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Social Recruiting 101: How to Keep the Magic Going - Marissa Litty, Eric Foutch, Shalaina Ocasio, Shaley McKeever


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The Red Branch Media team will discuss how it's built brands from Elevated Careers and JBS (huge!) to smaller software companies like ClearCompany and Triage Staffing. We'll show every day social always wins over slapdash, even huge campaigns. We will cover conversations with job seekers, how
we've built a transparent culture and what to do when everything goes wrong on the internet! We'll be diving into the BIG three: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but we'll also touch on Youtube,
Instagram and more..

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Social Recruiting 101: How to Keep the Magic Going - Marissa Litty, Eric Foutch, Shalaina Ocasio, Shaley McKeever

  2. 2. Used to the idea of farming or small town life Education “Get back to the farm” Grew up in rural area
  3. 3. The goal was 55 hires to their management program from these three sources Internal training program External program Ex-military Restaurant
  4. 4. Create custom content for university faculty Spotify advertising Sponsoring groups Advertise off-campus
  5. 5. Location-based IP targeting Swag Internal Talent Programs Career & university recruiting site
  6. 6. Create a mobile process to attract candidates who had similar personalities Build a career site to reach potential employees Develop an SEO strategy that would reach job seekers
  7. 7. Grew company website to keep up with new business
  8. 8. Capitalize on the fun-loving spirit
  9. 9. Social media job postings
  10. 10. Redesigned the careers page
  11. 11. Collected Awards & Accolades
  12. 12. Collected Testimonials
  13. 13. Jobs by Location
  14. 14. Team Accomplishments
  15. 15. Facebook referral Give a clear view into ClearCompany work life
  16. 16. Facebook referral Glassdoor ratings by employees are honest & transparent
  17. 17. Encourage the hiring managers
  18. 18. Quick growth Small business Difficult to navigate Click multiple times to find the jobs Photos from when we were a company of 15 ISSUES
  19. 19. Not enough departments Didn’t show geographic diversity It didn’t grow with us Made the mistake of leaving it stagnant, and thinking it would attract A-Players MISSTEPS, BLUNDERS & CHALLENGES
  20. 20. A tough business but our next company was doing it right Staffing agencies Negative reviews on their Glassdoor and Facebook
  21. 21. Build up their Facebook presence and start seeing referrals Never outspend The really Large Recruiting agencies
  22. 22. Created incentives for social & crowdsourced reviews No time or budget left to rebuild the site
  23. 23. We Also Used design And content To help Bolster the Truly Cool things
  24. 24. Launched a new website Created a feel modeled after AirBnB Created a backend intranet for their travelers
  25. 25. New website and intranet Twitter chats Monthly social campaigns Referral bonus program
  26. 26. Superhero campaign Memes/Videos Facebook referral
  27. 27. We started using assessments A comprehensive performance management system We use Recruiterbox as an ATS We created a culture page (rather than just jobs)
  28. 28. We also use Looksharp Old-fashioned sourcing Interview assignments Creating employee ambassadors
  29. 29. Buffer Sprout Social Edgar
  30. 30. Instapage SEMRush
  31. 31. There is no one-size-fits-all Approach for Employer branding
  32. 32. What is our UNIQUE value proposition? How do candidates SEE us? (do they see us?) Are we addressing the needs of CURRENT employees? Why would someone want to work for you? What percentage of your employees would recommend your company as a great place to work?
  33. 33. Listen closely to the experts but apply common sense to what they say