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Mobile Strategy: Mobile Context


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In this presentation, the first in a series of 3 with @laurenceveale and @randallsnare, discover the when, what and where of mobile. Find out about the proliferation and predicted growth of mobile devices, global mobile trends and just how people actually engage with their mobile phones. Understanding the context of mobile is the first step in creating a mobile strategy.

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Mobile Strategy: Mobile Context

  1. 1. Mobile contextLaurence Veale21 June 2012
  2. 2. once the core of our business• desktop web pic
  3. 3. Print, recording, radio, cinema, TV, The 7th mass media
  4. 4. Mobile has radicallychanged quite a few things.
  5. 5. This stuff is important “At a time when Americans increasingly pay bills and buy tickets on mobile devices, Government services often are not optimized for smartphones or tablets, assuming the services are even available online.” Barack Obama, May 2012
  6. 6. Web based email access Mobile email access -7% +36%
  7. 7. For the first time ever smartphones haveoutsold PC’s100.9 million units vs 92 million units
  8. 8. By 2015, more internet users willaccess the Internet through mobiledevices than through PCs or otherwireline devicesIDC
  9. 9. PayPal mobile payment transaction volume hasdramatically increased$25 million in ‘08$141 million in ‘09$750 million 2010/2011$7.5 billion by 2013
  10. 10. 43% adoptionOur Mobile Planet; Ireland, understanding the mobile consumer, May 2012, commissioned by Google
  11. 11. 59%adults own a smartphone How ‘Appy are the Irish? Amárach Research & Fleishmann-Hillard, May 2012
  12. 12. Irish household smartphoneownership up to 71% by theend of the 2012?RedC
  13. 13. Major Irish utility company20 fold (2,044%) increase in mobile traffic
  14. 14. Mobile used to mean...
  15. 15. Smartphones used everywhere Our Mobile Planet; Ireland, understanding the mobile consumer, May 2012, commissioned by Google
  16. 16. 89% ofsmartphone userslook for localinformation ontheir phone and90% take actionas a resultMaking a purchase or contacting the business
  17. 17. now it can mean thisPhoto by astrycula:
  18. 18. 59% use mobile while watching TV Our Mobile Planet; Ireland, understanding the mobile consumer, May 2012, commissioned by Google
  19. 19. have you ever tried to access thecompany’s website on your phone?user interview on a recent iQ project.I was sitting on my couch watching TV.My computer was down the hallway. Icouldn’t be arsed getting up so I tried toget my bill on my phone. He couldn’t.
  20. 20. When do visitors access our mobile site? Peak access to mobile site after 7pm = it’s not commuters
  21. 21. Up and to the right
  22. 22. ‘Going mobile’ is probably no longer a choice
  23. 23. What can a smartphone do?• Multi-touch sensors • Video & image: capture/input from a camera• Location detection • Dual cameras: front and back• Device positioning & motion: from an accelerometer • Device connections: through Bluetooth between devices• Orientation: direction from a digital compass • Proximity: device closeness to physical objects• Gyroscope: 360 Degrees of motion • Ambient Light: light/dark environment awareness• Audio: input from a microphone; output to speaker • NFC: Near Field Communications through RFID readers It’s almost always with us
  24. 24. Response
  25. 25. Mobile-to-Web / the disjoin.
  26. 26. Web that looks like an app?
  27. 27. CNET’s approach / app or not? We simplified the layout of our mobile site and made its navigation familiar to anyone who uses Facebook, Path, or any other common mobile app…. Just because looks like an app doesnt mean that is an app, though. Huh?
  28. 28. CNET / it kind of is an app.
  29. 29. Facebook / App
  30. 30. Facebook / mobile web
  31. 31. Oversimplifed user needs - guess the top tap?
  32. 32. CitiDirect BE Mobile CitiDirect BE(SM) Mobile recently reached a significant milestone, processing over $1 billion in total transaction value in its first six months of operations.
  33. 33. What mobile is not... On the go Less
  34. 34. Fresh approach to mobile (& everything else) Losing 80% of your screen space forces you to focus. You need to make sure that what stays on the screen is the most important set of features for your customers and your business. There simply isn’t room for any interface debris or content of questionable value. You need to know what matters most.
  35. 35. Resources• context-myth-fowd.pdf• rary/studies/our-mobile-planet-Ireland/•
  36. 36. Who to follow• @grigs• @ppk• @brad_frost• @stephanierieger• @globalmoxie• @adactio
  37. 37. Thank you!