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The Business Case for Partnering with Yammer


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Find out why companies like Spigit, Mindflash, Ultimate Software, and Kanjoya are partnering with Yammer to build productivity-boosting integrations for customers.

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The Business Case for Partnering with Yammer

  1. 1. The Business Case for Partnering with Yammer !Sidd Singh – Yammer, Inc.! @yammer !#yamjam12! !
  2. 2. Yammer Platform Updates!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  3. 3. Rapid Applications Growth! !  Added over 40 partner applications in less than a year for a total of 60.! ! ! Expected growth with advent of app directory and in-product visibility.! ! ! App ecosystem expected to triple in 2013.!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  4. 4. Rapid Usage Growth! !  Over 200,000 users have activated an app.! ! New Users (K)! ! 52%! !  Over 9000 companies are using an app.! 54%! 10x! !  Over 700,000 activities written to Yammer.! Q1 2012 (Jan- Q2 2012 (Apr- Q3 2012 (July- Q4 2012 (Oct- ! Mar)! Jun)! Sep)! Dec)! Greater than 50% quarter on quarter growth of new users ! enabling third party integrations on the Yammer Platform since launch.! !  Over 13 million posts fetched from Yammer.!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  5. 5. Rapid Capability Growth! !  Q1 2012: Activity Stream API v2.0 with Open Graph! ! !  Q2 2012: Open Graph objects in Universal Search! ! !  Q3 2012: Activity Stream Hover Cards! ! !  Q4 2012: Open Graph Object Pages! ! !  Q4 2012: Apps Directory! !@yammer !#yamjam12!
  6. 6. Partner Panel Introductions!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  7. 7. Yammer Partners Panel! The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may Alan Lepofsky! not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. @alanlepo @constellationrg! Restart your computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may VP & Principal Analyst! have to delete the image and then insert it again. Cameron Gray! @mindflash! VP Engineering! Hutch Carpenter! @Spigit! VP Product! Armen Berjikly! @kanjoya! Founder & CEO! Andrew McCarthy! @UltimateHCM! VP Market Strategy!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  8. 8. Business Case for Partnering with Yammer!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  9. 9. Next Steps!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  10. 10. Next Steps! !  Build: Go to! ! ! Try: Go to “Apps” in your yammer network and check out the App Directory.!@yammer !#yamjam12!