Digtial engagement advance shared interest among stakeholders


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Presented by Vincent Lee, Digital Strategist , Edelman Digital China
@ PR Newswire Asia #New Media Tea Party美通社亚洲玩转新媒体茶话会 #

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Digtial engagement advance shared interest among stakeholders

  1. 1. 5/19/2010 TODAY 1. Let’s face the challenge 2.Some solutions and thoughts 3. See some cases Digital Engagement: 4.Let’s Chat Advance Shared Interest Among Stakeholders Presented by Vincent Lee, Digital Strategist , Edelman Digital China 美通社亚 美通社 洲玩转新媒体茶话 @ PR Newswire Asia #New Media Tea Party美通社亚 洲玩转新媒体茶话会 # 2 The trust eco-system is spinning out of control. 1 1
  2. 2. 5/19/2010 Business still isn’t trusted in China – look at the numbers Busines Govt. s S. Korea 4 9 3 China 2 1 India 1 4 Consumers are revolting - against control, against Indonesia Japan Australia 2 1 3 4 4 1 59% the rules and against brands that don’t engage. APAC 1 4 …59% of people trust … and CPG rates just 9th Business in APAC is not companies LESS than in top ten most trusted trusted – period… they did one year ago… Multi-National Companies vs Nationalism category list in APAC 2 Consumers fight back – but can also fight WITH Converting protest to promote is a powerful process The consumers that matter are the loud mouths. In an era of public engagement filtering A SEISMIC CULTURAL consumers into those who are ‘active’ creates a niche group with compelling SHIFT HAS OCCURED. power. Corporates must change from protecting (consumers are a now brand’s worst enemy themselves from active consumers to or potentially, their very best friend) engaging active consumer to work with them. Identifying consumers who are truly After the Sichuan However, rumors spread The company said it ‘active’ is the key to harnessing the true earthquake, many Chinese online that companies such provided 34,000 meals a power of persuasion and multinationals quickly as McDonald's (MCD) were day to people in Sichuan announced plans to donate not doing much to help. involved in the relief and to relief efforts. That led to several protests moved to do even more. outside McDonald's Online response to 2
  3. 3. 5/19/2010 The Internet in China is home to a whole new world of stakeholder dialogue that can help you achieve PR/Marketing Mission The media landscape is in constant flux: Social media is mainstream. Authority has been dispersed. Conversations start anywhere (and involve participants of all stripes). Build trust with multiple stakeholders (including media, government, employees, partners, customers and consumers/citizens to drive brand awareness and preference) 3 Love 喜欢 Water Army 水军 Wu Mao 五毛 The media landscape is in constant flux: Social media is mainstream. Authority has been dispersed. Conversations start anywhere (and involve participants of all stripes). Complaint 投诉 4 12 3
  4. 4. 5/19/2010 The media landscape is in constant flux: Social media is mainstream. Authority has been dispersed. Game is changing. Social Media is not only changing LEGAL Is it transparent ? PR/Marketing but the whole business. Is it Legal? 5 A New World.. Public engagement aims to advance shared interests in a world of interdependence. Called Digital Engagement 16 4
  5. 5. 5/19/2010 The 7 new behaviors that TRADITIONAL AUTHORITY FIGURES – AND ADVERTISING NO LONGER CREDIBLE*RISE OF ‘REGULAR’ PEOPLE AS underpin Public Engagement TRUSTED SOURCES (EMPLOYEES, FRIENDS, FAMILIES, Listen with new intelligence PEERS)*MEDIA AUTHORITY NO LONGER THE PRIVELEDGE OF PRINT NEWS*MORE RELIANCE ON INTERNET THAN Participate in the conversation PRINT (40 VS 30)*100 MILLION PEOPLE WATCHING ‘TV’ Edelman 2012 Create and co-create content ON YOU TUBE*66% OF ON-LINE PEOPLE BLOG OR Socialise media relations NETWORK*TWITTERS EXPLOSION OF POPULARITY*200 What is MILLION ACTIVE FACEBOOK USERS*120 MILLION Champion open advocacy VISITORS TO WIKIPEDIA EACH MONTH*5.5 MILLION Digital Engagement? Build active partnerships: for common good FEEDS INTO YOUTUBE *DIVERSITY IS KEY – FLICKR, DIGG, Embrace complexity SKYPE, LINKEDIN, ORKUT, HIGH5, FORUMS because … 18 Employee Engagement + Digital Engagement = Public Engagement Digital engagement is a continuous set of interactions, communications and the participatory behavior of individuals who seek connectivity, empowerment and real time interactivity through digital and social technologies. …leading to a more engaged constituency, loyal customers, brand affinity and measurable results. 19 20 5
  6. 6. 5/19/2010 Embassies, Ambassadors and Envoys and Public Engagement The overarching goal of a digital embassies & envoys initiative is to organize Edelman 2012 communities around shared interests and inspire them to act for mutual gain. 21 22 Programs Can Come in all Shapes & Sizes Short-Lived Campaigns …or Brand & Business Models Digital Public Engagement demands we help clients successfully navigate all digital channels, and across all types of media. Engaging in the Digital Arena is Paramount to ANY Program’s Overall Relevance & Impact 23 24 6
  7. 7. 5/19/2010 Home, Sweet Home. Embassies: Homes Away From Home Ambassadors Run Embassies and Build Bridges to the Local Community Digital Embassies Outposts: Nice Places to Visit • Are • Are Not: – Sina Weibo • Event Pages – Branded channels on • One-off Videos YouKu • Sponsored forum – Sustained feeds channels – Ongoing • One night stands relationships Envoys Are Deployed to Engage in Outposts 27 7
  8. 8. 5/19/2010 VALUES, VISION & INPUTS OUTPUTS STRATEGY EMBASSIES Edelman 2012 Deploying Digital Embassies & Envoys AMBASSADORS INPUTS STRATEGY OUTPUTS 29 30 Deploying Digital Embassies & Envoys: Three Recurring Steps 1. Listen & Explore • Visibility Audit listen & • Gather the data needed to establish benchmarks and inform strategy • Conversation Audit Edelman 2012 explore • Social Fitness Check-Up - Internal - External synthesize • Influencer Identification (if not already done) • Build the foundation for sustained engagement based on shared interests activate & and mutual gain. evaluate • Engage in real time with content optimized to maximize participation, action and mutual value creation. 31 32 8
  9. 9. 5/19/2010 2. Synthesize 3. Activate & Evaluate • Digital Compass • Phased Launch • Site & App Construction Edelman 2012 • Alpha Envoys • Beta Edelman 2012 • Q1 Content Calendar • Implement Real Time • Ambassador Recruiting Monitoring & Moderation & Onboarding • Optimize Content For • Cross-Channel & Inter- Action & SEO Agency Coordination • Expand Ambassador • Monitoring, Moderation & Network Rapid Response Protocols • Measure & Report Results vs. Baseline Benchmarks 33 34 BMW CHINA SOCIAL NETWORK: BUILDING LOYALTY Cases Situation • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with the BMW brand via web 2.0. • To listen to customers’ feedback about BMW brand and products. • To initiate good and exclusive online user experience to BMW owners. A team of talented professionals in • To increase connection with customers in a dynamic and creative way. digital, web 2.0 and social marketing Strategy and communications strategy, technical • Provide a new and innovative channel for “peer-to-peer” support by enabling healthy conversations. development, creative and web design, • Listen to customer needs and create a support channel to act digital project management, online e- • Nurture customer loyalty with exclusive events, activities and value-added services and a superior overall brand experience among competition. influencer monitoring plus social media research and intelligence services. Success • Over 13,000 consumers registered with MyBMWClub. • Dozens of online campaigns have been held in MyBMWClub successfully.. • Thousands of car-related articles written and shared by members. • Consumer-generated content and WOM around product and brand 35 36 9
  10. 10. 5/19/2010 FRAPPUCINNO LAUNCH: FROM PROMOTION TO PARTICIPATION CHEWING BAR ON RENREN.COM Situation • Engage Starbucks consumers with a compelling online campaign for its bottled Frappuccino® product launch in China that reinforces the positioning of "Rich Experience in Every Bottle" Strategy • Create a compelling 'world' online for the product to live and breathe • Bring out the idea of ‘sharing’ and connect this message with the product positioning: “Rich Experiences in Every Bottle.” • Create a campaign mechanism based around Consumer-Generated Content • Leverage existing Social Media spaces by creating community pages on several popular Chinese social networking sites • Engage key bloggers to write about the campaign and its message Success • The summer online campaign has performed exceeded all KPI benchmarks • Over 100,000consumers visited to the campaign site from the target cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong • Thousands of Rich Experience stories were written and successfully shared by consumers • Consumer-generated content and WOM around the product and the Starbucks brand was significant 37 38 GE AUGMENTED REALITY: ADVANCE INNOVATION IN INNOVATITE WAY 39 40 10
  11. 11. 5/19/2010 Top 10 Things Before You Start Tips & Tricks Rules of Engagement Measurement: Our Approach COLLECTION & Attention Engagement Authority Influence Sentiment MEASUREMENT 1. Commitment to Integrity a) Honesty b) Disclosure • Time Spent • On-Message • Trackbacks c) Identity • Number of Response • Impressions • Inbound Links • Subscribers Units of Comments • Positive / • Unique Users • Links to your • Registered Users • Wall Posts Negative / 2. Commitment to Community Measurement • Page Views • Unique content • Fans Neutral • Video Views • Shares • Followers a) Responsiveness Commenters • Embeds Discussion b) Generosity • Comment Length • Ratings c) Helpfulness d) Collaboration • Brandtology • Brandtology 3. Commitment to opinion • Search Analytics • Brandtology • Brandtology • Technorati a) Respectfulness How to Collect • Compete • Radian6 • BlogPulse • Search Analytics • Radian6 • Radian6 • Search Analytics • MotiveQuest b) Equality • Radian6 • Quantcast c) Freedom of speech 11
  12. 12. 5/19/2010 Contact Vincent Lee via: Gtalk: lijiansports@gmail.com MSN: vincerhop82@hotmail.com SW: t.sina.com.cn/liblog 12