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Telaeris LinkedIn Training


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Telaeris LinkedIn Training

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Telaeris LinkedIn Training

  1. 1. Telaeris Company LinkedIn Training
  2. 2. What can I expect to learn? • Steps to creating your optimal page • How to best set up your profile for highest ratings • effectively search for contacts within any company or industry • How to build your personal network • Strategic ways to boost your personal and professional credibility • How to build relationships!
  3. 3. Setting Up Your Profile
  4. 4. Linkedin Home Page
  5. 5. Keys to a Stellar Profile • Make sure your profile is 100% complete! LinkedIn rewards you by giving you higher profile rankings! • You are much more likely to receive opportunities with a complete page • Be creative and detailed • Give your profile character by providing both professional and personal information • Find areas of interest that other people can connect with you on
  6. 6. LinkedIn Profile Page
  7. 7. Editing Your LinkedIn Profile • Professional and Personal Keys – Summary – Experience – Skills – Endorsements – Education – Interests – Groups – Following – Honors – Certifications – Many More!
  8. 8. SEO Your LinkedIn Profile! • When setting up your profile, use very descriptive words – Summary (Workshop) – Skills – experience • People don’t typically search for position, they search for profession • Key words throughout profile make you easier to find • Creative Tagline? • Great key words can make up for a lack of experience
  9. 9. Building Your Network
  10. 10. Keys to Adding Contacts • First Step: Sync and add contacts through email! • Every time you speak with someone new, try to add them to your LinkedIn network • Browse suggested people daily to grow your network
  11. 11. Powerful Search Engine!
  12. 12. How To Search LinkedIn’s Advanced search allows you to be very descriptive – The more descriptive the search, the narrower your results • Search by location, company and title • Use the search tool to find – People – Groups – Companies – Influencers
  13. 13. Connections • Once someone is a connection, you have “access” to their connections • Connect with only people you know! • With new contacts, send a message saying “it was nice to meet you at…” • You may ask others to introduce you to their contacts
  14. 14. Recommendations • If a connection is awesome, you may make a recommendation describing them • The more specific you are, the more valuable the recommendation will be • Let the connection pre-screen your recommendation – ask if there is anything that they would like you to change • recommendations let you increase both your and your connections’ credibility • Do not request a recommendation from someone who doesn’t know you well!
  15. 15. The Power of Groups
  16. 16. Groups
  17. 17. Groups • Join strategically useful groups • join as many as possible – 50 groups max! • Be active – Lots of questions are asked, be available to provide professional opinions • Do not just be self promoting • Gain credibility and influence by being part of the conversations • Once you are part of a group you can see all group members and can contact them
  18. 18. Creating Your Own Group • Over ONE MILLION groups on LinkedIn • You can create your own! – make your group stand out – Logo should be visually appealing – Generate a creative group name – Don’t duplicate other groups • If you own a group, be very active in it. Make it as valuable to its members as possible.
  19. 19. Use Gmail to Improve Groups Pt. 1 LinkedIn Group emails can be overwhelming! Here’s how to make it manageable 1. In LinkedIn Group, Subscribe to all individual group emails
  20. 20. Use Gmail to Improve Groups Pt. 2 2. Create Filter #1 from any group email by clicking more button 3. “Filter messages like these” 4. Put “your key words” in the “has the words” box 5. Click “Create filter with this search >>”
  21. 21. Use Gmail to Improve Groups Pt. 3 6. skip showing group emails in your inbox 7. Apply the label “Hot LinkedIn” 8. Create the Filter
  22. 22. Use Gmail to Improve Groups Pt. 4 9. Create Filter #2 by following steps 2 through 5, but this time leave keywords blank 10. Click on the “Delete It” checkbox 11.Create the Filter
  23. 23. Use Gmail to Improve Groups Pt. 5 You now will have created two filters to manage your LinkedIn groups e-mails Filter #1- LinkedIn Group e-mails with relevant topics that you are an expert in, Emails that might be able to assist by answering, or will possibly connect you with a customer. Filter #2 – Delete unnecessary Flood of LinkedIn Group e-mails that you probably don’t have time to read anyways. Customize as needed!