations Add Value Beyond Search› Discover what colleagues are working on› Seamlessly share your work› Gain visibility within your company› Aggregate business data across apps#yamsearch
  20. 20. Featured Integration#yamsearch
  21. 21. Freeborders Connector for SAP› Introducing a new lightweight application that connects data and interactions in SAP to Yammer.#yamsearch
  22. 22. Use CaseV.P. of Manufacturing Manufacturing Manager V.P. of ManufacturingChooses to “follow” all rejected Rejects a purchase requisition. Discovers activity story in Ticker.purchase requisitions. Manufacturing Team Manufacturing Support Discusses implications of rejected purchase Finds rejected purchase requisition in requisition on Yammer. Universal Search.#yamsearch
  23. 23. LIVE DEMO#yamsearch
  24. 24. Questions? Visit for more information. To install integrations for your network, visit To develop integrations for your application, visit sales inquiries, please call888.926.7377#yamsearch