Enterprise Social Networking


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There are amazing facts and benefits from implementing an Enterprise Social Networking solution. Increased efficiency, higher rate of collaboration, and organization of internal communication are just a couple found through ESN.

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Enterprise Social Networking

  1. HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT Why Enterprise Social is Business’ Best-Kept Secret
  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS What is Enterprise Social? What are the Benefits? Why You Can’t Ignore It
  3. What is Enterprise Social? Enterprise Social networking is an organization's internal and external use of social media to connect individuals who share similar business interests or activities.
  4. What is Enterprise Social? Enterprise Social is a private network that allows all members of your business to interact as they would on a social networking platform.
  5. What are Some Benefits of Enterprise Social? Only your employees can view the content on the social platform. PRIVATE All information is password-protected. SECURE Multiple team members can access documents, files, images, and projects in a real-time environment. COLLABORATION Internal communication is quicker and less fragmented than email. COMMUNICATION Archive knowledge and create a central hub of information that limits back-and-forth communication. PRODUCTIVITY BENEFITS
  6. Enterprise Social increases internal communications between departments and employees. Companies with effective internal communications had 47% higher returns to shareholders over the previous 5 years. Why You Can’t Ignore Enterprise Social 1PREVIOUS YEARS: 2 3 4 5 +47%
  7. +20% Improved communication and collaboration through social technologies could raise productivity by 20–25%. The cumulative cost per worker per year due to productivity losses resulting from communication barriers is $26,041. = $1,000 + $10,000 Why You Can’t Ignore Enterprise Social $0 - $10,000 - $20,000 - $30,000 1 YEAR +25%
  8. A business with 100 employees spends an average of 17 hours a week clarifying communication. This downtime translates to an annual cost of $528,443. Why You Can’t Ignore Enterprise Social 17 HOURS IN 1 WEEK100 EMPLOYEES = $100,000
  9. On average, 42% of information workers spend more than an hour daily searching for information. The cost lies in decisions that are made with incomplete or inaccurate information. Why You Can’t Ignore Enterprise Social Workers make their decisions based on access to the information they find. Workers spend valuable time looking for information. 1:15pm 2:30pm Not having access to appropriate information affects business decisions. 42%
  10. Why You Can’t Ignore Enterprise Social Each engaged employee adds an incremental $13,000 annually to the company’s bottom line. www.massingenuity.com/2012/04/02/engaging-employees-the-economics-of-micro-ingenuity 1 YEAR 1 ENGAGED EMPLOYEE = $1,000 1 JANUARY
  11. Check out Blog.Socialcast.com for more information on Enterprise Social Solutions.