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Revolve 2016 Clients Everywhere


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When you know how to communicate your message clearly and powerfully, you have the tools to articulate a brand that sells. Here's a talk I gave at the Revolve conference in 2016 for marketers and entrepreneurs.

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Revolve 2016 Clients Everywhere

  1. 1. Clients Everywhere Terri Trespicio REVOLVE 2016 Connect, Convert & Command More Money
  2. 2. Here’s what we’re not talking about: 
 • SEO • CRM • RFP • Hashtags • Converting Twitter into cash • Tricking people into paying for stuff
  3. 3. But we WILL talk about how to:
 • Create a brand that means something • Communicate with power & precision • Compel someone to give a crap
  4. 4. A little about me Magazine editor. Radio show host. Media contributor.
  5. 5. I make what you care about compelling to other people. Brand & content strategist. Business owner. Media contributor.
  6. 6. Crack the media code. Craft your pitch. Crush it on air.
  7. 7. 1. There is always enough $$ for 
 the right solution.
 2. There are clients everywhere. Twoassumptions
  8. 8. Show of hands.
  9. 9. We all want from each other what we have the least to offer:
  10. 10. We have to make what we have worth other people’s time
  11. 11. How do I stand out?
  12. 12. Problem#1 You aren’t talking to the right people You’re trying to be all things to all people You haven’t specified the who Language is vague, unclear No one gets what you do / why you’re different
  13. 13. Ex: Melody
  14. 14. Use their words Be specific & straightforward Be granular, not general Instead …call out the key issue & own it
  15. 15. Basket v. picker
  16. 16. Your brand. It’s what you / your business MEANS to other people.
  17. 17. It’s not just how they see you, but how YOU see you.
  18. 18. Promise. Presence. Practice.
  19. 19. Try it: Explain it to a fifth grader
  20. 20. Surveymonkey Google forms 1:1 conversations 3 star Amazon reviews Social media polling Networking events Ask (the right people). Then, listen.
  21. 21. Problem#2 you’re leading with features / benefits You’re job- and task-oriented. You’re leading with what you do, 
 not who you are. You are thinking inside your machine.
  22. 22. Instead …think bigger Understand their larger problem Lead with the what/why Think like them, not like you Be bigger than your business
  23. 23. Ex: The data scientist
  24. 24. Problem#3 fear of focus You’re mistaking broad for big You’re mistaking niche for “limited” You’re missing an opportunity
  25. 25. Instead …Pitch your niche Plant your flag Raise the stakes Think like a rocket, not a sprinkler system
  26. 26. Ex: Adrienne, former catch-all marketing pro turned FB ad specialist
  27. 27. Started ~ 10K/month as a marketer. She now earns 65K/mo for 10 clients.
  28. 28. Problem#4 You are thinking transaction, not transformation You end up with little jobs that don’t add up You can’t charge much, because there’s no added value You are being reactive instead of proactive
  29. 29. Do a deep dive first - lay out the big picture See what you do as a premium service Just because you can do a job, doesn’t mean you should Also: Don’t get business blinders Instead …think like a chef, not a short-order cook
  30. 30. Problem#5 you’re offering info, not insight You’re afraid to take a stance You’re afraid of alienating / offending You’re not changing my life / perspective
  31. 31. Ex: Hillary
  32. 32. Instead …take a stronger stance Think like a thought leader Have an opinion about your industry Raise the stakes Hit a nerve
  33. 33. Let’s take, for example, the course I just launched. 
 From zip.
  34. 34. Started with a list size of “0” Grew to 900+ in 2 months 2% conversion rate (13 enrolled) $20,000+ launch 6-week online course for experts, authors, entrepreneurs who want media attention.
  35. 35. • Gave away a free pdf • Gave away a free video course • Enlisted a few affiliates • Podcast interviews • FB ads • Email marketing campaign • Content marketing • Events • Webinars (even FB Live!) What we used
  36. 36. • “But I’m not an expert!” • “I don’t have time to do this.” • “Why should anyone listen to me?” • “I don’t know who or what to pitch.” Objections
  37. 37. Competitor positioning • Be your own publicist • A PR firm charges you $$$ and doesn’t promise you a thing! • You need media training
  38. 38. Our Positioning • Being in the media is a game changer • You don’t need any special certifications • You need to know how to position your own brand • Don’t be a one-hit wonder • We have experience on both sides of the gate (plus we draw on other parts of our brands) • We are not a replacement for PR
  39. 39. OK. But why do I need this?
  40. 40. Marnelli Martin founder of Luxe30 Business: Subscription jewelry service Big idea: Women & entrepreneurship Vision: To inspire women to feel strong, beautiful, in control Influenced by: Trends like Rent the Runway, StitchFix
  41. 41. So we played with a few ideas: Your beauty is not on loan. Don’t loan it. Own it. Don’t just rent your life. Own it. Finder’s keepers. We find. You keep.
  42. 42. 3 pieces of jewelry every 30 days. 1 surprise gift. Unlimited compliments. $39/mo LUXE 30 We find. You keep.
  43. 43. Grow your existing brand Find your niche Communicate your expertise and value JANUARY 2017!
  44. 44. Paula Rizzo Terri Trespicio
  45. 45. Some reading Linchpin by Seth Godin Purple Cow by Seth Godin Essentialism by Greg McKeown Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action Stand Out by Dorie Clark How the World Sees You by Sally Hogshead Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk
  46. 46. thank you!