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Wh questions


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Wh questions

  1. 1. WH- QUESTIONSBy Roberto Pesantes BAEnglish Language Consultant
  2. 2. Wh- questionsThey are questions that start witha “Wh” word. What Why Where How When Which Who
  3. 3. WHAT What is your name? My name is Miguel. What time is it? It is 8:15. Information
  4. 4. WHEREWhere is the teacher?The teacher is in the classroom.Where is Sussan?Sussan is in the office. A place
  5. 5. WHENWhen is your birthday?My birthday is in December.When is the party?The party is tomorrow. A date or time
  6. 6. WHOWho are you?I am the doctor.Who is the teacher?The teacher is Mr. Lopez. A person
  7. 7. WHYWhy are you here?Because, I’m studying.Why are you eating?Because, I am hungry. A reason
  8. 8. HOWHow is your mother?She is sick.How is he driving?He is driving fast. A way, a manner
  9. 9. WHICHWhich is your favorite color?My favorite color is yellow.Which is her boss?Her boss is Mr. Santillan. Preference
  10. 10. Let’s practice. Where__________ is the bathroom?The bathroom is in front of thelaboratory. When__________ is the meeting?The meeting is on Monday. What__________ is the main dish?The main dish is “Lomo saltado”. Which__________ is your favorite movie?My favorite movie is Spiderman 3.
  11. 11. Thank you.