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Technology choices behind mobile apps


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Presented at Arabian Travel Market 2012

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Technology choices behind mobile apps

  1. 1. Technology choices behindmobile appsArabian Travel MarketMay 2012Future Platforms
  2. 2. Experienced •Over 100 apps launched pre-iPhone •11 years of experience in mobile •In-house development across 6 platforms Creative & innovative •BBC Innovation Labs winners (2007) •Over The Air winners (2008, 2009) •Vodafone Mobile Clicks finalist 2010 •Mobile World 2010 Most innovative app •BT Music Awards – Best app (2011) A disciplined process focused on quality Nokia and Microsoft partnersAbout Future PlatformsDelivering mobile since 2000
  3. 3. Directors originally launched Good Technology Working with Domino’s Pizza since 2005 on e-commerce, social, in-store & mobile Working with DeVere Hotels since 2009 on e-commerceAbout Future PlatformsCross-platform digital agency
  4. 4. Let’s start from the customerThe customer experience
  5. 5. “Mobile hotel querieshave grown almost 170M App downloads per day (worldwide)3000% in three short 79% Games & social (US)years” 8%Google Travel & otherResearched upcoming 61% Flurry, Dec ‘11 10M trip Travel & other downloads per dayReserved or booked a hotel, flight, etc. 43% Personal Business Checked into hotel, flight, etc. 53% Thinktravel, 2011 Downloaded 38% 54% a travel appWhat are they doing?The customer experience
  6. 6. They like convenienceThe customer experience
  7. 7. They like to playThe customer experience
  8. 8. They like to playThe customer experience
  9. 9. They value usability & speedThe customer experience
  10. 10. More convenienceThe customer experience
  11. 11. They are increasingly using mobileThey mix Mobile web & AppsCustomer experience mattersConvenience Rich & engaging Usability & speedWhat are they telling us?The customer experience
  12. 12. How do we reach our audience?Technology choices
  13. 13. iOS Android Nokia WP7 Bada Blackberry J2ME More!Consider target platformsTechnology choices
  14. 14. January 2011 app downloads(not all platforms are equal)Technology choices
  15. 15. Consider cost of ownershipTechnology choices
  16. 16. Consider your infrastructureTechnology choices
  17. 17. Don’t forget themTechnology choices
  18. 18. Mobile site Hybrid NativeImplementation optionsTechnology choices
  19. 19. Mobile site Hybrid NativeCross-platform App store distribution Can include htmlExisting skillset Rendered html / webview Can share codeNative browser As good as libraries OS toolsNo app store Large app size Rare skillsetNo notificationsThere isn’t a single solutionTechnology choices
  20. 20. iOS/Android Hotel & Tickets Hotels on Qt Hotels on WP7 Focus on Hotels Mobile site Branded experiencesMobile site & native apps (Lastminute)Technology choices
  21. 21. Booking Post-purchase Check-in Hybrid apps on Nokia, iOS, Android Offline itinerary Offline boarding pass Mobile siteMobile site & hybrid apps (Sita for MH)Technology choices
  22. 22. Enabling rapid innovation (DeVere)The wider context
  23. 23. Native apps on iOS, Android & Windows Phone Stand-alone apps7 Travelling scenarioNative apps (Rough Guides)What consumers experience
  24. 24. ConsiderationsUser experience Target platforms Cost of ownershipBackend infrastructure & roadmap It’s not Html5 vs. Native Start with one Measure and adaptReaching the mobile audienceTechnology choices
  25. 25. Putting mobile in contextThe wider context
  26. 26. Thank