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Tyco Transformed: A Case Study

Learn how Tyco, a global leader in security and fire protection, successfully navigated a major business transformation with Yammer.

Tyco Transformed: A Case Study

  1. 1. Tyco Transformed! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group! !
  2. 2. Tyco Transformed: a Case Study! Roland Hulme! @rolandhulme! Social Media Manager! Bryony Cole! @bryonycole! Yammer CSM! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  3. 3. Outline!›  Who is Tyco? !›  Before Yammer!›  Why Yammer!›  On Migrating an Intranet !›  Today: Introducing the TYN!!›  Tomorrow: What’s Next for Yammer at Tyco?! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  4. 4. World’s Largest Fire Protection and Security Company! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!!
  5. 5. Undergoing Business Transformation! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  6. 6. Tyco Transformed! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  7. 7. Before Yammer! Limitations of our traditional intranet! ›  Accessibility! ›  Resources! ›  Content publishing! No engagement! ›  No directory! ›  One-way communication! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  8. 8. Before Yammer! Very 32% Engaged Wavering 43% Engagement Disengaged 12% Very 14% Disengaged ›  Employees wanted one place to connect & learn! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  9. 9. Why Yammer! It was easy and worked ! ›  For users: viral adoption, rapid growth, usability! ›  For IT: secure and private, exceeded requirements! ›  For the business: to serve key initiatives and company goals! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  10. 10. Why Yammer! It was easy and worked:! ›  Viral adoption, rapid growth, product usage! ›  Security and vendor evaluation! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  11. 11. How Did We Get Here? ! ›  Identify stakeholders! ›  Identify advocates! Map ! ›  Assign teams! ! ›  Audit resources! ›  Assess how! Plan! ›  Prioritize when and what! ›  Involve and motivate across Tyco! ›  Create compelling tactics! Move! ›  Build to the main event! JUNE ! JULY ! ! !AUGUST ! ! !SEPTEMBER ! !OCTOBER! Mapping Owners! Training! Content Migration! Day One! Network Content Audit ! Communication! Plan! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  12. 12. Introducing a New Social Intranet! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  13. 13. Tactics: Exciting, Inviting, Global Materials! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  14. 14. People: Yambassadors!›  Power-users supported migration!›  Reinvigorated the network !›  Showed how essential for business! Tips! 1. Involve them early! 2. Give responsibility! 3. Affirm and reward! ! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  15. 15. People: Yammerazzi! Welcome to the Yammerazzi! Thanks for agreeing to be part of Day One on the Tyco Yammer Network. Your contributions will  help  extend  the  Day  One  celebrations  across  the  world;  and  show  employees  that  they’re   part of a truly global organization. What  you’ll need: or + A Smart Phone A Digital Camera and Computer If using a Smart Phone: Download the Yammer App for your phone – it will let you post updates and photos instantly.  Yammer App for iPhone/iPad  Yammer App for Windows Phone  Yammer App for Android  Yammer App for Blackberry If using a Digital Camera and Computer You can download the Yammer Desktop App, our log in and update via your browser at  You’ll  have  to  transfer  photos  to  your  computer  and  then  upload them. @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  16. 16. The Main Event: #DayOne! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  17. 17. The Main Event: #DayOne!›  806 #DayOne threads started.!›  328 #DayOne replies.!›  2171 #DayOne messages liked.! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  18. 18. The Main Event: #DayOne! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  19. 19. Questions?!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  20. 20. People: Yammer Team ! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!
  21. 21. Introducing a New Model of Support! Tyco Yammer Network! Community Content Management! Owners! ›  Communications team, ›  Cross-functional group of Executive Yambassadors, CSM! Leadership! business units and regions! ›  Managing people! ›  Managing content! ›  Key Tyco executives! ›  Provides direction and supports activities! @yammer !#yamjam12 Yam-Wins Group!

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Learn how Tyco, a global leader in security and fire protection, successfully navigated a major business transformation with Yammer.


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