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Digital and Social Media in Aesthetics Marketing

This is a presentation I gave at a Regional Aesthetics Marketing Workshop on how clinics in Asia can leverage on digital and social media to engage consumers and acquire new prospects.

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Digital and Social Media in Aesthetics Marketing

  1. 1. Digital and Social Media in AestheticsMarketingQ-MED Clinic Manager Training Workshop25 June 2011
  2. 2. Agenda•  The Changing Landscape of Advertising•  Challenges & Implications•  Digital Landscape in Asia•  Digital Marketing and Social Media: How you can apply this to your role
  3. 3. Let’s take a step backThink about how the way we interact with media and entertainment has changed
  4. 4. There’s a shift from pure media consumption
  5. 5. To a culture participation and creation
  6. 6. People talk, share and aggregate
  7. 7. People create, remix and watch
  8. 8. And people do all of that for, with and against brands For With Against
  9. 9. We are quickly evolving in the way wecommunicate and socialize
  10. 10. Consumers research and talk about brandsheavily online.
  11. 11. Digital and social media accelerates theseconversations…
  12. 12. Marketing is social With digital technology, communicationbetween brands and consumers become bidirectional
  13. 13. Paid media gave us the power to completelycontrol the story we wanted to tell Brand Communication
  14. 14. The enormous influence of earned media requiresbrands to open the conversation to everyone Brand Conversation The Brand and Consumers talk to each other.
  15. 15. Today, what is largelyis said about out of our our brand control
  16. 16. Social Media: It’s not the same as advertising•  New medium with different rules•  You need to understand the rules or get an external agency who does•  Traditional advertising rules will not work
  17. 17. So what does the digital landscape inAsia look like?
  18. 18. 42% of the world’s Internet users are from, June 2010 data
  19. 19. 42% of the world’s Internet users are from, June 2010 data
  20. 20. Asia Internet PopulationInternet World Stats, June 2010
  21. 21. Asia Internet PopulationInternet World Stats, June 2010
  22. 22. Asian web audience skews youngerComscore, January 2011
  23. 23. Hong Kong and Singapore skews older than theglobal averageComscore, March 2011
  24. 24. Median age of Online Users in HK, SG, TWand KR is between 25 – 44 years oldHong Kong Singapore Taiwan South Korea
  25. 25. Growth of active users between the age of35-59 year olds rising dramatically
  26. 26. Growth of active users between the age of35-59 year olds rising dramatically
  27. 27. Key Online Activities: AsiaComscore, Jan 2011
  28. 28. Most visited sites in APACComscore: Top Domains, Asia Pacific Jan 2011
  29. 29. Females are equally active onlineComscore, March 2011
  30. 30. In fact, Hong Kong and Singapore have thelargest proportion of women onlineComscore, June 2011
  31. 31. Singapore & Hong Kong: Social Media and Search DominatesHitwise, June 2011
  32. 32. Taiwan & South Korea: Search Portals and Community Networks lead the way Taiwan South KoreaHitwise, June 2011
  33. 33. Photo sharing and videos are an integral part ofthe digital experience
  34. 34. Photo sharing and videos are an integral part ofthe digital experience
  35. 35. Online Video consumption: SG and HK
  36. 36. Online Video consumption: TW and KR
  37. 37. Search: Google leads the packComscore, APAC, July 2010-Jan 2011
  38. 38. Singapore and Hong Kong users are activesearchers
  39. 39. Facebook Penetration in APACSocialbakers, Feb 2011
  40. 40. Indonesia has the 2nd largest Facebook userbase in the world
  41. 41. Philippines is the top Facebook market by reachComscore, June 2011
  42. 42. Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore are top 10 on Twitter by reachComscore, June 2011
  43. 43. Digital Marketing Toolkit: Data & Statistics•  Asian Digital Marketing Yearbook 2011 ü marketing-yearbook-2011•  Comscore State of the Internet South East Asia March 2011 ü State_of_the_Internet_Southeast_Asia•  Internet World Stats ü
  44. 44. Where should we start?
  45. 45. What are your customer touch points online? E-Newsletter Podcast Branded content Blog E-Direct Mailer Search Forums Mobile App Microsites Social BannersPlatforms Website
  46. 46. Objectives: What do you want to achieve? Awareness Data Sales acquisition Digital Platform Leads Adoption generation Building relationships
  47. 47. Call to Action: What do you want the targetaudience to do? Register for Events Find our more about our Contact our Sales Team products / services Download Subscribe our to our marketing newsletters collaterals Call to Action Attend Update Online your profile Training Download Purchase our Trial online
  48. 48. What does Digital encompass? Web Design (User Experience/Interface) Online Advertising Search Engine (Banners, Paid Search, Ad networks, Content Targeting) Optimization (SEO)Customer Relationship Web Analytics Management Digital (Email Marketing) Social Media Mobile (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) (Apps, coupons, QR codes, Augmented Reality, Location Based Services) Viral Marketing (Blogs, Forum Seeding, Influencers)
  49. 49. The Consumer Purchase Funnel Advertising (Online/Offline), Email Awareness Marketing, Viral Marketing, Social Media Consideration Paid Search, SEO, Viral Marketing, Mobile, Social Media Preference Paid Search, SEO, Email Marketing, Viral Marketing, Mobile, Social Media Purchase Website (User Experience), Mobile, Web Analytics Retention CRM, Social Media Advocacy CRM, Viral Marketing, Social Media
  50. 50. ChallengesChallenges
  51. 51. Our Challenges•  High involvement product/service•  Social Taboo•  Invasive•  Inertia•  Fear•  Expectations•  Lack of or too much information•  Costs•  Marketing regulations
  52. 52. How can we use digital to…•  Sell the product/service?•  Recreate the sensorial experience of the brand/ product online?
  53. 53. Key Digital Tenets•  High level of involvement requires research to be done before a decision is made to purchase ü Online is the number one source of information ü Not enough to just have a website ü Users now rely on social networks and user generated content (e.g. reviews) to make their choices
  54. 54. Clinics must have a strong presenceonline•  Numerous third party information sources online about the brand and product•  Includes consumer reviews, discussions and even price comparison•  Potential customers have access to this information•  Essential for the brand and clinics to have a strong voice in the online landscape
  55. 55. What do consumers want?•  Information, Clarity and Ease of Mind•  They want to: ü Hear about the experiences of others ü Ask questions and get answers ü Be able to imagine what they would look like ü Get a step by step explanation of the procedure ü Find out if it will be painful/The price? ü Know about the time horizon/downtime•  We need to get them comfortable enough to make a well informed decision
  56. 56. Let’s approach this in the following ways…•  Build a solid foundation – Website/Social Platforms ü Consumer education ü Provide an information repository via content curation and not just aggregation ü Open communication / Customer Service ü Search Engine Optimization•  Drive awareness and traffic to digital assets ü Online Advertising, Keyword Search•  Engage existing/potential customers & key influencers ü CRM Strategy, Digital seeding, Blogger marketing
  57. 57. Content Creation & Distribution•  Create customized (localized) branded media and content – Videos & Photos•  Doctor participation and clinic promotions•  Product seminars and events•  Document procedure and experience•  Use well known bloggers as a launch platform•  Create a compelling reason to keep users coming back•  Solicit volunteers/Co-creation•  Build customer database (Email/Social Media)
  58. 58. Digital Marketing Channels•  Digital/Social Network Platforms ü Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs•  Viral Marketing ü Digital seeding, Blogger outreach•  Online Advertising/Search Marketing ü Banner Ads, Ad Networks, Paid Search, Content Targeting•  Search Engine Optimization•  Customer Relationship Management ü Database management, Email marketing•  Website Analytics ü  Accountability, Tracking and Optimization
  59. 59. Tying everything togetherPaid Online FacebookMedia Advertising/ Search (Paid/ Ads Email SEO) Drive visits to Drive fan Drive traffic Website/Blog acquisition YouTube Website FacebookOwned ChannelMedia Page Twitter Blog Increase brand Drive traffic awareness/product knowledgeEarnedMedia Monitor and engage on Discussion Forums . Digital Seeding, Blogger Outreach
  60. 60. What can we do to move customers away frompurchase inertia?•  Create an immersive digital experience through pervasive storytelling•  Leverage on technology to create a virtual customized trial experience
  61. 61. Humans crave stories and technology constantlyadvances the art of story telling and creates new experiences that help marketers connect
  62. 62. People love to hear and be part of stories
  63. 63. The Customized Trial Experience
  64. 64. Augmented Reality
  65. 65. Facial Recognition: Stars in You
  66. 66. Facial Recognition: Doggelganger NewZealand
  67. 67. Vaseline Face Whitening
  68. 68. Questions?
  69. 69. Thank You! Vincent Teo @intersphere (