Local Search Goes National


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My SMX Local University Advanced presentation and PubCon presentation outlining the challenges of implementing local search strategies at a national corporate level, and the lessons I have learned.

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Local Search Goes National

  1. Local Gone National Getting Buy-In Across the Organization Matt MarkoMarketing Process Manager Progressive Insurancematthew_marko@progressive.com @BackyardMktg Raleigh, NC
  2. #1 #1 #4 #1 #11 st to: sell insurance direct online Our sales: 45% 55% offer comparison rates Direct via Local offer drive-in claims service Agents offer Name Your Price insurance offer usage-based insurance Auto Policies in Force; 2011 PGR Annual Report
  3. 35,000+ agency locationsmake Progressive the mostlocal insurance carrier
  4. Alas…Photo © Flickr user quinn.anya at flickr.com/photos/quinnanya/2907545664
  5. We don’t own our agencies:Average agency carries 8 carrier brands
  6. The ownership challenge: “You cant create Places listings for stores which you do not own, but which stock your products.”The data challenge: The SMB challenge:First, do no harm; What sounds easy, is hard.NAP consistency. 35% have claimed G+ listings.
  7. GETTING BUY IN • Senior Management • Sales Force • Insurance AgenciesPhoto © http://mrrommie.wordpress.com/tag/cialdini/
  8. Getting Buy InMANAGEMENT • How to best help agents? • How to best help Progressive? Paid search economics are unfavorable for SMBs in our categoryhttp://www.wordstream.com/articles/most-expensive-keywords
  9. ` Local organic search opportunity exists, but often competitive with deep-pocketed competition? Agents (and Progressive) largely unaware of oppty
  10. *Only in retrospect!Photo © Flickr user johnscotthaydon at flickr.com/photos/johnhaydon/5042881685
  11. Proof-of-concept listing management pilot demonstrated results. Google search: "car insurance [city], [state]" Pre-test 120 days Post-test 51% 29% 15% 8% % agencies with top 3 % agencies with top 7 ranking ranking
  12. BUT…what’s a G+ listing impression or action worth? We built a simple model to estimate completed insurance quotes per hundred impressions. This put the local opportunity in context.Photo © Flickr user kayaker1204 at flickr.com/photos/kayaker1204/4319542459
  13. Getting Buy InSALES FORCE 200+ geographically dispersed reps Every month a new ask 4 page-long job objectives Jack of all trades, master of none. BUT ALSO…Photo © Flickr user andres.thor at flickr.com/photos/andresthor/3963368371 looking for easy wins
  14. Impact speaks for itself… 20%of searches are local here 50% of searches are local here
  15. Solution: Make it easy to sell CONTEXT: show how local search fits into a sales call ADVOCATES: Nurture them TIME-SAVING TOOLS: “Scouting Reports” “OK. Let’s start by bringing up Google…”Screenshot © Xtranormal user girlsandhog at xtranormal.com/watch/11262851/local-search-video
  16. Get help from the pros Blumenthal Bowling McGee Reese“Local Search Dream Team“ © Bryan Phelpswww.seo.com/blog/local-search-dream-team-tips-tools-and-predictions
  17. Make training bite-size, tactical & engaging
  19. “I don’t havetime for this…I’mtoo busy runningmy business.” - 80% of SMBs, everywhere, always
  20. DIY is a poor modelfor most SMBs This is an actual agency web site, screenshot taken Sept 2012.
  21. …ah, much better! This is an actual agency web site, screenshot taken Sept 2012.
  22. Solution: make things as “DIFM” as possible Listing Management Monitoring & Measuring Accuracy Citations Performance Metrics
  23. DIFM program addresses our challenges The ownership challenge:The data challenge: “You cant create Places listings “Only business owners orFirst, do no harm; NAP for stores which you do not own, authorized representatives mayconsistency. but which stock yourlistings...” verify their business products.” The SMB challenge: What sounds easy, is hard. 35% have claimed G+ listings.
  24. Web site integration Reviews Reputation monitoring We still train on some things. Breaking through is difficult.Photo © Flickr user Government Press Office (GPO) at flickr.com/photos/government_press_office/6943609933
  25. Trust?(Mulder was right.)
  26. The antidote: peer testimonialsListAgent works!
  27. Also: actual data, presented simply. Google search: "car insurance [city], [state]" Pre-test 120 days Post-test 51% 29% 15% 8% % agencies with top 3 % agencies with top 7 ranking ranking
  28. Trade press is also agreat way to build trust
  29. SMBs *struggle* with content PHOTOS? CATEGORIES? REVIEWS?
  30. Co-branded content is awin-win-win
  31. The brand power of $500 million 66% of our agencies’ G+ impressions are driven by Progressive keyword searches!http://www.marketwatch.com/story/geico-spends-nearly-1-bln-in-insurance-ad-war-2012-06-25
  32. Conclusions: MGMT1. Show the “obvious” opportunity2. Test & prove • Bring the numbers • Translate analytics to what matters Photo © Flickr user euthman at flickr.com/photos/euthman/2100168086
  33. Conclusions: Sales Force1. Make it easy; provide sales tools2. Nurture advocates3. Bring in outside experts to help4. Make training bite size, tactical & engaging
  34. Conclusions: SMBs1. Make as DIFM as possible2. Educate for the DIY3. Build trust with testimonials, data, trade press4. (Branded) Content
  35. Matt Marko @BackyardMktg Matthew_Marko@Progressive.comThank You