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Unit 2: The Verb Be


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Unit 2: The Verb Be

  1. 1. People Ahsan Qazi University of Ha’il Level 2
  2. 2. Unit 2 Focus • Grammar: The Verb “To be:” using Is, am, are to respond to questions. • Questions words: What, Where, Who, How old, How much. • Possessive: My, yours, his, her. • Prepositions: On, in, at, of, to, for. • Making Yes or No Questions: Positive and Negative Answers. o Is he a doctor? • Yes, he is a doctor. • No, he is not a doctor.
  3. 3. The Verb “Be” • What are the three forms of the verb “be?” I am You are He/She/It is We are They are • What is your name? • My name is ___________________. • What is your city’s name? • It is Ha’il. • How old are you? • I am ___ year old. • What is the name of the biggest mosque in Ha’il? • It is Al Rajhi mosque. • What is your brother’s name? • His name is ___________.
  4. 4. Unit 2: Questions Words • The following words are used to ask a question. These question words are used to gather information. What is Saudi Arabia? What Where Who How • Examples: • What is your name? • Where are your from? • Who is your teacher? • How old are you? • How much is the Who lives in Ha’il?
  5. 5. • • • • • • • • • You Try Are you from England? Is your car red? Are you 39 years old? Is your teacher’s name Ali? Is your classmate from Jeddah? Are we students? Is it hot today? Is the university big? Are you tall?
  6. 6. Unit 2: Questions Words • What is it? • Where is it made? • Who makes it? • How old is the model?
  7. 7. Possessive Adjectives • What are possessive adjectives? Possessive adjectives are used to show possession or ownership. ( ). Is Ali your name? 1. Is Ali your name? 1. Yes, Ali is my name? 2. No, Ali is not my name. My name is _________. 2. Is this Fahad’s book? 1. Yes, it is his book? 2. No, it is not his book. It is_____book.
  8. 8. Practice: Possessive Adjectives • Answer the following questions in Positive (Yes) and Negative (No): 1. Is it my apple? 2. Is it your airplane? 3. Is it his computer? 4. Is it his chair? 5. Is it her lap top? 6. Is It their camel? Possessive Adjectives
  9. 9. Question Words What Is your family name? Where Is Cristiano Ronaldo from? Who Is Cristiano Ronaldo? How old Is he? How much is X-box?