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countable and uncountable noun


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Published in: Education
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countable and uncountable noun

  1. 1. Reem Aljohani08120079
  2. 2. IntroductionThis presentation is an activity for •intermediate level between 13-14 age .It’s a bout countable and non-countablenouns.This is very important to student todifferentiate between singular and pluralnouns .
  3. 3. The purpose of this activityTo provide •studentshow to apply •these grammarand vocabularythat they havetaken inspeaking andwriting.
  4. 4. ObjectivesAt the end of this activity the •student will be able to : •1.have a good knowledge of vocabulary. •2.develop their awareness of the •importance of English as means ofinternational communication .3.apply the basic English grammar in their •speech and writing4.the skills of student will improving . •
  5. 5. Countable nounsThey are things thatwe can count.For example: •"pen" We can count •pens. We can haveone, two, three ormore pens.
  6. 6. Uncountable NounsThey are things •that we can’tcount themFor example, •we cannot count“rice".
  7. 7. Choose one of the questions below:Q1 •Q2 •Q3 •Q4 •Q5 •
  8. 8. Q1: Any of these is countable noun ?A) time •B) book •C) milk •D) sugar •
  9. 9. Q2: Choose the uncountable noun?A) pen •B) cars •C) apples •D) rice •
  10. 10. Q3: put (a) next the correct word?A) …………. dog •B) …………. apple •C) …………. oil •D) …………. friends •
  11. 11. Q4: Choose the correct answer?-Do you have …………. egges •A) a •B) any •C) an •D) some •
  12. 12. Q5: choose the correct answer?My sister found ………….. bag •A) a •B) any •C) an •D) some •