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                 The	  D.A.	  Company	         Building	  Software	  Solutions	  &	  Process	  for	                       ...
It’s	  2011.	  Do	  you	  know	  where	  your	  data	  is?	  1. CRM/Account	  Information	  Management	                 Th...
 The	  solution	  crm	  continued	         •	   is	   the	   #	   1	   selling	   web	 ...
 	                                                         You	  are	  a	  candidate	  for	  A.I.M.S.	  if....	           ...
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The D.A. Company - sforce crm overview 5-5-11.1


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The D.A. Company creates and develops account information management solutions for the pet industry using SAS platform.

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The D.A. Company - sforce crm overview 5-5-11.1

  1. 1.   The  D.A.  Company   Building  Software  Solutions  &  Process  for   the  Pet  Industry     A.I.M.S.   Account  Information  Management  Solutions                               The  D.A.  Company          1                                            
  2. 2. It’s  2011.  Do  you  know  where  your  data  is?  1. CRM/Account  Information  Management   The   pet   supplies   industry   has   evolved   over   the   past   20   years   from   new   product   development,   packaging,   acquisitions,   etc…However,   when   it   comes   to   data   collection,  managing  data  and  creating  the  right  data  decision  metrics  to  guide  the   business,  many  companies  including  category  leaders  have  remained  in  the  1980s.  2. The  Problem  Current  data  collection  methods   • Spreadsheets:    Spreadsheets  such  as  MS  Excel  and  Numbers  are  an  extremely  valuable   and  flexible  business  tool.  Form  creation,  output  analysis,  graphing  and  financial   scenarios  are  the  cornerstone  of  this  software.   • Word  Processing:  Word  Processing  software  such  as  MS  Word  and  Pages   • Email:    Email  is  the  most  often  used  tool  for  communicating  deals,  forecasts,  programs   and  the  occasional  account  profile.    All  of  the  above  tools/actions  are  subject  to  the  business  phenomenon  known  as  “The  information   black   hole”;   “where   data   goes   to   die”!     Once   your   account   information  resides  with  any  “output”  software,  you  have  lost  all  control  of  your  data  integrity.    This  leads   to   bad   decision-­‐making,   time-­‐consuming   research   (usually   between   several  different  organizational  teams  and  personnel).    The  result;  $$$$  Loss!  3. The  Solution  CRM  It   is   abundantly   clear,   that   our   business   and   personal   lives   are   driven   by   internet  communication.    Facebook,  Twitter,  Linked  In  and  many  more  business  and  social  media  sites  are  now  driving  the  way  we  do  business.    This  substantiates  the  movement  toward  web   based   account   management   systems   and   “process   driven”   tasks/actions   that   are  managed  easily  and  consistently.   “Using  an  account  management  system  does  not  require  more  data   entry/communication.    The  only  requirement  is  a  single  data  entry  point!”       2   The  D.A.  Company                                                    
  3. 3.  The  solution  crm  continued   •   is   the   #   1   selling   web   based   CRM   in   the   world!     There   are   close   to   300,000   users   of   SF   covering   almost   every  industry!       • No   additional   hardware   or   software   is   needed!   Only   a   license   and   internet   connection!   • Automatic  “features  upgrade”!   o Twice   a   year,   SF   will   automatically   upgrade   the   features   and   functionality!   • Available  24/7/365   • Highest  levels  of  security     Salesforce   is   built   with   security   as   the   foundation   for   the   entire   service.   This   foundation   includes   both   protection   for   your   data   and   applications,   and   the   ability   to   implement   your   own   security   scheme   to   reflect   the   structure  and  needs  of  your  organization.   The   security   features   of   Salesforce   provide   both   strength   and   flexibility.   However,   protecting   your   data   is   a   joint   responsibility   between   you   and   The   security   features   in   Salesforce   enable   you   to   empower   your   users   to   do   their   jobs   efficiently,   while   also   limiting   exposure  of  data  to  the  users  that  need  to  act  upon  it.  Implement  security   controls   that   you   think   are   appropriate   for   the   sensitivity   of   your   data.   Your   data   is   protected   from   unauthorized   access   from   outside   your   company,  and  you  should  also  safeguard  it  from  inappropriate  usage  by   your  users.  website.     • Unlimited  customization   • One  single  source  for  your  data   • Output  to  MS  Excel   • Works  with  IPhone,  Droid  &  Blackberry  (you’re  never  out  of  touch)   • $$$$  Gain!  4. The  Target  Audience   • Field  Sales  Representatives   • Field  Sales  Managers   • Sr.  Sales  Management   • Sales  Administration   • Customer  Service     The  D.A.  Company          3                                            
  4. 4.     You  are  a  candidate  for  A.I.M.S.  if....   You  have  more  than  5  7ield  sales  representatives  helping  to  manage  your   business...   You  use  email  or  spreadsheets  to  capture  and  manage  your  data....   You  have  over  50  accounts  with  a  variety  of  terms,  pricing,  and  programs....      5. A.I.M.S.  Account  Information  Management  Solutions   • Account  Profiles   • Sales  Activity  Tracking   • Buying  Profiles   • Sales  Call  Planning   • Account  Planning   • Auto  Email  Reporting   • Approval  Process   • Administration  6. The  Solution  System  -­‐  The  D.A.  Company   • 20  Years  experience  selling  into  the  pet  specialty,  mass,  drug  &  grocery  channels   • 4   Years   as   National   Sales   Manager   and   Administrator   at   The   Bramton  Company   • 3  Years  as  National  Sales  Manager  and  Administrator  at  Fat  Cat   Inc.   • 7   Years   as   Territory   Manager   and   MS   Access   Sales   Report   Manager   at   English   Associates  Inc.   • 6   Years   as   Regional   Sales   Manager   and   ACT!   Database   Administrator   for   Archetti   Sales  &  Marketing    SUMMARY    Office   automation   via   “Cloud”   storage   and   interaction   is   here   to   stay.     The   D.A.  Company   can   help   streamline   your   data   input   and   provide   “push   button”   data   output  solutions   while   creating   efficiencies   and   cutting   costs.     Start   moving   to   a   better   solution  today!   4   The  D.A.  Company                                                    
  5. 5.     Testimonial     “Dan  singlehandedly  developed  our  database  from  the  ground  up  as  a   permanent  solution  for  maintaining  customer  data  as  well  as  product  information,   pricing,  and  specifications.  He  provided  training  for  company  associates  on  how  to  use  including  uploading  and  disseminating  information  and  customizing  the  user   interface  to  benefit  various  roles  within  the  organization.  Dans  initiatives  greatly   improved  efficiencies  by  allowing  us  to  provide  real-­‐time  product  updates  to  sales   associates  across  the  US.  This  insured  the  correct  customer  specific  pricing  and   applicable  discounts  were  applied  to  allow  us  to  maintain  or  improve  profit  margins   while  exceeding  customer  expectations  on  notification  timelines  and  the  amount  of   available  product  information.”     Michael Gregory Director, Product Development Retail Products Group (214) 337-5595 ext. 7135       The  D.A.  Company.   Building  Sales  Software  Solutions  &  Process  for  the  Pet  Industry   Dan  Archetti   359  Raymond  Road   Chester,  NH  03036-­‐4131   Office:  603-­‐887-­‐6850   Cell:  603-­‐244-­‐6438   Email:   The  D.A.  Company          5