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Zuhlke Yammer Case Study


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Zuhlke Yammer Case Study

  1. 1. Boosting Collaboration with EnterpriseSocial NetworkingZühlke Group is a growing independent service provider for software and productengineering, management consulting, and start-up financing. In short, it helpscompanies transform good ideas into market success.As Zühlke Group has expanded across Europe, it now has eight offices in fourcountries. That growth has brought business challenges, particularly when it comesto knowledge management and uniting a geographically dispersed workforce. “As ourcompany has grown, we needed a communication platform to facilitate collaborationand ensure effective participation across the entire enterprise,” explains WolfgangEmmerich, CEO and Chairman of Zuhlke Engineering Ltd.Chief Knowledge Officer Jörg Dirbach recognized the need for a knowledgemanagement tool that would enable staff to mine expertise and experience, whereverit resided. The traditional model, in which project teams loaded reports and otherdata onto various server locations, made it difficult for people outside those teams tofind and build on vital information. “We needed something more transparent whichprovided a directory of projects and experts that would be easily accessible andsearchable across all locations,” Dirbach says.A Social Intranet for Deep CollaborationYammer was fully introduced into Zühlke Group after the management teamnoticed large numbers of staff had voluntarily adopted the free version of the socialnetwork. Once the company moved to the premium version to better manage andleverage Yammer’s capabilities, the network was enthusiastically embraced acrossthe organization.Success Story | PROFESSIONAL SERVICESYammer has brought the power of social networking to Zühlke Group,which uses the network to enhance its workforce’s collaborative culture.Benefits include:>> Improved Communication>> Knowledge Exchange>> File SharingContact Sales: 1-888-926-7377 | contactsales@yammer-inc.comJörg DirbachChief Knowledge OfficerZühlke GroupYammer has become suchan integral part of ourinfrastructure, we can’t livewithout it.”IndustryProfessional ServicesEmployees550Founded1968RegionAustria, Germany, Switzerlandand the United Kingdom
  2. 2. “What we liked about Yammer when we first tried it is that it lets people do thesame things they do when they’re collaborating in person,” Emmerich says. “Theyexchange ideas, analyze data together, and make announcements about projectmilestones.”Yammer also fits the bill when it comes to knowledge management. “With Yammer,we are constantly sharing ideas and learning new things,” Dirbach says. “Best of all,we can easily locate the information and the expertise we need to get work done.”That accessibility extends to workers who tap into the network from mobiledevices, like software engineer Vassilis Rizopoulos. “I’m often on the road andworking remotely, and for me, Yammer is an essential tool for keeping in contactwith the company,” he says. “It allows me and other remote workers to continue toparticipate in discussions and exchange ideas. We don’t feel isolated anymore.”Wherever they’re operating from, staff with similar interests use Yammer Groupsto identify one another and delve deeper into topics, such as making the most ofJavaScript. “Those synergies go a long way in helping us to achieve our goals,”Rizopoulos says.Enriched CommunicationAnother major benefit is enabling senior management to better know and understand employees. For instance, ZuhlkeEngineering CEO and Chairman Emmerich often responds to discussions that staff have about decisions made at theboard level. “Executives and staff alike can use the network to see what’s on the minds of people in other departmentsand locations,” he says. “Communication flows both ways, and we all feel closer as a result.”The company’s engineers built on Yammer’s open API to create an innovative search function which integrates seamlesslywith SharePoint, one of the most widely used applications in the company’s portfolio. In the future, Zühlke Group plansto further build on Yammer’s API to enhance other applications with the benefits of social networking, including enrichedactivity streams and various feature alerts.With all the benefits Zühlke Group is enjoying internally, the company plans to start using Yammer’s External Networks soit can collaborate with clients on future projects. It’s a logical next step that will help Zühlke streamline operations whileadding considerable value for customers. As Jörg Dirbach sums it up, “Yammer has become such an integral part of ourinfrastructure, we can’t afford to live without it.”Wolfgang EmmerichCEO and ChairmanZuhlke Engineering Ltd.One of the most valuable benefitsis the sense of community thenetwork offers. Employees cancollaborate and share ideas, nomatter where they are in the world.Success Story | PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
  3. 3. THE RESULTS>> Enhanced communication. Employees connect across teams, departments, and geographic regions — evenwhen working remotely on mobile devices.>> Stronger engagement. Better connections means deeper business insight for everyone, from the front-linesales team to top executives.>> Efficient workflow. Employees save time by collaborating in public and private Yammer Groups to poolideas and resources.>> Streamlined information sharing. Employees post queries on Yammer and get answers in minutes.>> Rapid adoption, immediate value. The network grew to 410 members (80% of the employee base) a monthafter it was launched.>> Transformed customer relations. Yammer’s External Networks will allow the company to collaborate with clients,cementing ties and dramatically improving service.For more information about Zühlke Group: For more information about Yammer: www.yammer.comABOUT YAMMERYammer ( is a best-in-class Enterprise Social Network used by more than 200,000organizations worldwide -- including 85 percent of the Fortune 500 -- to foster team collaboration, empoweremployees, drive business agility and promote organizational connectedness. Yammer’s freemium businessmodel lets customers see the value of Yammer before upgrading to the premium offering. Founded in 2008,Yammer is now part of the Microsoft Office Division.Success Story | PROFESSIONAL SERVICES