SPE 08: Use Blogging & Social Networking to Super Charge Your Website


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This course was delivered at the AAO 2012 in Chicago.

My portion of this 3 hour class dealt with various aspects of building a website. We covered issues such as hosting, content, design, types of websites and whether or not social media was even necessary.

Hosting: There are hosted (free) and sefl-hosted sites. Without a doubt, self-hosted offers the most flexibility, ownership and best of all, the best ability to maximize your SEO.

Third party hosting companies abound. Almost all have great "up time." I prefer to consider companies with great download speed, great customer support, almost constant "up time," and unlimited email. These days "Bluehost.com" answers all these criteria.

Without a doubt, choose a hosting company where your website will download quickly (< 2.5 sec).

Web design is obsolete. Web designers usually don't build websites on platforms that allow great implementation of SEO. In short, great looking custom designed sites do not rank.

Using a CMS (content management systemt) such as Wordpress.org, you get the best of both worlds. Turn-key/fully customized themes and the best SEO! I standby the Geneis CMS framework which is coded to provide the best SEO. In addition, child "themes" can be installed (and changed with a click) to provide the look and function you want.

All websites must be on a blog format. They can be designed to mimic ANY website and has the best flexibility for SEO!

Social media platforms shouldn't really be considered until you have a functioning website of which you are proud! Don't draw attention to a website that is dull and outdated...it will reflect poorly on you and is a big turnoff.

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  • Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC was started to teach medical professionals the importance and techniques of website marketing for their medical practices.I am a retina specialist practicing in Fairfax, Virginia.
  • I am hoping to create a fully functional website during the class. If you are even thinking of attending, forward your email to me so I may create a user ID and password for you.
  • At the heart of a modern website is the CMS, aka content management system. It’s basically the “program” which builds websites. There are free versions such as Wordpress.com and Blogger.I’ll recommend why the only platform to use is Wordpress.org..com vs. .org…..very similar, but .com has more limitations, but is free and is hosted.
  • Wordpress.org gives you the most freedom in terms of design and function.You have to be responsible for hosting versus the .com version is hosted on “their” servers.Not to worry, buying hosting for a medical practice website is really, really cheap. Say, &lt; $10/month!
  • We are going to build a website on Wordpress.org.We’ll create some content.Optimize and publish.Add some 3rd party plugins, too.
  • One advantage of using a CMS such as WP.org is that you can easily change your website depending upon your needs.Most practices have a “resource” type site; hours of operation, about pages, directions, insurance information, etc.No marketing value, but at least a footprint on the web.With time, you may want to change or add function….no problem with CMS such as Wordpress (really anything blog).
  • Web design is history. No value from SEO perspective.We’ll talk about turn-key themes; easy and cheap ways alternatives to expensive webpage desigers.We use Studiopress frameworks and themes.I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t use anything else!Affordable, coded for SEO to name a couple!
  • I hope to create a website in an hour or so as a group.You’ll see how easy it is to install these components on a website…just as you can do on your own.
  • The theme is the same as “design.” Themes are much easier to change than custom coding each page!
  • The most important part about content marketing, that strategy for you to attain and maintain high rankings, is the publishing of content.We’ll do this in real time for our web page!
  • “PlugIns” are really little packaged programs adding to the functionality of your website.Not too different than “Apps” for your smartphone.Wordpress.org is open source. It has the most plugins available
  • In conclusion, we’ll develop our own site and experience how easy is to create content, design a website and add function. If needed….maybe we can integrate social media too!
  • SPE 08: Use Blogging & Social Networking to Super Charge Your Website

    1. 1. Use Blogging & SocialNetworking to Super Charge Your Website Randall V. Wong, M.D. Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC AAO 2012 Chicago SPE 08
    2. 2. Financial Disclosure I have the following financial interests or relationships to disclose:  Co-Founder:  Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC
    3. 3. Notice to Participants If you are planning on attending this course, please take the time to forward your email address. I would like to create a user ID and password for the website we’ll build during class. Look forward to seeing you! Randy RWong@MedicalMarketingEnterprises.com
    4. 4. Content Management System (CMS) Wordpress.com Wordpress.org Blogger Others?
    5. 5. Hosted vs. Self-Hosted Wordpress.org: The most popular CMS Self-hosted GoDaddy, Bluehost, Host Gator Hosted Programs Wordpress.com Blogger
    6. 6. Wordpress.org Most popular CMS Extreme flexibility  Best for SEO  Plugins Open-source
    7. 7. 3 Types of Websites Resource (Static, No SEO) Marketing (Dynamic, SEO) Interactive (Dynamic, SEO, “Blog”)
    8. 8. Web = Blog Modern website must be on CMS Design is fully customizable and can look like any website Can “add” function when you are ready E.g.: Change a Resource site to Marketing site
    9. 9. Web Design Obsolete from SEO perspective Turn-key Themes 3rd Party Themes Studiopress Genesis Thesis
    10. 10. SEO Search Engine Optimization SEO Translating Content to a form understood by search engines to allow SERP based upon relevance…..whew!
    11. 11. Lab Install Genesis Install “child” theme Use Plugins Publish articles Create Webpage
    12. 12. Genesis Proprietary platform CMS Coded to maximize SEO/Optimization Studiopress.com
    13. 13. Child Theme Dozens of themes Fits “on top” the Genesis “chassis” Fully customizable Change code Use any WP plugin
    14. 14. Text Editor Very similar to “Word” Text editor within CMS Content Marketing is the key to achieving and maintaining high SERP rankings Write articles directly via CMS
    15. 15. PlugIns Adds form and function to customize website No need for programming Limitless supply 3rd Party and almost always….free!
    16. 16. Components of Website Content Design Function  Resource  Marketing  Interactive Social Media
    17. 17. Notice to Participants If you are planning on attending this course, please take the time to forward your email address to me. I would like to create a user ID and password for the website we’ll build during class. Look forward to seeing you! Randy RWong@MedicalMarketingEnterprises.com
    18. 18. Thank YouandTo Your Success!Randall V. Wong, M.D.Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLCRWong@MedicalMarketingEnterprises.com