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HR Tech Spotlight Session ( - Rob Garcia


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This presentation talks about the key pieces to true relationship building, and that using scalable online tools is critical to prevent social media overload and weak relationship building practices.

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HR Tech Spotlight Session ( - Rob Garcia

  1. 1. How True Relationship Building Rises Above Social 5 Facts & 1 Radically Different Approach to Connecting #SHRC15 #SocialMedia #Networking By Rob Garcia @RobGarciaSJ CoFounder / CPO @ConnectUpApp NOT Ricky Ricardo
  2. 2. FACT 1: Humans Are Relational Beings. We thrive in communities, seek affinities, yearn for relationships.
  3. 3. “You have attachments. But even without a family, I can promise you that...that yearning to be with other people is powerful. That emotion is at the foundation of what makes us human. It's not to be taken lightly.” ~ Dr. Mann
  4. 4. FACT 2: Our Brains Are Limited. There is a cognitive limitation to how many “stable” relationships we can maintain at any point in time. Dunbar number: 100-250. Name of the game: staying top of mind (relevancy).
  5. 5. “You hate bloggers. You mock Twitter. You don’t even have a Facebook page. You’re the one who doesn’t exist.” ~ Sam
  6. 6. FACT 3: Social Media Can Be Exhausting. After 10+ years of SocialMedia: we are hyperconnected, but fatigued and unable to build meaningful relationships. Average network is 1,367 and rising. FOMO has led to JOMO Great for initiating conversation & engaging
  7. 7. FACT 4: Relationship Building  Success. Historically, those who have demonstrated exceptional abilities to build relationship become great stories of success.
  8. 8. FACT 5: Current Tools Not Scalable Social = broadcasting, shallow connections. Email has devolved to impersonal mass marketing. CRM / Talent Management System: why bother? Mobile + Location can be creepy!
  9. 9. “There are no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘good job’.” ~ Terence Fletcher
  10. 10. A NEW APPROACH Social is NOT an option, it’s a foundation for your relationship building strategy. Leverage Email & Text as the most personal and effective ways of connecting. Maximize being on other people’s radars without being annoying. Take it off-line ASAP.
  11. 11. Thank you! 2pm: You’re Hyperconnected… Now What? #SHRC15 #SocialMedia #Networking By Rob Garcia @RobGarciaSJ CoFounder / CPO @ConnectUpApp NOT Ricky Ricardo