Upgrade Your Apps With Yammer


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Learn how to leverage the Yammer Platform to maximize the value of the apps you already invest in today.

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Upgrade Your Apps With Yammer

  1. 1. UPGRADE YOUR APPS WITH YAMMER!An Le,!VP of Business Development, Yammer! @yammer !#yamjam12! !
  2. 2. Today, every department invests in IT. CRM! CMS! ERP! CSS!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  3. 3. And tech spending is only increasing. CMS! CSS! ! ! ERP! CRM! ! ! L&D! IT! HR !@yammer !#yamjam12!
  4. 4. Most business apps reinforce working in silos. Sales! Product ! ! Marketing! Support! IT!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  5. 5. They’re difficult for IT to manage. ! ! CSS! IT! ERP! CMS! CRM!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  6. 6. And lead to disconnected user experiences. Review Submit benefits expense program! reports! Check calendar and email! Update status of Sign vendor project! contracts!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  7. 7. So developers are attempting social… Now apps are bolting on feeds, share buttons, and more.@yammer !#yamjam12!
  8. 8. Building social features won’t fix the problem. Users prefer having conversations in the one place where everyone is already talking. Vs.@yammer !#yamjam12!
  9. 9. Yammer is that place for the enterprise. Sales! Product ! ! Marketing! Support! IT!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  10. 10. The Power of the Platform!!Open Graph! Connect! Data In! Data Out!Open Graph integrations Yammer social plug-insdrive adoption.! improve engagement.! ! Application Ecosystem! ! !@yammer !#yamjam12!
  11. 11. Yammer Connect: Login Button! Profile Data!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  12. 12. Yammer Connect: Embed Feeds and Action Buttons! Like & Follow Buttons! Feeds! @yammer !#yamjam12!**This is a mockup of the product. Final design is subject to change.!
  13. 13. Open Graph: A New Perspective! Classic understanding of systems! Open Graph is how Facebook sees other systems! A world of apps!and people engaging with things in these apps.!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  14. 14. Open Graph: The Protocol! The Open Graph protocol models user activities based on actions and objects.@yammer !#yamjam12!
  15. 15. Open Graph: Activity Stream Ticker Open Graph Activity Stories!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  16. 16. Open Graph: Universal Search Open Graph Objects!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  17. 17. Open Graph: Pages Action Buttons! Open Graph Metadata! Message Feed! Open Graph Activity Stories!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  18. 18. Live Demo of App Directory and Developer Center@yammer !#yamjam12!
  19. 19. One Social Experience with Yammer@yammer !#yamjam12!
  20. 20. Questions?!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  21. 21. Presented by Kris Gale, VP of Engineering, Yammer!@yammer !#yamjam12!
  22. 22. @yammer !#yamjam12!