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A presentation describing the basics of LinkedIn and the best practices for creating your LinkedIn profile.

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LinkedIn 101

  1. 1. “Its all about filling in the gaps “
  2. 2. • zM
  3. 3. “If you’re a business professional and you don’t have a powerful LinkedIn presence, you are missing valuable opportunities. “
  4. 4. About LinkedIn Strong world-wide reachBusiness to business sales opportunity Professional audience focus Highly trusted by Google Built to be SEO friendly
  5. 5. About LinkedIn 115 million active users world-wideUsers 97 times more likely to have college or post- grad degree LinkedIn is the number 2 most popular social media network Nearly 2 billion people searches on LinkedIn in 2010
  6. 6. About LinkedIn 70% of people use LinkedIn for job hunting 80% of people use LinkedIn as a primary recruitment tool40% of Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn for recruiting
  7. 7. A platform of Confidence 82% of membersare more confidentin the professional info received onLinkedIn compared to other social networks
  8. 8. A Platform for Decision MakersMore than 80% of LinkedIn members are company decisions makers
  9. 9. Two Types of Accounts61% of LinkedIn users have the basic account39% of LinkedIn users have a premium account
  10. 10. So lets get started Step 1Establish aFoundation
  11. 11. “You must first establish a foundation in order to begin building your influence...”
  12. 12. Go to
  13. 13. Sign Up
  14. 14. Confirm your email address
  15. 15. Welcome
  16. 16. Start Filling in your information
  17. 17. LinkedIn suggests that having a completed profile provides you with a 40% greater chance for networking success, and they make it easy foryou to understand how to achieve that 100% completion.
  18. 18. Checklist to Achieve A powerful And complete profile• Upload a professional image• Create a Compelling headline• You only have 120 characters at the top of your profile to describe what you do to the world and grab their attention.• Use brief, descriptive, compelling keywords so the right professionals on LinkedIn can discover you.
  19. 19. Checklist• List Your Current position and at Least two past positions• Use descriptive keywords that you quoted in your headline if possible• Be sure to describe your role for each position.
  20. 20. Complete the “Summary” section ofYour profile
  21. 21. Hint• This is your chance to really describe who you are and how you help people.• Write your summary in the third person.• Otherwise, you’ll be using the letter “I” quite a bit, which can be off-putting.
  22. 22. Checklist for your profile• Complete the “specialties” section of Your profile• Utilize customer-focused keywords, as these are the terms that will help you show up in search results within LinkedIn.• Brainstorm words and phrases that people in your target markets might search for to find someone with your background, experience, and service offering.
  23. 23. Get Recommended• Give recommendations First• Request recommendations that can be displayed on your profile.• The best way to receive recommendations is to first give them!
  24. 24. Hint• You will need at least three recommendations in order for LinkedIn to label your profile “completed.”• Complete the “interests” and “groups and associations”• Each of these terms will be hyper-linked and will take you to other users in the network who share these interest
  25. 25. Step 2Optimize your profile to get found by contacts
  26. 26. Start by editing your URL
  27. 27. Then add your website• Customize Your “website” Listings• Describe them with relevant terms• Avoid “ my website”
  28. 28. Add your Twitter Account• Include a Link to Your twitter profile• You can have more than one twitter account listed.• Give folks an additional method to use to connect with you!
  29. 29. Make it Visible• make Your entire LinkedIn profile publicly Visible to everyone• You want other professionals on LinkedIn to be able to find you and contact you anytime.• Being invisible won’t help you build your network.
  30. 30. Step 3Building Your LinkedIn Network
  31. 31. “ LinkedIn helps you find valuable people and informs you of the mutual connections you have with them. “
  32. 32. Get Connected• Connect with Your direct, First degree network• Upload your contacts from outlook, webmail like Hotmail, gmail, yahoo.• Add previous Colleagues and Classmates to Your network• Introduce yourself
  33. 33. Step 4 How to Use LinkedIn to market Your Business
  34. 34. Create your company profile• Setting up your company page on LinkedIn• Add keywords within the specialty section• Make sure that any keywords for which you want your company to be found are here.
  35. 35. Tips for your company profile• Pick Your Industry• List Your Location/multiple locations• Link to Your Blog rss• Enter your corporate blog’s rss feed to showcase your latest blog entries.
  36. 36. Tips for your company profile• Post status Updates• Make an effort to post regular status updates on your page,
  37. 37. LinkedIn Groups More Dynamic A platform for conversation Creating Announcements
  38. 38. Join Groups and start a discussion
  39. 39. How to use LinkedIn to Market Your self
  40. 40. Quick Tips• Give Before asking For Favors• Make recommendations.• Connect with everyone• It pains me to see when people only have fewer than 100 connections• Use advanced applications to promote Your own Content• Make Your interactions personal
  41. 41. Quick Tips• Create a Call-to-Action• Instead of having them say “my blog,” make• it say “contact me Here” or “download my free report.”• Whatever your goal, tell them to contact you or do something in a way that best meets your needs
  42. 42. Additional Features• Job posts• Answers• Events• News• Ads
  43. 43. Interesting Case studies• Evan stumbled upon his dream job on LinkedIn. For fun he did a random search for “Advertising Sales Director”.• A position at TravelZoo was advertised and applying, interviewing and receiving the job, Evan was able to get back into an industry he loves mainly due to his LinkedIn profile.
  44. 44. Case study 2• Steve Weinstein is the Manager of Marketing Communications at Cooper Power Systems. He landed this job because a recruiter from his current employer found him on LinkedIn. Steve interviewed and got the job due to LinkedIn. You never know who’s looking at your profile.
  45. 45. Case Study 3• Linked Group makes a difference for children in Bangalore, South India. An employee from Ernst & Young had visited a poverty stricken school in Bangalore and decided she wanted to do something to help. A LinkedIn group was created to foster a discussion on how to help. One member suggested creating a “Wish List” on Amazon. Members of the LinkedIn group then proceeded to buy books for the children.
  46. 46. Case Study 4• The Weather Channel recently closed a deal to acquire sites and How?• They were contacted by the people behind Lake Rentals and Coast Rentals via Inmail on LinkedIn. The opportunity was made aware by having the profile visible on LinkedIn. The tag-line “LinkedIn makes professional connections visible” rings true. It makes companies visible thus creating unforeseen opportunities.