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Total Employer Brand Makeover - Maren Hogan


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Employer Branding doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Maren will take you through the steps to complete your own employer branding audit, and how to bring the information into one comprehensive document, from which you can create a total
strategic document. We’ll walk through the 5 things every good EB strategy needs (and how to get them!) look at ownership structure of branding efforts and learn about selecting the right EB model for your projects. From start to finish, you will get all the
information you need to start on an employer branding journey. Added bonuses include: useful tools, communication strategies, and a free EB deck to download after the session!

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Total Employer Brand Makeover - Maren Hogan

  2. 2. I’m Maren.
  3. 3. The only way to get into this mindset is to realize that working for you is a CHOICE.
  4. 4. Why is employer branding so important? 91% of the people you’re looking to hire plays a key role in their job decision.
  5. 5. 69% of Americans wouldn’t take a job with a company they thought had a bad reputation.
  6. 6. 55% of companies linked an increase of traffic on their career site with a recent employer branding initiative. EB firm Brandemix found…
  7. 7. Today’s candidates don’t just want a nine-to-five…
  8. 8. 37% Companies with high employee engagement had 37% less absenteeism than those with lower engagement. Employer branding starts on the inside.
  9. 9. You don’t have to be Google or Amazon to have a good employer brand. Credit: YouTube, Google, Facebook, Vimeo
  10. 10. Employer branding can differ depending on who you’re selling to. EX. McDonald’s doesn’t sell Big Macs to the same people it’s selling it’s more calorie-conscious products…
  11. 11. With the right employer brand, your candidates should be lining up to apply.
  12. 12. 93% of CEOs are aware of inadequacies in their talent attraction strategy… But more than 60% state they haven’t addressed this issue.
  15. 15. You can’t suddenly draw a cute picture of your mascot, post a job ad on Twitter, and expect everyone’s opinion of you to change on the fly.
  16. 16. GOOD BRANDING takes time and dedicated effort.  
  17. 17. Ranked number one when it came to the delivery, but were in last place for actual taste.
  18. 18. They added a new line of sandwiches…
  19. 19. They did a taste test between Subway’s sandwiches and theirs…
  20. 20. They added specialty pizzas like Philly Cheese Steak and Hawaiian
  21. 21. They did lots and lots of market testing for a new pizza recipe
  22. 22. They backed this replacement with a new ad campaign
  23. 23. If people think your product sucks, they’re not going to buy new ones.
  24. 24. 1 SETTING Your Employer Brand Audit Up For Success STEP
  25. 25. Online Presence Social Media Presence Recruitment & Hiring Process Rewards and Recognition/Compensation Current & Exited Employees Credit: Google/Google Drive
  26. 26. Keep in mind you’ll be measuring your company Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
  27. 27. Emphasize the importance of what your company does.
  28. 28. Talk about your company culture
  29. 29. Appease them with benefits
  30. 30. 2 CONDUCTING the Employer Brand Audit Time: 5 Hours STEP
  31. 31. Conduct a SWOT analysis
  32. 32. Focus on these key points
  34. 34. DO TO Get in the MIND of the candidate.
  35. 35. Company Website Company Career Site Job Ads & Descriptions Application Process Where this matters most…
  36. 36. …you’re going to have a heart-to-heart with yourself.
  37. 37. If you want to turn your brand around…
  38. 38. “Lose that crap and get real.”
  39. 39. Generic recruitment messaging doesn’t yield results…
  40. 40. RECRUITMENT MESSAGING Credit: Johnson & Johnson
  41. 41. DO TOSign up for a FREE TRIAL on SEMrush. Credit: SEMrush
  42. 42. Company Career Site Company Career Social Media Recruiting Channels Recruitment Advertising Job Ads & Descriptions Job Boards Social Recruiting Where this matters most…
  43. 43. RETURN ON INVESTMENT Credit: Twitter
  44. 44. DO TO Don’t be afraid to REACH OUT to your social friends for help.
  45. 45. Recruiting Channels Recruitment Advertising Career Fairs Job Ads & Descriptions Job Post Distribution Job Boards Where this matters most…
  46. 46. Your employer brand is about more than a good job posting and career site.
  47. 47. There’s about 15 referrals for every new hires… …versus 300 applicants per job posting
  48. 48. About 70% of organizations have some sort of employee referral program.
  50. 50. Referral programs tend to have the best ROI of all recruitment sources.
  51. 51. Incentivizing referrals programs pays off in the long run.
  52. 52. 3 ANALYZING Results and Creating Actionable Items STEP
  53. 53. STRENGTHS
  54. 54. What makes a company tick?
  55. 55. WEAKNESSES
  56. 56. we have the benefit of being on the outside looking in. When we do audits…
  59. 59. This is where you begin to look ouside as well as inside.
  60. 60. THREATS
  61. 61. otherwise you’re not going to get much out of it. Again, be honest here,
  63. 63. Credit: Chipotle & Analytical Investment (AI) Firm Take Chipotle
  64. 64. …they may apply as well All because of a little icon on a phone screen.
  65. 65. 4 YOUR Employer Brand Audit Should Include … Step
  66. 66. Company Website Company Career Site Online Reviews ONLINE PRESENCE
  67. 67. Company Social Media Company Career Social Media (if you don’t have these… red flag!) SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE
  68. 68. RECRUITMENT & HIRING PROCESS Recruiting Channels Recruitment Advertising Career Fairs Job Ads & Descriptions Job Post Distribution Job Boards Social Recruiting Efforts
  69. 69. Application Process Applicant Screening Process* Interviewing Process* Selection & Notification Process* Onboarding Process* Training Process* CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE
  70. 70. CURRENT & EXCITED EMPLOYEES Performance Management Process Current Employees* Excited Employees*  *Excludes competitor analysis. Should only be looked at internally.