Mobile UX Research: Travel Consumer Preferences for Mobile and Tablet


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Webinar hosted by UserZoom on travel consumer preferences and landscape for mobile and tablet. Ania Rodriguez, CEO at Key Lime Interactive, also talked about mobile user experience research methods (both, qualitative and quantitative).

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  • Check the weather 75%Search for directions/map 75%Look for places to eat 67%See what’s around me now 62%Search for shopping locations 58%Search for events 57%Checkout nightlife options 52%Looks for recommendations 52%Search for Deals
  • Mobile UX Research: Travel Consumer Preferences for Mobile and Tablet

    1. 1. Mobile UX Research:Travel Consumer Preferences for Mobile and Tablet August 2, 2012 2PM EST / 11AM PST
    2. 2. Agenda• Introduction to Speakers• Mobile/tablet travel consumer preferences and landscape• Mobile user experience research methods (qualitative and quantitative)• Case study featuring Miamiandbeaches.com8/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 2
    3. 3. Introduction to Speakers & Host Ania Rodriguez Josie Llado Alfonso de La Nuez CEO, Key Lime Interactive AVP, Greater Miami and CEO, UserZoom Beaches Visitors and Convention Center @KeyLimeInteract @MiamiandBeaches @UserZoom8/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 3
    4. 4. About UserZoom• All-in-one Enterprise software solution that helps UX Pros cost-effectively test, measure and improve Customer Experience over websites and mobile apps.• We specialize in online (or remote) research Product Suite: & usability testing, saving time, money and  Unmoderated Remote Usability Testing effort, while still obtaining very rich insights  Online Surveys (web & mobile)  Online Card Sorting• In business since 2002 (2009 as SaaS), offices  Tree Testing  Screenshot Click Testing in Sunnyvale (CA) Manchester (UK), Munich  Screenshot Timeout Testing (5-sec test) (DE) and Barcelona (Spain)  Web VOC  Mobile VOC  User Recruitment Tool 8/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 4
    5. 5. About Key Lime InteractiveKey Lime Interactive (KLI) is a user research firm that conducts both qualitative and quantitativeresearch for Fortune 1,000 companies, mid-to-large design agencies, and government agencies. Wemake it our business to answer research questions that help a company move the needle in termsof acquisition, convergence, and customer experience differentiation. To our clients we are knownas a valuable source for: → User Research → Strategic Development → Competitive Analysis → Mobile Syndicated ResearchThe core areas of expertise and most frequent methods that we employ include: General Usability Testing Unmoderated Research Expert Reviews Mobile Research/Testing Intercept Studies Competitive Benchmarking Eye Tracking Task-based research Strategy/ Roadmap Shop Along using online tools Ethnography Multi-Channel Testing Targeted Surveys Diary Studies Product Testing Card Sorting Personas Medical device testing 5-Second test Parallel Design Testing in Spanish/Latinos Task Analysis Prototyping Focus Groups/Triads Driver Analysis
    6. 6. About Miami and Beaches• The GMCVB is a sales and marketing organization. Its mission is to attract people and organizations to visit Greater Miami and the Beaches for conventions, business and pleasure.• Acting on behalf of its members, government partners and the citizens of Miami Dade County, the GMCVB markets and promotes all areas of the community as a preferred destination.8/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 6
    8. 8. Travel and Digital Media in the News• HotelTonight (mobile only approach) is “finding that not only do its iOS users tend to spend more but they also are 33 percent faster at booking a hotel reservation than Android users.” HotelTonight claims to have 2.5 million app downloads to date.• CheapTickets Events website went live recently. “According to a recent survey by, nearly 65 percent of consumers attend theatre shows, sporting events or concerts when travelling.”• At the Global Business Travel Association’s annual conference, FlightView released survey results showing that 70% of business travelers agreed that the most important task on their mobile device is the ability to rebook flights.• Kayak IPO• A little over a month ago (6/20/12) Orbitz released a brand-new iPhone app8/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 8
    9. 9. KLI Syndicated Travel Consumer PreferencesSneak Peek Study Summer 2012• Data herein is based on a preliminary survey (sneak peak consumer study) conducted by Key Lime Interactive using the UserZoom technology• Study dates: July 18– 25, 2012 45% 55%• 110 participants with smartphones – 18% have owned phone for < 6 months – 25% have owned phone for 6-12 months 56% < $75K; – 56% have owned phone for > 1 year 44% $75K+• 42 participants with tablet• All travel at least once a year for pleasureThe full study will be available for purchase early Marital Status: 53% MarriedSeptember Age: 85% 18-44; 15% 45+ Children: 48% with children8/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 9
    10. 10. Travelers with Mobile and Tablet Devices Breakdown of Devices iPhone 44% ComScore predicts that by the end of Android 45% 2012, more than Blackberry 16% 500,000,000 SMARTPHONES are iPad 24% expected to flood the market Android Tablet 12%WebOs/Touchpad 3% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% (multiple responses accepted) Orange bar shows results from KLI Summer 2012 Syndicated Consumer Sneak Peek Survey (n=110) 8/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 10
    11. 11. Devices vs. % Time Source: KLI Syndicated Travel Consumer Preferences Sneak Peek Study Summer 2012 (n=110)When PLANNING a Last time I booked, I When ATtrip, how much of used (select all that LOCATION, howyour time is spent apply): much of your timeusing the following is spent using thedevices: following devices: 6% 6% Tablet 5% 9% Travel Agent 8% 14%17% Work Computer 12% 24% Smartphone 22% Personal Computer 81% 58% 63% 0% 50% 100%Work Computer Work ComputerPersonal Computer (multiple responses accepted) Personal ComputerSmartphone: SmartphoneiPad/Tablet iPad/Tablet8/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 11
    12. 12. Device vs. Task (Pre-Trip) Top tasks for users who own a PC, Smartphone and a Tablet/iPad (Multi-device interaction included) (multiple responses accepted) I never do Website on Task Smartphone iPad/Tablet this before PC my tripSearch for places to stay 12% 26% 88% 0%Search for flight options 24% 19% 83% 2%Search for events happening during your 22% 22% 78% 2%vacation (e.g., festivals, concerts, etc.) 43% 19% 74% 2%Search for directions / Look at mapSearch for Deals/Coupons 27% 27% 73% 2%Look for recommendations 36% 23% 69% 5%Look for places to eat 41% 21% 69% 0%Find sightseeing tours 10% 20% 68% 15%View photo galleries 20% 23% 65% 15%Source: KLI Syndicated Travel Consumer Preferences Sneak Peek Study Summer 20128/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 12
    13. 13. Device vs. Task (During Trip) Top tasks for users who own a smartphone, iPad/Tablet, and PC. (multiple responses accepted) Task Phone iPad/Tablet Website on PC OtherSearch for directions / Look at map 67% 21% 31% 5%Look for places to eat 64% 19% 43% 5%Check the weather 64% 36% 26% 2%Search for events happening duringyour vacation (e.g., festivals, 56% 24% 34% 5%concerts, etc.)See what’s around me now 56% 27% 32% 7%Search for Deals/Coupons 51% 20% 24% 15%Check out the nightlife options 50% 19% 29% 7%Search for shopping locations 50% 20% 28% 15% Source: KLI Syndicated Travel Consumer Preferences Sneak Peek Study Summer 20128/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 13
    14. 14. Mobile Site vs. App When you are traveling do you use: 39% Browser 51% App Both 10% Source: KLI Syndicated Travel Consumer Preferences Sneak Peek Study Summer 2012 (n=110)8/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 14
    15. 15. Top Travel Apps22% had at least 1 airline app 25% had the Yelp app 25% had Expedia Vs. Vs. Vs. 9% Car Rental App (e.g. Hertz) 14% UrbanSpoon 15% 7% Hotels App (e.g. Marriott) 13% Kayak 4% Cruise App (e.g. NCL) 11% Orbitz 3% TripIt Source: KLI Syndicated Travel Consumer Preferences Sneak Peek Study Summer 2012 (n=110) 8/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 15
    16. 16. Destination Apps Usage City and Event Specific Apps* Yes and I still have at 12% least one city or event app on my phone 58% Yes, but I always delete after using it 30% No / Never Used * Have you ever downloaded or used a CITY OR EVENT SPECIFIC travel related application on your mobile phone or tablet? (e.g. official destination app)8/2/12 Source: KLI Syndicated Travel Consumer Preferences Sneak Peek Study Summer 2012 (n=110)
    17. 17. Travel Apps: Max $In the recent KLI Syndicated Travel Consumer Preferences, 44% want it freeand 26% are willing to pay up to $0.99. 44% FREE 26%: $0.01-$0.99 14%: $1.00-$1.99 Source: KLI Syndicated Travel Consumer Preferences Sneak Peek Study Summer2012 (n=110)8/2/12 Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 17
    18. 18. Opportunities • “Should be used without internet.” • “Ability to purchase theaters/live performances that have tickets • “Safe neighborhood guide” available” • “Voice activation” • “Up to date information” • “Live chat with nearby people” • “A social function where people can pin notes and alert others of where great places are on the spot.”8/2/12 Source: KLI Syndicated Travel Consumer Preferences Sneak Peek Study Summer 2012
    19. 19. MOBILE TESTING Page 19
    20. 20. User Research and Mobile• Lab Testing• Walk-alongs/ Travel alongs• UserZoom Surveys/VOC Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 20
    21. 21. Mobile & Tablet Testing In-Lab• We’re staying ahead of the curve in mobile usability testing• We reflect the screen so that groups of designers can view action live during testing, allowing teams to rebuild, revamp, and practice rapid design iteration, if interested. Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 21
    22. 22. Walk-Along / Travel Along• Gathering insights in the real- world is paramount to ensuring success for mobile and tablets• Using SMI Eye Tracking Glasses, KLI tests mobile and tablets at any location• This method allows for us to get the first-person view of what users are viewing while completing a task Travel Webinar August 2012 Page 22
    23. 23. Unmoderated: Mobile Intercept 1 4 User launches app 2 5 3 • Site visits analysis • Reasons for abandonment • Net Promoter Score • and answers to other questions iOS & Android. Apps & Mobile Sites. Page 23
    25. 25. Miami and Beaches Mobile App Study Mobile intercept of Miami and Beaches iPhone app users to gather intent and satisfaction: • Why were users downloading the application – were they already in Miami or planning a visit to Miami? • Were they able to find what they were looking for? • What other features would they like to see in a Miami and Beaches app?25
    26. 26. Participant Experience 115 Participants Study Dates: 9/8-10/226
    27. 27. Survey Findings: Primary Purpose69% of visitors used the app to learn about Miami andbrowse events Learn about Miami 37% Browse Miami events 32% Find special offers and deals 11% Find businesses or special offers “around me now” 7% Decide where to stay 4% Make hotel reservations 3% N=115 Other, please specify: 5% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 27Q: Which of the following best describes your primary purpose for using the mobile application today?
    28. 28. Survey Findings: Success 57% were completely successful during the visit Yes, I was successful 57% I was only partially successful 23% No, I was unable to accomplish what I came to 12% do on the application I’m not sure 9% N=115 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%• Among the reasons participants were unable to accomplish their task included: • Limited information • “As a Miami resident, I know of far more listings than the ones that appear in the app. For instance, there are many more dining spots in the Kendall area compared to the one listing found in the app.” 28
    29. 29. Top Suggestions for Improvement• More items/events per category• More access to discount shopping/dining (e.g., coupons)• Ability to review/rate a business• More robust search options in the mobile app (e.g., ability to search multiple categories)• Access to menus• Option for users to share/post events and suggestions per category (link to social media)• More information about bars and nightlife• More information on beaches• More information about shopping including malls• More family oriented or children listings• More photos• Differentiate between one-time events and reoccurring events• List sporting events• iPad version• Add Hidden treasures – little known places to eat or visit29
    30. 30. Use of InsightsLeveraging insights along with secondary consumer and app research toplan the next generation Miami and Beaches apps.30
    31. 31. THANK YOU / Q&A / NEXT STEPS@KeyLimeInteract @UserZoomInterested parties who want a copy of this presentation and/or are interested inlearning more or purchasing the full travel survey (n=500 smartphone “and”tablet owners who travel at least once a year for pleasure)