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Molekule Pharmaceuticals Marketing Suite Presentation


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Published in: Marketing
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Molekule Pharmaceuticals Marketing Suite Presentation

  1. 1. Presentation Subtitle Presentation Title
  2. 2. Competitive Intelligence is “the detailed and iterative process of collecting and analyzing information from a variety of sources in order to build an inclusive depiction of the competitive landscape” Conventional competitive intelligence 2 In-Depth Interviews Modalities for developing Competitive Intelligence include: Primary Competitive Intelligence develops intelligence directly from targets with access to the information. Typically, it involves in-depth interviews with: Competitor Clients Competitor Vendors Competitor Customers Key Opinion Leaders (KOLS) Former Employees Competitor Employees Competitor Suppliers
  3. 3. This approach forms the basis of Molekule’s value proposition; providing our partners measurable competitive advantages Our approach to competitive intelligence 3 Molekule lets our partners see a holistic picture of the competitive landscape; answering the “whys and wherefores” of competitor’s strategic and tactical implementation
  4. 4. Molekule leverages a rigorous and iterative methodology to derive accurate and actionable Competitive Intelligence Our process 4 By collecting the information that matters to you, refining it through our rigorous analysis process and transforming raw information and data into actionable intelligence, Molekule empowers our clients to surpass the competition! Primary Research with Multiple Sources Secondary Research Validation Interpretation Analytics 1° CI Output
  5. 5. One of our guiding principles is to always think beyond the ordinary. This ethos to be extraordinary differentiates Molekule from other consultancies and Competitive Intelligence firms and is easily evidenced throughout our organization including: What sets us apart 5 Excels in developing personalized relationships with corporate executives providing ongoing communication and timely feedback that fosters exceptional client satisfaction and repeat business Deliverables are practical, sophisticated and actionable, not requiring repurposing Leverages a strong clinical/commercial orientation, proven and in-depth interviewing methodology and unique analytical frame of reference