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What is it like to work at EMC?

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H7149 Final Essays From Creative

  1. 1. EMC 2011Innovation,PASSION, SUCCESSWe are a leading technologycompany that’s driven toperform, to partner, toexecute. We go aboutour jobs with a passionfor delivering results.We lead change and changeto lead. We are devotedto the advancement ofour people, industry, andcommunity. We are EMC—where information lives.
  2. 2. EMC TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 Chapter 1 General Information 6 Chapter 2 Hiring and Welcoming 10 Chapter 3 Inspiring 12 Chapter 4 Speaking 14 Chapter 5 Listening 20 Chapter 6 Thanking 23 Chapter 7 Developing 2 5 Chapter 8 Caring 33 Chapter 9 Celebrating 36 Chapter 10 Sharing 42 Chapter 11 Workplace Culture and Organizational Success2
  3. 3. Welcome to EMC!When we ask people, “Why choose EMC as a placeto work?” they tell us it is because at EMC, they get tocreate, innovate, solve problems, and make things happenevery day. There is a rush that flows through our globalcommunity. It is our hope that this package gives you alittle bit of the feeling of the energy, the pace, and thepassion that is EMC.Enclosed you’ll find a DVD containing videos, employeeperspectives, photos, and other supporting collateral.We invite you to view it as you read through each chapter.Our warmest regards,Polly PearsonVP, Employment Brand & Strategy EngagementEMC Corporation 3
  4. 4. Chapter œ GENERAL INFORMATION1. A brief description ofEMC’s primary businessin lay terms. CO R P O R AT E P R O F I L E much safer. And we create data-backup software andS U P P O R T I N G C O L L AT E R A L At EMC, we create hardware suitable for home•  An EMC Overview, by products and services and office computers. VP Linda Connly Our products are often invisi-•  The Growing Digital Universe that help companies and ble to daily life. Yet the majority consumers store, man- of the world’s population could age, share, protect, and not go one day in their lives with- out their personal digital “infor- secure all of their digital mation trail” being touched by information. EMC is the some EMC innovation. Every text brand leader for this set message you send, every ATM withdrawal you make, every box of offerings, which we of cereal you buy—it all creates a refer to collectively as digital trail that EMC’s technol- “Information Infrastruc- ogy is helping to store, manage, access, and keep secure. ture.” Our product and Our corporate customers tell services portfolio, com- us that they consider EMC a bined with the vision, “promise keeper.” Our products and services are often the corner- partnerships, and, stones of their organizations’ data above all, our people, centers because information is the positions us well to lead digital heart and soul of a global enterprise today. Our people and the newest and poten- our products are known equally tially largest wave of for being trustworthy and reli- change happening in able—and they’ve both helped us achieve the honor of inclusion the IT industry today, on FORTUNE’s “World’s Most which we and others Admired Companies” list for refer to as private cloud many years. At a more personal, consumer computing. level, we take our responsibilities just as seriously. Namely, we help B R I N G I N G YO U R I N FO R MAT I O N people protect their cherished TO L I F E W I T H E MC things. After all, these days, a dig- We make information storage ital family photo, MP3 file, or products that support many busi- e-mail message can be just as ness needs. For example, our stor- important (and sometimes just as age systems and software help to irreplaceable) as the family photo process the world’s daily credit albums, treasured record collec- card transactions for major credit tions, and shoeboxes full of old card companies. We make those love letters were decades ago. ubiquitous RSA SecurID keycode Worldwide, our 43,000-strong tokens and software-based ID workforce approaches challenges authenticators that make tasks with passion and a knack for such as personal online banking delivering results that exceed4
  5. 5. a customer’s expectations. We the tenets of innovation, passion, Our product andhelp our customers get the maxi- and success are deeply ingrainedmum value from their informa- within our culture. Since 2003, services portfolio,tion—whether it’s a single digital we have invested approximately combined with theimage of a newborn baby or the $19 billion in R&D and strategiccredit card transactions accumu- acquisitions. Those moves added vision, partnerships,lated by a global-scale retailer “muscle” to our core capabilities and, above all,during an entire year. and extended our reach into And that’s the reason we rapidly growing new markets our people, wellbelieve EMC will emerge as the such as cloud computing, positions EMC totop technology company of the information security, and21st century. information intelligence. lead the newest and In 2009 alone, we garnered potentially largestFROM STARTUPS TO STA R S nearly 100 awards for products,Individual consumers, small start- services, human resources prac- wave of changeups, FORTUNE Global 500 tices, and people—among them happening in thecompanies from all industries, “Best Place to Work” awards inpublic-sector organizations—they many countries and states in the IT industry today,all use our products, solutions, U.S. in which we operate. which we and othersand services. All in all, these cus-tomers comprise the world’s most G LO BA L P R ES E N C E A N D refer to as privatedata-dependent people and busi- CITIZENSHIP cloud computing.nesses, among them financial ser- We are committed to doingvices companies, ISPs, chain business in a socially andstores, manufacturers, hospitals, environmentally responsiblebiotech firms, telcos, universities, manner—we very much want EMC stock is publicly traded and is listedairlines, public-sector agencies, to be an attentive, respectful on the New York Stock Exchange underand so many, many small offices local and global neighbor. And the symbol EMC. It is a component ofand homes. inside our walls, we cultivate the S&P 500 Index. EMC’s competitors and sustain a high-performance include IBM, Hewlett-Packard, HitachiA TRADITION OF I N N OVAT I O N culture that gives all of us the Data Systems, NetApp, and numerousOur company has a long tradition chance to become a “leader at small information management andof innovation and leadership; every level.” storage companies. 5
  6. 6. Chapter ∑ HIRING AND WELCOMING2a. Characteristics EMCseeks in prospectiveemployees, aside fromthe skills needed to dotheir jobs. A DA P TA B L E , PAS S I O N AT E , winning team, and most of all, S E L F-MOT I VAT E D, who will move heaven and earth SU CC ES S - O R I E N T E D to satisfy a customer. “Throughout the hiring pro-S U P P O R T I N G C O L L AT E R A L EMC employees excel cess, I knew EMC was looking at what they do, wel- at more than my resumé. I knew•  A perspective on hiring, by they valued the other skills that EMC recruiter Marie Gunning come a challenge, love would make me good at my job. innovating, and work And because of that, it’s been a best in a fast-paced, great fit...the perfect place for me to be a whole person,” says lively environment. Kimberly Brinkmeier, level-one We use behavior-based software engineer at EMC. interviewing techniques, To keep a promise to a cus- tomer or colleague—or simply to which help us evaluate meet a quarterly goal—EMCers candidates on what at all levels must exert leadership. skills they would call For instance, when we’re inter- viewing an engineer candidate, upon in a given situa- we want someone who’ll be able tion. But we don’t to write code, assist a customer, just measure job-role- advise a salesperson, correspond with an executive, and perhaps specific skills; we also even publish an IT thought examine a person’s leadership-style blog entry decision-making ability, about a favorite software R&D best practice. creativity, diverse per- And when we’re looking for spectives, values, ability executives, we seek people who to deliver results, and have both broad-based manage- ment experience and specific sub- ability to mesh with our ject-matter expertise. Importantly, culture. we also want someone who’ll be nimble enough to run one busi- E N E R G I Z E D A N D E M P OW E R E D ness unit today and seamlessly We are interested in eager, transition to leading another one smart people who reflect the tomorrow if needed. We look for many customers and markets senior managers with “executive we address. Those who excel presence” who are confident and at EMC are adaptable problem strategically agile, yet grounded solvers. We look for people enough to remain hands-on in who feel energized knowing daily interactions with employees that each day will serve up some- and customers. thing different—and that they and their coworkers will have to deliver creative results. We want people who are proud of their work, who love being on a6
  7. 7. Kimberly Brinkmeier says, “Throughout the hiring process, I knew EMC was looking at more than my resumé. I knew they valued the other skills that would make me good at my job. And because of that, it’s been a great fit…the perfect place for me to be a whole person.”  EMC Recruiter Arthur Benoit chats with a prospect at EMC’s career fair booth. We look for people who get energized knowing that each day will serve up something different—and that they and their coworkers will have to deliver creativeMembers of EMC’s University Relations Team pose together at a career fair. results. 7
  8. 8. Chapter ∑ HIRING AND WELCOMING2b. How EMC welcomesnew employees andintegrates them intoour culture. Joining EMC is an As of May 2010, it has approxi- exciting time, and we mately 2,000 fans and attracts hundreds of visitors daily. WeS U P P O R T I N G C O L L AT E R A L welcome our new hires try to give the page a helpful feel:•  A reflection of her first warmly into our EMC for example, if someone asks family from the moment about a particular job opening, days at EMC, by MLDPer, we give them the e-mail address of Rachel Rosenfeld that they accept the job. a specific EMC Human Resources recruiter so that they can reach CO N F I D E N C E B E FO R E DAY 1 out to a real person. Visitors also A big trend in new-employee wel- view photos and videos of us coming around here is happening working (and sometimes playing almost daily over the online social around), and they learn about network, TWITTER . It usually begins the people and places that make when a candidate enthusiastically up EMC. tweets, “I have an interview with Welcoming our newest employ- EMC,” or “I will soon be joining ees prior to their first day makes EMC.” Inevitably, well-wishes them eager to form relationships and welcoming comments stream and understand the inner work- in from EMCers around the ings of EMC. To feed that enthu- world. This phenomenon, though siasm upon their arrival, new fairly recent, has become practi- hires connect immediately to cally de rigueur. other employees via our internal social network, EMC|ONE (Online DA I LY O CCU R R E N C E  Network of EMCers). It’s a place Some EMCers take their wel- where all of us exchange ideas comes to an even higher level. and working tips, support each For example, one of our Chicago- other, and learn how our peers based EMC Technology Consul- are doing. Dialogue flows almost tants posted a blog entry filled nonstop. The site also links new with success tips for EMC’s new employees to EMC’s professional hires. (The EMC employee com- development and training portals, munity re-tweeted his post with it connects them to mentors, and great delight.) Another employee, it even offers podcast episodes an EMC Distinguished Engineer of EMC’s culture-oriented shows. based in Massachusetts, is now With these tools, new EMCers a weekly guest blogger for the form connections with coworkers, career site, Vault.com. He writes make new friends, and learn a about EMC’s culture and whole lot about EMC. offers tips for interviewing and career management. COM PAS S, M E N TO R I N G , SOCIAL For a while now, we’ve also been G R O U P S, A N D H OT COALS using FACEBOOK to welcome new On their first day, employees hires and share information with attend our Compass New Hire the many people who access the Orientation, a face-to–face, inter- site to inquire about working here. active class about the company In 2009, we formally launched and its culture, strategic focus, a Facebook “EMC CAREERS” page. products, and services. We then8
  9. 9. provide a 90-day success guidefilled with online tutorials andhelpful resources. EMC Sales, Marketing,Engineering, and several otherorganizations also run special-ized orientation programs. Forinstance, in Sales, a week-longonboarding program ends withnew employees displaying their“I-can-do-anything” attitude anddemonstrating their camaraderieby volunteering to take the HotCoal Fire Walk to the cheeringof their peers. One-on-one mentoring isanother way we help new hiresget acclimated and connected.In some departments, as manyas six people will become buddieswith a new hire, helping theemployee learn about the com-pany and the job. It’s important to us that our Visitors to the EMC Careers page on Facebook say that they like the interaction. new employees are able to blendtheir personal and professionalpassions, so we introduce them “Before I even walked through the door,to EMC’s many networkingand social groups. Specifically, I felt welcomed and connected.”we currently have nine “affinity EMC Marketing Leadership Development Associate Rachel Rosenfeldcircles” created by groups ofemployees who share back-grounds, as well as more than160 employee-generated interestgroups called communities thatare dedicated to personal passionsranging from motorcycling tomusic. If no existing group inter-ests the new hire, it’s easy to EMC Marketing Leadership Development Associate Rachel launch one and build member- Rosenfeld says, “Before I even walked through the door, I felt ship through the EMC|ONE welcomed and connected because of the outreach from my social network. Marketing Leadership Development Program alumni mentor.   We’d communicated through e-mail, and she even sent me a  handwritten card to welcome me to the company and to the  program. Earlier, I received a nice briefing about EMC’s culture,   the job expectations, and even the fitness class schedule at the  EMC gym. These initial communications made me feel confident  and excited to begin my EMC career.” 9
  10. 10. Chapter ® INSPIRING3. How EMC inspiresemployees to feel thattheir work has moremeaning than just beinga job. People are happy when Last year’s economic recession they are engaged in was scary enough to throw a pall over even an engaged work- their work, when they force, but at EMC, we tried toS U P P O R T I N G C O L L AT E R A L are feeling they are manage the business to minimize making professional its impact. We did this by con-•  EMC partners with tinuing to encourage everyone the Boston Celtics progress, and when to let creativity help shape their•  EMC employees raise money they are treated with own, and their company’s, future. for the Lance Armstrong Foundation respect. That is exactly A L L FO R O N E—A STO RY what our people say As the recession deepened, a they like about working program manager in EMC’s sales at EMC. training and education group, Michelle Lavoie, was noting many We know this because we not of her colleagues getting increas- only hear it everyday, but we get ingly worried about job security. to see it being said as well. On She wanted to do something. EMC|ONE, our internal social Michelle started a discussion media network, an inspirational thread on EMC|ONE headlined: conversation has been unfolding. “Constructive Ideas to Save Our people are saying that it is Money,” and invited people to inspiring to work at a company share specific ideas for helping that empowers them and treats EMC to deal with the downturn. them as professionals—that it is The response was immediate exciting to solve problems, to and overwhelming. The thread create, to invent, and to know accumulated 26,170 views and that your ideas, not your job title, generated 364 replies—some offer- come first. ing one idea; others with many It’s common to hear EMC suggestions. People suggested people talking about the bril- moves such as increasing the use liance and compassion of their of teleconferencing; making vol- colleagues and the availability of untary contributions of vacation EMC’s executives. They say they days; renegotiating corporate con- love how EMC encourages new tracts for printers, copiers, and ideas, not just ideas for creating cleaning services; and many other products and services, but also changes. imaginative ways to make EMC Michelle now says, “I started better as a company. that thread in late 2008, and in “At EMC, I get to innovate the year-plus since then, I’ve every day. That’s what inspires me seen so many ideas shared and and keeps me here. I’m innovat- so many actions implemented. ing in a place that is dynamic, on That posting and the reaction the move, and filled with the to it turned out to be the one of smartest people imaginable,” says proudest moments of my profes- Steve Todd, EMC Distinguished sional life. And it really sold me Engineer and author of the book, on social media as a way to pro- Innovate With Influence. mote constructive change and10
  11. 11. “At EMC, I get to innovate every day. That’s what inspires me and keeps me here. I’m innovating in a place that is dynamic, on the move, and filled with the smartest people imaginable.” Steve Todd, EMC Distinguished Engineer and author of the book, Innovate With Influencestep up to the work of shaping K EY P R O G R AMSthe policies that affect all of us.” Here are some of the sources EMC’s executives joined the of inspiration for EMC’s high-discussion and posted updates on performance critical thinkers andcost-saving recommendations innovators:being adopted. Employees are • Discussion threads on Steve Toddseeing their own ideas being EMC|ONE, where anyone canbrought to life all across the pose a question or a problemcompany. and receive immediate advice. Why was this simple and • Competitions for innovativerather spontaneous posting by ideas, also vetted on EMC|ONE,one EMC employee so successful? where anyone can post an inno-Perhaps because it correlates vation (an idea, often a highlyto employees’ explanations technical one, for creating orof why EMC inspires them: improving a product, service,EMC encourages them to be or business process) and haveinnovators and problem solvers others rate it and add to it.every day. All someone has to do EMC funds the best ideas andis ask, and the ideas will flow. gears them up for market.Nothing satisfies an EMCer • A pervasive atmosphere inmore than solving a problem. which everyone brings theirIt inspires them. A-game to work every day. When you’re surrounded by theSOCIAL MEDIA best “business athletes,” the EMC CEO Joe Tucci holds up an official New England 2009 definitely was another quality of your own game rises, Patriots jersey, with “EMC” printed on the back, at one   of EMC’s quarterly employee meetings, which was held  big year for social media at too. Being here feels a little bit at Gillette Stadium.EMC. More than two years like being on the corporateearlier, our EMC|ONE platform equivalent of a perennial Superhad helped us become adept Bowl Championship team.at initiating and responding • On that note, we affiliate our-to discussions, blogging, and selves and sponsor sports teamsjust voicing quick opinions and athletic events that are con-in effective ways. sidered “the best.” For example: Then we took the skills well We sponsor and provide techni-outside the firewall. Smart and cal support to world championcertainly opinionated, our teams including the Boston Red“blogging corps” shares with Sox (MLB), Patriots (NFL), andthe world why EMC is an industry Celtics (NBA). Our employeesleader. Our bloggers are inspiring visit the playing venues of thesemore people inside and outside teams to feel the energy of win-of EMC to get involved with ning. They meet players andblogging, tweeting, and learn directly from them howYouTubing. Our growing corps our two operations share a goalof social-media-conversant of being the best. Home page of EMC’s internal social network, EMC|ONE.employees make the effortbecause they care about theircompany and want to help itsucceed. 11
  12. 12. Chapter † SPEAKING4. Distinctive ways EMCmanagers, especiallysenior managers, shareinformation withemployees and foster a Over the past year, there were simple things thatculture of transparency. could be done, but communica- EMC’s senior managers tion was always key.” have worked harder Pictures are worth 1,000 words, than ever to further an and at EMC, WEBCASTS are getting environment of trust, more popular than old-fashionedS U P P O R T I N G C O L L AT E R A L audio conference calls. The visu-•  EMC CEO Joe Tucci at the enable two-way sharing, als coupled with realtime chat are company’s Q1 2010 quarterly and be transparent. a great way to share information— employee meeting Communicating with for instance, when we’re telling everybody about a newly employees near and far launched product. And, by is the best way to earn archiving these webcasts, we the trust that is essential ensure that our employees in Sin- gapore don’t have to dial in at to our success. midnight to see and hear from EMC’s Massachusetts-based When an EXECUTIVE E-MAIL goes out, senior leaders. it simultaneously appears on our Some of our employees spend a intranet and our internal social lot of time in planes and cars. To network, EMC|ONE, where peo- help field-based sales and service ple react and respond to it in real employees stay in the loop, we’re time. Everyone, including the using PODCASTS and, increasingly, executive, keeps the dialogue VODCASTS , to share information. flowing by joining that discussion The technology lets people on and posting timely updates. the road access information when E-mail is also our tool of choice it’s convenient for them. Our sales for issuing news releases inter- representatives, for example, are nally, reporting organizational known to listen to the podcasts in changes, and sharing financial their cars as they drive to appoint- results. The CEO frequently sends ments with prospects. messages to all employees and EMC’s LUNCH WITH LEADERS pro- personally replies to his e-mail gram (sometimes also referred to messages. as “Lunch and Learn With…”) Another senior executive, is an informal one- or two-hour Chief Financial Officer David midday session marked by a Goulden, sent out a series of flexible agenda and open, honest e-mail messages throughout 2009 discussion. Employee feedback to keep our 43,000 employees about these lunches has been apprised of the efforts to bring overwhelmingly positive. Every non-personnel-related operational attendee surveyed so far has indi- costs down in the challenging cated that he or she will recom- economic environment. In an mend them to colleagues. interview last year with Business Closed-door meetings are Finance magazine, David said, “We so 20th century; at EMC, open really worked at communicating— “TOWN HALL” meetings are often my office became a letter-writing the meetings of choice. For exam- machine. We found that often, ple, EMC’s EVP of Worldwide12
  13. 13. Sales, Bill Scannell, holds inter- At the annual offsite LEADERSHIPactive meetings with his various SUMMIT , EMC’s Chairman andteams when discussing territory CEO and his executive team meetchanges or expansions of relation- with hundreds of field employeesships with reseller partners. On a to candidly review the past year’slarger scale, our executives travel successes and challenges and thethroughout the global EMC com- upcoming year’s goals. This three-munity, holding in-person meet- day meeting is the big kick-off toings with employees about the the year. Access to executives iscompany’s direction and strategic easy for all who attend, and later,position and answering employ- major portions of the event areees’ questions. Our largest com- viewable on the Channel EMCpany QUARTERLY MEETINGS for all intranet and EMC|ONE internalemployees follow a similar format. social network. At the event, INTER-And people who cannot attend in ACTIVE STRATEGY sessions run by theperson watch the archived web- managers have replaced most ofcast of the event afterward. the onstage presentations. Lead- Our “CULTURE TALK” lunchtime ers now tackle challenges in eye-talk radio show is an interactive ball-to-eyeball breakout sessions Prior to an employee all-hands meeting in Ireland, CEO and entertaining show that lets with small groups of attendees, Joe Tucci took a tour of Cork Manufacturing, enjoying  the opportunity to speak with a number of employees.the employee audience really get and then report back to the CEOto know a guest, whether that and the full audience on proposedguest is the Vice Chairman of game plans.EMC, the Chief Sustainability Within EMC, workgroups holdOfficer, or simply a rank-and-file department-level ALL-HANDS MEET-EMCer who has fascinating per- INGS regularly. Strategy and goalsspectives to share. Along with the are the big topics, and serviceaudio component, visual images anniversaries and special recogni-of the guest in his or her home tions are celebrated, too.environment and at work roundout the picture for the audience. This year, we launched “LEADER- EMC leaders host a Q&A session at EMC’s quarterly SHIP IN ACTION” —a video series for employee meeting.employees featuring on-camerainterviews with senior executives.These videos are shot simply (andsometimes spontaneously) using aFlip camera and are posted inter-nally online without a lot of elab-orate post-production. Theyconnect the top leaders with Our Chairmanemployees in a very human, and CEO frequentlyauthentic, unvarnished manner.Employees hear unrehearsed com- sends messages tomentary about company strategy, all employees andmajor milestones and events, andeven the executive’s interests out- personally replies EMC VP Polly Pearson hosting “Culture Talk,” with guest side of work. to his e-mails. Steve Todd and co-host Monya Keane. 13
  14. 14. Chapter ¥ LISTENING5a. Ways EMCemployees can askquestions, providefeedback, or otherwisecommunicate with At EMC, we listen started a dialogue on the joys andmanagers, especially challenges experienced by EMC’s openly and practicallysenior managers. working moms. endlessly. Employees And it all started with a request know they can send an by a single employee. e-mail message to any- “I told Frank Hauck that I wanted to put stories of EMC’sS U P P O R T I N G C O L L AT E R A L one at any level, even mothers together in a book, and•  The Working Mother Experience the CEO. They know 20 minutes later, the book was they can expect a real funded,” says Natalie. “I was Book walking on air. It was amazing reply, and they know and empowering and very cool.” that their suggestions Natalie’s conversation with will get serious consid- Frank exemplifies the freedom our people have to approach eration. Just ask Natalie senior management and share Corridan-Gregg, Direc- ideas. In fact, a myriad of ways tor, EMC Technology exist at EMC for people to listen and share. Here are some: Analysis. EMC|ONE , our internal, online collaboration network, gets five T H E WO R K I N G MOT H E R million page views from employ- EX P E R I E N C E ees around the globe each month. Natalie, a new mother, was discov- New posts appear literally every ering that many of her coworkers minute. EMC|ONE has shattered shared the same delights, con- this company’s old divisional, cerns, and challenges that come organizational, and geographic with being a working mother at boundaries and thrown open the EMC. Like her, some of them doors for individual contributors had even been documenting and department managers across their thoughts. the company to share ideas and That discovery led Natalie to hold discussions as never before. stop by the office of Executive Employees are finding their Vice President Frank Hauck to voices on EMC|ONE, and they ask for his support of a book are transforming into public about EMC’s moms. ambassadors of the company’s The result was The Working Mother brand. Recently, we polled Experience, a 239-page compilation readers to ask if they felt more of authentic and heartfelt stories engaged this year versus the from around the world written by year before (when EMC|ONE EMC mothers (and one father). was still new). Seventy-five per- Ninety-six contributors from 15 cent answered yes. countries on five continents TELL EMC is our online sugges- shared candidly how they com- tion box, accessible via EMC’s bine parenthood with their work global intranet, Channel EMC. in EMC’s high-performance, fast- This is another place where paced environment. Upon its employees can post specific publication, Natalie’s book questions, comments,14
  15. 15. suggestions, and concerns. They “I told [EVP] Frankcan do so anonymously, or, ifthey supply their name, they are Hauck that I wantedguaranteed to receive a personal to put the stories ofresponse from a suitable executiveor technical subject-matter expert. EMC’s mothers We also use the TELL EMC together in a book,platform to solicit questions fromemployees one week before each Cover shot of The Working Mother Experience,  a compilation of stories written by EMC mothers. and 20 minutes later,quarterly all-hands meeting. Our the book was funded.CEO Joe Tucci and his staff per-sonally review the submitted ques- I was walking on air.tions, then Joe answers them live It was amazing andon stage at the big meeting. Our “EMC CULTURE TALK” lunch- empowering andtime radio show is all about cul- very cool.”ture. EMC’s vice president ofemployee engagement and brand Natalie Corridan-Gregg, Director,strategy hosts this live conversa- EMC Technology Analysistion with global employees. The “Culture Talk” showencourages listeners to call in andtext in to discuss, live, what’sinspiring and what’s challengingabout their EMC careers. Theshow’s guests have included exec- Natalie Corridan-Gregg and son John Michael utives; employee-experts in HR, enjoying some time at the park together.social media, IT innovation, andpersonal branding; two top EMCsales representatives; and manyother EMCers with interestingstories and opinions to share. Each show is archived as anMP3 file for listeners in other timezones who may miss the live broad-cast. And between each episode,employees on EMC|ONE cankeep the dialogue flowing aboutthe topics raised on the show. At LUNCH WITH LEADERS , employ-ees and senior leaders participateon panels and in focus groups toexplore topics such as culturaldiversity, balancing work andhome life, and growing one’scareer. More than a half-dozenEMC employee affinity groups Employees can use EMC’s internal social network site, EMC|ONE, to sign up for  have hosted these sessions. Lunch with Leaders with top executives, such as RSA Division President Art Coviello. 15
  16. 16. Chapter ¥ LISTENING5b. Programs availablefor EMC employeesto make suggestionsand become involvedin making decisions EMC leaders are listen- results evolve from our passionthat affect their jobs, and our sharing. It creates a spark ing and acting basedwork environments, of innovation in us.” on an open information The team wrote a proposal foror the direction of the flow with employees. a corporate initiative and broughtcompany. it to EMC’s executive committee, And the employees are whose support and encourage- responding. As EMC ment was immediate. But things evolves, employees are didn’t end there: EMC Chairman becoming ever-more and CEO Joe Tucci suggestedS U P P O R T I N G C O L L AT E R A L the initiative needed a shepherd.•  EMC’s Annual Innovation proactive leaders who When the position of Chief Sus- Conference know how to connect, tainability Officer was created, collaborate, and con- Kathrin pursued it and won the job. tribute to the company’s “Not only does this company success. allow me to find opportunities for it to ‘up its game,’ but I get The cornerstones of EMC’s open- to indulge my personal passion. door policy are integrity and com- Plus, I get to work with other munication. Our people listen to people who have the same passion each other, and they communicate and drive. I feel like I’m in my directly with their managers and dream job, and that the company peers to express their needs and collaborated to get me here,” offer ideas. Kathrin says. The operative word is “open.” One of our employees, Kathrin S O C I A L M E D I A EX P LOS ION Winkler, is a good example of the Almost three years ago, EMC approach in action. A passionate began introducing social network- environmentalist, Kathrin knew ing tools. The intent was to help there had to be more that EMC employees share ideas and opin- could do to make itself greener. ions across all leadership levels She discovered she wasn’t alone; and to forge personal and profes- from engineering to marketing sional bonds with colleagues to facilities, colleagues told her around the world. These tools, they shared her enthusiasm. with their emphasis on encourag- They formed an EMC GREEN TEAM ing open-communication behav- composed of brilliant storage iors, caused a major shift in how engineers, product managers, we talk and listen to each other. facilities managers, and marketing All social media fosters idea- experts. The team meets regularly sharing through virtual conversa- to brainstorm how to make tion on blogs, wikis, instant EMC’s products and facilities messaging platforms, and discus- more environmentally sion boards. The conversations sustainable. create connections inside and “People who didn’t even know outside of EMC, and the “2.0” each other before are sharing communication behavior model ideas,” Kathrin says. “All of our is boosting our productivity,16
  17. 17. Social media at EMC unlocks people such as Dave Spencer in ways that give the company great value from employees’ insights.proficiency, creativity, and com- “The connections I was making In streamed more than 1,400petitive edge. through my blog pushed me out submissions from 19 countries. Our people use a company- of my comfort zone in terms of In addition to the traditionalwide social media web platform personal growth,” says Dave. “It peer-reviewer idea-selection teamcalled EMC|ONE to converse and was really enabling because at composed of EMC Fellows andshare information without regard EMC, they don’t tell you what to Distinguished Engineers, theto organizational level or geo- write; you just write what you’re entire EMC community voted ongraphical distance. EMC|ONE interested in, and they stay out their favorite ideas. Using anhas approximately 19,000 regis- of your way.” EMC|ONE forum, employees casttered users and gets nearly five “Just as valuable as anything roughly 23,000 votes. In the end,million page views a month. On Dave says about EMC is the value 30 finalists were selected, andaverage, 10–15 employees sign we get from Dave’s honesty and three winning proposals were cho-up with EMC|ONE every day to ability to engage in what is hap- sen. The winners were delightedchat and blog about topics impor- pening around him,” says Polly. to have their ideas singled out fortant to them, to get inspired, and “I and other EMC executives read recognition, funded, and incu-to inspire others. his work and call him directly. He bated to determine their ultimate helps us remain grounded with role in EMC’s future portfolio.EMC|ONE IS PULLI N G Q U I ET the approaches we’re taking.”BUT CREATIVE GEN I US ES Social media at EMC unlocksOUT OF THEIR SHE L LS people such as Dave Spencer inDespite being an EMC employee ways that give the company greatfor more than 13 years, Dave value from employees’ insights. AsSpencer was a self-described Polly says, “Nowhere in Dave’s“stereotypical engineer” who software engineering job title doesdidn’t really interact with others it say he ‘serves as an advisor to theat EMC beyond his immediate company on management modelsworkgroup. Given the opportu- and culture,’ yet every day, ournity to contribute to EMC|ONE, social media models allow for justhe started adding to discussions this type of passion-meets-value.”and launched a blog on manage- Dave Spencer was a self-described “stereotypical ment practices. His work was so I N N OVAT I O N ’S G AT H E R I N G P L AC E engineer” who didn’t really interact with others  at EMC beyond his immediate workgroup until compelling that Polly Pearson, The EMC INNOVATION NETWORK is he was given the opportunity to contribute to EMC VP of Employment Brand & our virtual community where EMC|ONE.Strategy Engagement, asked him EMCers debate, incubate, andto be her co-community manager celebrate ideas and innovation.on EMC|ONE’s Culture Talk In conjunction with the Innova-community. Additionally, Dave’s tion Network, our annual Globalblog got such favorable reviews Innovation Conference includes ainside EMC that he launched an breakthrough-idea contest calledexternal blog called “Dave Talks the Innovation Showcase. InShop.” 2009, we engaged the competitive Today, Dave writes about all spirit of thousands of creativeareas of corporate life, including employees worldwide. Their chal-topics tied to EMC’s employment lenge: come up with new ways tobrand. He has a strong following help EMC to help its customersinside and outside of the company transform the way they compete, EMC’s Kathrin Winkler helped form the EMC and is a clear EMC brand save money, reduce risk, and cre- Green Team and was later appointed as EMC ambassador. ate value from their information. Chief Sustainability Officer.  17
  18. 18. Chapter ¥ LISTENING5c. How EMCemployees canaddress an undesirableworkplace situation orresolve conflicts with We understand how It is based on a relationshiptheir managers. of trust between employee important it is to listen and manager. to our employees’ con- EMC trains both new and cerns and promote a seasoned managers to give them culture of openness and the skills they need to sustain a responsible, trusting relationship. accessibility. We provide We want to ensure that our lead- many online and offline ers have the right DNA to be channels that employees effective and develop teams to succeed. can use to tackle a work- Our EMC University curri- place problem that culum includes 35 online or they’re having with each instructor-led courses that focus on management and leadership other, with their manag- development. Their emphasis is ers, or with a policy. on the “relationship responsibil- And we encourage ity” that each person has with colleagues and managers. employees to use them. Whether it’s done in a L EA D E R S AT A L L L EV E LS wide-open medium We encourage our people to “lead at every level.” That means such as our EMC|ONE also taking an active role to internal social network address conflict. or in a private one-to- Given EMC’s global scale, our employees are increasingly work- one chat with a man- ing with people outside of their ager, employees can organizations and outside of their always be assured of home regions, and this can open a door to challenges. As part of our a response. ongoing training and develop- ment philosophy, we offer courses STA RT I N G O F F R I G H T and tools for EMCers at all levels. In a company with a 43,000- They learn to develop strategies to person workforce, it’s crucial to recognize the source of a conflict, foster a culture of trust, responsi- and they gain skills to cope with bility, and two-way communica- that conflict effectively. tion. Many corporations in the We ask that managers regularly past relied on the only model they hold ONE-ON-ONE MEETINGS with knew of: a military-style model their direct reports to make sure that operated on rank and rules, that communication remains open leaving little room for discussion. and consistent. EMC Executive Today, that approach has been Administrator Paula Cuddy found more or less supplanted with one that sometimes, solving a conflict that functions through honest is simpler than anticipated. two-way communication across “I found that when I walked all levels of the organization. into her office, started the con-18
  19. 19. versation with a little humor, their team members offer andthen brought the problem that by taking action.I was having to her attention, it Most of EMC’s workgroupsimmediately jump-started a posi- operate a permanent ESMStive conversation,” says Paula. Action Committee composed“In an atmosphere like ours, it of individual contributors,was easy for me to address the managers, and senior leaders.situation in a professional, open, All of the committee membershonest manner.” are dedicated to increasing satis- faction by opening up new com-TAKING IT FURTHE R munication forums and changingWe also encourage our employees policies as needed.to turn to their human resourcesrepresentatives and senior leaderswhen they need to address anundesirable workplace situation.If matters involve especially sen-sitive issues, employees can godirectly to the General Counsel’soffice or EMC Board of Directors. Paula Cuddy found her own way of A CULTURE OF COMMU N I CAT I O N communicating with her manager.EMC’s annual EMPLOYEE SATIS-FACTION MEASUREMENT SURVEY (ESMS)is a very important part of ourcommunication philosophy. It “I found that when I walked into her office,offers employees a confidentialway to candidly identify work- started the conversation with a little humor,place concerns they may have. then brought the problem that I was Administered electronically,the survey is submitted to every- having to her attention, it immediatelyone and is available in 16 lan- jump-started a positive conversation.guages. Our people make gooduse of it; the response rate consis- In an atmosphere like ours, it was easytently exceeds 90 percent. In for me to address the situation in areturn, EMC takes action fromthe findings. professional, open, honest manner.” Every manager in the company EMC Executive Administrator Paula Cuddyreceives the survey answers thatwere submitted from his or herworkgroup, then, he or she sharesthose results with the team to gen-erate additional open, honestdiscussion. We believe that managers canhelp improve the working envi-ronment for the people they man-age by listening to the ideas that 19
  20. 20. Chapter ø THANKING6. How EMC showsappreciation andrecognition foremployees’ goodwork and extra effort EMC’s employees are Christine Fraser, Senior Directoror other achievements. of the Americas, won the award in the best in their fields, 2009 for being a consummate pro- and we know it. We also fessional who mentors, inspires, know what drives them and encourages a big-picture view. to excellence. It isn’t She said, “This award wasS U P P O R T I N G C O L L AT E R A L completely unexpected, and I•  EMC CEO Joe Tucci takes just a trophy or plaque, was very honored. EMC’s culture the stage at the quarterly or even money. It’s their is one that really values the indi- meeting to thank employees passion and their free- vidual. Even at a large company,•  EMC’s highest honor, there is a strong sense that each the President’s Award dom to express and use person’s contributions are signifi-•  How we thank employees, that passion. It’s the sat- cant. It sets EMC apart. If you do by EMC VP Todd Pavone isfaction of working your job to the best of your abil- ity, management expresses appre- with colleagues who ciation and acknowledgement.” have the same fire in their bellies. It’s the THE INNOVATION SHOWCASE Now in its third year, this contest draws knowledge that the job hundreds of ideas from our global well done was the job workforce. Part of the appeal of they did. this contest is the powerful peer- mentoring that occurs and the That doesn’t mean we don’t global stage that EMC uses to recognize all that they do for showcase everyone’s ideas (please the company and our customers. refer to question 5b). The best part Our expansive recognition pro- for the winners: They get EMC’s grams single-out the things they commitment to develop their enjoy: innovating, creating, and ideas into products, services, or exceeding customer expectations. business processes. This contest We have our corporate-level also features the “Peer Choice awards, of course, and, from time Award,” where EMC employees to time, groups within EMC also worldwide vote for the idea they establish their own awards to believe has the greatest merit. extol qualities they admire. Here’s a selection of EMC awards: THE CORNERSTONE AWARD People care how they’re viewed by their THE JOHN HOWARD COMMON SENSE peers, and EMC employees are no AWARD Named for the late exception. This peer-nominated John Howard, an EMC Global honor goes each year to those Marketing employee whose who best represent EMC to the common sense, original thinking, 15,000 customers from 120 coun- and willingness to buck conven- tries who are members of the tion impressed all who knew EMC Community Network (the him during his many years at online social network for EMC’s EMC. This award, given annually, customers and partners). The praises employees who possess award recognizes the employee those same priceless traits. whose passion and engagement20
  21. 21. are best reflected in the contentthey contribute and the onlinediscussions they participate in.THE FRIDAY AWARD This is anotherpeer-generated award. At theclose of each week, the externalworld can find our employeesrecommending one another onTwitter as a “person to be fol-lowed.” It’s a recognition thatthe individual’s insights areworth following—not just worth-while to our employees, but alsofor the larger IT community.THE PRESIDENT’S AWARD ThePresident’s Award, EMC’shighest annual honor, recognizes EMC CEO Joe Tucci thanks employees at one of the company’s quarterly all-hands meetings.employee teams that have fur-thered EMC’s mission and cor- President and General Manager, contributor, making the endporate strategy. For example, Common Storage Platform Oper- result much greater than thethe 2009 President’s Award ations, said of the winners, “It’s sum of each person’s part.”recognized the company’s not often that a team has the President’s Award winnerslaunch of flash-based enterprise chance to work on something are celebrated on stage at onestorage and went to a team of 22 really revolutionary and have to of EMC’s all-hands quarterlytechnologists and other employ- keep it a big secret at the same meetings, with the ceremonyees. Joel Schwartz, Senior Vice time. Everyone was truly a key also broadcast to thousands THE JOURNEY TO THE PRIVATE CLOUD STARTS NOW | EMC WORLD 2010Winners of the 2010 President’s Award. 21
  22. 22. of their global peers. Each team An EMC HR Representative “EMC’s culture is one member receives a $5,000 cash reward, an engraved crystal tro- in Pleasanton, California, was covered for organizing a crew of that really values the phy, and a signed and framed per- EMCers who brought $150 worth individual. Even at a sonal letter of thanks from CEO Joe Tucci. of groceries to a homeless shelter and served lunch to 60 homeless large company, there is adults and children. Another a strong sense that each THE TOTAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (TCE) AWARD All EMC employees work employee, based in tiny Horsefly, British Columbia, was recognized person’s contributions with customers in some fashion, for founding a weekly computer are significant. It sets and we like to reward those who go the extra mile. That’s why we class with decommissioned EMC equipment. And a Senior Director EMC apart. If you launched the TCE program that of Inside Sales, was spotlighted do your job to the taps into the passion in everyone to excel and to exceed the expec- for bringing groups of teens from his church in San Carlos, best of your ability, tations of our customers. The California, to impoverished management expresses annual TCE Excellence Corporate Award recognizes those who do communities in Mexico to build homes. appreciation and just that with a crystal trophy and acknowledgement.” cash awards. Christine Fraser, Senior Director THE CORPORATE R&R PROGRAM Every of the Americas EMC organization runs a Rewards & Recognition Program providing cash awards between $200 and $2,000 to recognize people who go above and beyond their daily jobs. Sometimes, they offer non- cash rewards that may appeal to the winners even more: things such as tickets for great seats at a sporting event or symphony performance, or even a “night on the town” consisting of dinner at a posh restaurant and limousine service for the whole evening. SHINING A LI G H T Sometimes just seeing your per- sonal or professional achieve- ments recognized is reward enough. At EMC, we constantly shine a light on these individuals with feature stories, such as our “Employee Spotlight” and “Meet the Motivators” series run daily on Channel EMC, our intranet Keren Pavese, an EMC employee recognized with an “Employee Spotlight” article on the   portal. Here’s a small sample: EMC intranet, Channel EMC.22
  23. 23. Chapter π DEVELOPING7. How EMC helpsemployees discover anddevelop their talents,challenge themselvesprofessionally, manage How do we help our as staff meetings, e-mail, or instanttheir careers, and messaging—or, increasingly, via employees discoverenhance their personal social media channels such as talents, challenge blogging, tweeting, and wikis.growth. themselves, and grow “I’ve been learning a lot here,” professionally and says hardware engineer Jose Medina. “I’m surrounded by personally? We start people who are experts andS U P P O R T I N G C O L L AT E R A L by hiring the right who want to help me become people. Our culture one too. But EMC also inspires•  A perspective on development me to take courses and become at EMC, by three employees is an interconnected an expert at something—whatever•  How EMC helps employees fabric made of vibrant, it is I want to do.” develop their careers, by EMC employee Bali Kuchipudi forward-moving, S H A R I N G I N T E L L ECTUAL WEALTH knowledge-thirsty Many of our employees go on to people. share their expertise and best practices by writing books. In The pace of our workplace is such the past year, more than 160 that every day brings new chal- employees have become published lenges, goals, peers, partners, and authors. Their books have customers. For the right type of included a definitive technical person, our hyper-growth climate textbook on IT written by 40 seems like an intellectual playpen EMCers called Information Storage filled with programs, training, and and Management, a book written development tools to grow and by an engineer about the process thrive at EMC for the long term. of innovation entitled Innovate Our focus is to keep up with the With Influence, a book on working intellectual thirsts and demands motherhood co-authored by 96 of our highly motivated work- EMC working mothers, and an force. Our training and develop- e-book on top strategies for land- ment strategy includes: ing a job in today’s tough job mar- ket written by 10 EMC recruiters. O N -T H E- J O B T EAM I N G A N D P R O B L E M S O LV I N G TO P -S H E L F T R A I N I N G AND We encourage real-time, on-the- D EV E LO PM E N T P R O G R AMS job problem-solving and collabo- In 2009, EMC UNIVERSITY (EMC’s ration. Our workforce is filled workforce training and develop- with IT industry experts who ment organization) was honored mentor one another daily. As they when, for the third consecutive learn from a new problem that year, it placed among the top five they’ve solved or a new challenge on Training magazine’s prestigious posed to them by a customer or list of 125 companies with leading prompted by an industry shift, employer-sponsored workforce they’re transferring that knowl- training and development pro- edge among one another in real grams. This marked our sixth time. This transfer can happen consecutive year as one of the through traditional means, such world’s premier companies on 23