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Dynamic Owl Conference Keynote Presentation


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Published in: Business
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Dynamic Owl Conference Keynote Presentation

  1. 1. Presentation Title Presentation Subtitle 1/25/2016
  2. 2. Understanding What SharePoint is for You What will you make of SharePoint? 2
  3. 3. “SharePoint it's kind of magical. There's nothing like it in the market. The capability expands from custom developed apps, hosting sites, communities, content management, publishing, search, portal, business insights, mashups, rapid development, web application client tools, unified infrastructure, consolidated workflows, document management, bring the worlds together in a cost effective way. Get more done with less than any other solution”.
  4. 4. Who Am I 4 Poland Adelaide Vancouver SydneyPerth
  5. 5. Your best chance of success 5 You need three things for a SharePoint to be successful Thanks Sharon Richardson from Joining Dots
  6. 6. Communication 6 More communication is always better Build excitement, trust and enthusiasm People hate being blindsided Free food works any time, any where
  7. 7. Best Bet Intranet Examples 7 “Intranet Based” Training, Events, News, How Do I Departmental Names Accounting, Marketing, Engineering Locations Offices, Stores, Departments Common Actions Printing, Mail, Holidays, Care Hire, Travel, Banking