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Marketing strategy for ice-cream company


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a business case solution based on marketing strategy for a newly ice-cream company that wants to operate its business in Bangladesh.

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Marketing strategy for ice-cream company

  1. 1. Marketing strategy for Cold Berg company
  2. 2. Quazi Shihab, 19th Batch Department of Finance 1 2 3 4 We are Abu Ala Tanvir, 19th Batch Department of Finance Mosavvir Al Ashick, 19th Batch Department of Finance Shamim Hasan, 19th Batch Department of Finance
  3. 3. Contents to be presented Company overview Companaies mission and obejctive S.W.A.T. analysis of company Existiong Market Research Product,Price,Promotion Targated People & Distributed Chanel Selling Strategies Promational tools
  4. 4. Company Overview Cold-Berg, an Irish ice cream parlor chain, has acquired license to operate in the Bangladeshi market. It is committed to provide good relationship with its consumer by not only manufacturing the highest quality product but also delivering the product by maintaining this high quality. Cold-Berg Company specified their mission in following manner “Maintain the best quality and supply as required by the consumer”.
  5. 5. Mission
  6. 6. Company Objectives • To grab the local market • To satisfy the customer needs. • To earn maximum profit through more selling by quality products. Primary Concern • Long time survival in competitive market • Hold the leadership position in the ice cream market Long term Concern
  7. 7. External Helpful Harmful STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS •Use of Irish equipment and technology. •Production activities and quality control measures are supervised and managed by Irish expert. • Varieties of products. •Uncontrollable situations like bad weather, irregular power supply, political violence, flood •High cost involvement for automatic plant and for providing freeze to the retailer. requirements anticipated • Sales decrease in winter and rainy season. • Low aesthetic appeal • Small driving range [up to 80 KM] • Disliking of Irish leadership •Demand of ice cream is very high and it is growing. •Cheap labor cost. •New market can be explored outside of the Dhaka City. S.W.A.T analysis of the company
  8. 8. Existing Market Research Problems Maximum completive companies target premium class or upper middle class people consumer’s perception “Cold- Berg” goes with ice cream factory Lower demand of ice cream while customers visit parlors Retail demand of ice cream High competition in premium price product Establishing ice cream parlor in premium class area Inaugurating new flavor like mangoes, chocolate, fruity that no other companies have offered Promoting sales to high class with a little less price with same quality Offering special packages like family package, valentine package, birthday package to the customers Markets can be gained by advertisement Solutions
  9. 9. Products cupChoco barCone Strawberry Cherry, ChocolateVanilla Butter pecan, Lolly, Liter box,
  10. 10. Price Pricing objective: Pricing objective of the company is to survive in the market and get maximum profit. Pricing method: Comparing with other companies for the same kind of products it keeps the price same. For the unique product of the company it tries to get higher profit. Evidently, the pricing method must be appropriate for achieving the desired pricing objectives. In pricing the product, Savoy Ice Cream follows cost-plus method. First, it determines all the cost associated with the products and then adds up a standard markup, which is normally 25% to 30% of the cost. ,
  11. 11. Promotion Cold-berg ice cream’s main promotional strategy is to keep close to customer’s eyes. The promotional activities can be: • Cold-berg can sell their product through trolleys in the country and these are very colorfully decorated with Igloo Cold-berg and the puller wears specific uniforms. • Trolleys play rhythmic music, which attracts the people to buy it. • Cold-berg can advertise in led displays of the city’s center points, TV channels. They may have many billboards in different areas and road side signboards. • Cold-berg can also arranges events in theme parks, schools.
  12. 12. Targeted People & Distributing Channel Directly to the customer’s in fronts of school & colleges To the top class people Offering ice cream to the upper class people Directly to the retail customer Premium class Upper Middle class Typical Example Targeted People Delivery Van Ice cream Parlor Private Universities Cafeteria Retailer
  13. 13. Selling Strategies Special Packages like a combination of choc-bar's, cons, lolly offered less than the retail selling Selling directly in front of school, colleges and universities by opening small shop covering a huge amount of customer of upper middle class Offering a special promotional packages like 1 con TK. 50,2con TK 80 save TK 20 Making deal with parks like fantasy kingdom, nandan to sell ice cream for handsome commission with their launch package Calling a celebrity for sales promotion and sell ice cream less at the day for popularity
  14. 14. Selling Strategies (Continued) Making shops at every tourists spot At the event like valentines day offering love shaped ice cream at every 5 star hotels and ice cream for a less price Making deal with tourist hotels for selling our ice cream for a commission Home delivery if any customer purchases certain amount of product
  15. 15. Promotional Tools The essential tools for promotion of Cold-berg are advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and direct selling. These tools are discussed bellow: Advertisement of the product is one of the major tools for promotion with an objective repeatedly reminding the customers about the product. . Advertisement. Cold-berg has some salesman in their sales centers. Besides this, it may have some trolley van by which salesman sales their products to the customers. Personal Selling. Publicity is another major tool in promotion. The management is going to take some necessary steps to increase publicity, Publicity Cold-berg can sale their product to retailer and distributor through some established discount basis. Commission/Discount to Distributor and Retailers
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