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Deutsche Telekom and Nummer Gegen Kummer


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Deutsche Telekom and Nummer Gegen Kummer

  1. 1. Co-Operation Model between Deutsche Telekom andNummer gegen Kummer e.V.Benefits of the co-operation. 1
  2. 2. Our CR Strategy.Motto: We take responsibility Well-balanced triangle Environment Corporate responsibility Sustainable economy Social commitment Corporate responsibility (CR) is a companys commitment to promote sustainable development. This includes environmental, social and economic goals. Both society and the company benefit from the dialogues and interactions with internal and external stakeholders. 2
  3. 3. Our CR Strategy.CR activities focused on three fields of action.  Work regardless of location Connected Life and Work: We improve the quality of  Combine travel and work life and work.  Enable networked social communication  Improve work-life balance  Increase media competency Connect the Unconnected:  Enable equal opportunity participation We enable people to be part of the  Provide accessibility information society.  Guarantee secure access  Social participation Low Carbon Society:  Save energy We promote a climate-friendly  Replace hardware with software society.  Avoid traffic  Reduce paper consumption 3
  4. 4. Our Stakeholders.Multi-faceted CR-commitment. Corporate Customers Employees Suppliers Environment & Society Financial governance climate protection markets Corporate  Customer  Training and  Observing human  Waste  Social  Sustainable values satisfaction skills rights management commitment/ investments Code of  Service range development  Social and  Recycling corporate  Assessment by Conduct  Pension environmental citizenship rating agencies  Consumer  Vehicle fleet Social Charter protection scheme standards  Innovations  Reduction of CO2  Employee  Supplier diversity  Socio-cultural Anti-fraud  Data security emissions satisfaction in business impact of new Compliance  Needs-based products  Diversity processes and Risk products and among customers  Broadband services  Employee management expansion  Products and dialog  ICT as enabler Data protection  Digital services for  Health care Diversity policy disabled people inclusion  Work-life balance  Working on the move  Corporate volunteering 4
  5. 5. Social Projects at Deutsche Telekom.Focus on three fields of action. Connected Life and Connect the Low Carbon Society Work Unconnected Corporate Volunteering  Promotion of media literacy (e.g.  Deutsche Umwelthilfe Social Days internet mentors, Teachtoday)  “Living Forests” nature Christmas campaigns  Telekom@School conservation fund German Bone Marrow Donor  Initiative “Yes, I can!“ (“Ich kann  Campaign “Baumfreunde“ Center (Deutsche was!“)  Mobile phone recycling Knochenmarkspenderdatei  Nummer gegen Kummer DKMS)  TelefonSeelsorge Contest for trainees  Bonner Chancen “Responsibility wins.“  “Meine Chance – ich starte durch!“  Tafel e.V. 5
  6. 6. Strategic Integration of Nummer gegen Kummer. CR Strategy “We take responsibility.” Connected Connected Connect the Connect the Low Carbon Low Carbon Life and Work Life and Work Unconnected Unconnected Society Society Nummer gegen Nummer gegen Kummer Kummer Corporate Corporate Corporate Corporate Volunteering Partnerships Partnerships Volunteering Giving Giving engagement@telekom 6
  7. 7. History of the Co-Operation Model.Milestones on the way. Establishment of a free, Establishment of a free, Publication of the third Publication of the third centralized phone number for centralized phone number for Nummer gegen Kummer Nummer gegen Kummer children and young people children and young people Establishment of an study in co-operation with study in co-operation with Foundation of Establishment of an Foundation of EU-wide hotline Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom the NPO EU-wide hotline the NPO 1997 1980 2001 2008 2010 1991 Start of co-operation Establishment of a Establishment of a Christmas Christmas Start of co-operation as a partner of free, centralized free, centralized donation of over donation of over as a partner of Nummer gegen phone number for phone number for €36,500 €36,500 Nummer gegen Kummer Kummer parents parents 7
  8. 8. Co-Operation Model.What each partner contributes. Deutsche Telekom Textbox Headline Textbox Headline Nummer gegen Kummer  Technical support  Embedding of Telekom into external  Provision of technical know-how communication measures  Provision of phone numbers  Ads, press releases, etc.  Maintenance of phone numbers  Education and training courses  Financial support  e.g. vocational training of Telekom’s  All call costs borne employees for the volunteer work at  Donation programs Nummer gegen Kummer  Employee support  Expanding the engagement@telekom  Provision of human resources for volunteer network work  Cooperation as a living example of good  Project-specific support corporate citizenship  Third study for Nummer gegen Kummer  Best-practice example between an NPO and  Provision of locations a business enterprise 8
  9. 9. Win-Win Situation.Benefits of the co-operation model. Brand image Employer image Protection of reputation Strategic value Identity management Identification for Long-term co-operation Long-term co-operation Contributes to achieving Identity management Identification for Contributes to achieving by positioning Deutsche employees through builds relationships of builds relationships of the strategic goal of by positioning Deutsche employees through the strategic goal of Telekom as a good business-oriented confidence between confidence between international leadership in Telekom as a good business-oriented international leadership in corporate citizen corporate volunteering partners, employees and partners, employees and CR corporate citizen corporate volunteering CR customers customers Benefits for Telekom Benefits for Nummer gegen Kummer Extension of the Extension of the Room for innovation Room for innovation Successful co-operation Successful co-operation Financial support through Financial support through consulting services by consulting services by through state-of-the- art through state-of-the- art increases attractiveness for increases attractiveness for Telekom’s donation Telekom’s donation providing more technical providing more technical products and services products and services further partnerships (also further partnerships (also programs programs know-how and volunteers know-how and volunteers internationally) internationally) Growth potential Technical development Enhancing reputation Financial support 9
  10. 10. A Brief Digression: Technical Innovations in Communications.Influence of technical innovations on the core business of the Nummer gegen Kummer. Development of technical innovations Telefon Telephone Mobile Handy Internet SMS/Apps Standardization of phone Standardization of phone Increasing flexibility and Increasing flexibility and Expansion of advisory Expansion of advisory Growth potential through Growth potential through numbers at a national level numbers at a national level independence in independence in services through secure services through secure direct and anonymous direct and anonymous and establishment of an EU- and establishment of an EU- advisory services advisory services and anonymous and anonymous help via SMS and smart help via SMS and smart wide number wide number digital correspondence digital correspondence phone applications phone applications Routing of phone Anonymization of Support through numbers phone numbers establishment of Anonymization? Internet platform Contributions by Telekom 10
  11. 11. Challenges und Opportunities.Challenges and opportunities emerging for the co-operation model.Challenges Integration of anonymous SMS into advisory service Further development and modernization of technical communication instruments Further reduction of inhibiting factors for potential usersOpportunities and Outlook Direct access for consulters and immediate help in serious situations Uncomplicated, anonymous state-of-the-art access Increased demands through high-tech advisory applications 11
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention. 12
  13. 13. Highlight: The Third Nummer gegen Kummer Study.Public presence of the co-operation model. 13